Is Mars To Blame For Unrequited Love?

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Is Mars To Blame For Unrequited Love?

Post by Venus_Daily » Mon Nov 21, 2022 2:38 pm

I'm rereading "Taking The Kid Gloves off Astrology" , and it just struck me how Mars/Venus are polar opposites yet compliment eachother and their ergies can never be separated. Another problem they both due to Mars is unrequited love. I guess Venus is simply content to love while Mars carries the physical expression of love and attainment of it in return along with the physical aspect. Am I right to assume this?

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Re: Is Mars To Blame For Unrequited Love?

Post by Jim Eshelman » Mon Nov 21, 2022 3:01 pm

At least broadly, yet. You have the principles right.

In practice, it isn't usually that simple. Venus is more than a love-mystic content to adore from afar: Venus needs hands on pleasure (at least in most people's expression of it). I think the main point is that Venus isn't solitary but, rather, inherently social, connecting, contacting. Venus loves AND needs love.

And, while it's easy to generalize that Mars is sex and Venus is love, Venus wants sex, too. Venus wants pleasure, wants connection, wants play, and sex can provide all of these.

It's true that Mars "needs action." Venus needs action, too - just different action. There is no "conquering" or competition in Venus as there is in Mars, and Venus' motive isn't specifically a physical discharge or blowing off steam (unless these things happen to serve other, genuinely Venus needs).

In synastry, with a Moon-Venus interchange each person surrenders to the other. If it's Moon-Mars instead, each of them grabs and claims the other. With Venus-Venus interchanges, they enjoy each other; with Mars-Mars interchanges, they usually find some activity where they can get physical together; and with Venus-Mars they enjoy each other in some activity where they are physical together. (Yes, that can mean sports.)

By the way, in Venus-Mars interchanges between two charts, it is most often the Venus person who issues the invitation to sex (but not invariably).
Jim Eshelman

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