Another pass at triplicities

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Another pass at triplicities

Post by Jim Eshelman » Fri Nov 18, 2022 11:15 am

In case it's useful in the future... with the most saliant traits of each sign reduced to three key concepts that give a realistic, accurate take-off point for Sun or Moon in that sign, do these show enough "set consistency" to spill out interpretation clues to the triplicities? (And do they give any clear ideas not already contained in the new titles?) Let's see.

Fertile (Earth)
TAURUS: Charming, Devoted, Erotic / Reflective, Tender, Sensual
VIRGO: Strategic, Analytical, Curious / Curiosity, Service, Analysis
CAPRICORN: Independent, Discontent, Wild / Playful, Primitive, Dark

Egalitarian (Air)
GEMINI: Reason, Play, Pluralism / Curious, Playmate, Multiplicity
LIBRA: Beauty, Enticement, Justice / Magnetism, Justice, Design
AQUARIUS: Scientific, Unconventional, Inclusive / Holistic, Futuristic, Eccentric

Enigma (Water)
CANCER: Imagination, Emulation, Mystery / Imagery, Feeling, Expression
SCORPIO: Freedom, Combat, Sex / Tough, Volcanic, Independent
PISCES: Theatrical, Mysterious, Romantic / Imagination, Actor, Explorer

Imperial (Fire)
LEO: Centricity, Dignity, Perfection / Strong, Stately, Entertaining
SAGITTARIUS: Elevation, Heritage, Tribe / Rank, Rightness, Community
ARIES: Contrary, Libertarian, Imperial / Bold, Independent, Pragmatic
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