Generations - and Neptune & Pluto signs

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Generations - and Neptune & Pluto signs

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu Nov 30, 2023 4:53 pm

Tropical astrologers talk about this frequently - and I realized today that I hadn't ever really looked at the question of whether outer planet sign positions match the characteristics sociologists have attributed to recent generations.

Birth years are approximate (primarily non-astrological factors define these age groups). The attributed characteristics are almost stereotypes and, at most, very broadly apply to the age groups (but that's what we want for our purposes: a general mashup of collective characteristics without any real individualization). The length of each generation is basically the time it takes Neptune or Pluto to go through one sign (or Uranus to go through about three signs), so I'll focus on Neptune and Pluto.

Here's a first shot.

Generation Z
Usually defined as 1997 to 2012 births. During that time, Pluto moved from 10° Scorpio to 15° Sagittarius and Neptune from 3° Capricorn to 7° Aquarius. Primarily, then, this is the Neptune in Capricorn generation with Pluto split about evenly between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Near the tale end, Neptune had entered Aquarius: I submit these should actually be part of the later movement (which Neptune in Aquarius clearly demarcated mundanely).

Attributed characteristics include many Capricorn or near-Capricorn traits:
  • Self-driven, ambitious, and pragmatic
  • Value individual expression, authenticity, and flexibility
  • Prone to feel anxiety, set boundaries, and avoid labels
Other generational traits do sound much more Aquarian. As they don't sound overly Scorpio-Sagittarius, I think these are the result of growing up during the years Neptune has been in Aquarius (e.g., they can't really be "digital natives" until the iPhone hit the market at the end of 2007 when the group was nearly done):
  • Care about social causes, diversity, and dialogue
  • They are digital natives, avid gamers, and frequent travelers
  • They are more racially and ethnically diverse and well-educated than previous generations
Generation Y (Millennials)
Usually defined as 1981 to 1996 births. During that time, Pluto moved from 30° Virgo to 10° Scorpio and Neptune from 28° Scorpio to 3° Capricorn. Primarily, then, this is the Pluto in Libra and Neptune in Sagittarius generation.

And what a fit! Look at this set of Sagittarius-Libra generational characteristics:
  • Strong sense of entitlement
  • Needs instant gratification
  • Desire for constant stimulation and excitement
  • Ambitious with priority to work-life balance
  • Preference for collaboration over competition
Not as obviously (to me) linked to these signs is the rather distinctive generation trait of focusing on experiences over material possessions. (In marketing, it became quickly clear that one had to offer millennials experiences.) It may fit the Sagittarian idea of exploring and needing to take in (and feed on) the world, though Sagittarius is hardly anti-material.

Generation X
Usually defined as 1965 to 1980 births. During that time, Pluto moved from 22° Leo to 30° Virgo. (It is primarily the Pluto in Virgo generation. A big chunk fell with Pluto in Leo but I'm not sure you can really get post-Boomer until Pluto left Leo.) Neptune moved from 26° Libra to 28° Scorpio, so this is really the Neptune in Scorpio generation. (I think the years should be pushed about two years later.)

I find their characteristic traits (at least, as listed in available lists) are a better fit for Virgo than Scorpio. However, the lists aside, the generation is really known for the "latchkey kids" kind of freedom and self-sufficiency, where I think we can see a lot of Scorpio traits. Here are the usual listed traits (mostly Virgo):
  • Resourceful, independent (latchkey childhoods)
  • Keen on keeping work-life balance (in contrast to what they saw in their parents)
  • Appreciate informality
  • Technologically adept
  • Highly educated
Baby Boomers
Usually defined as 1946 to 1964 births. (Obviously the boundaries were clearly marked by major world events. I think the real definition should be that our parents were Great Depression survivors, but there were many factors involved.)

During these years, Pluto moved from 18° Cancer to 22° Leo. I think it should be stretched a little farther. (We can't go older because it is clearly started by the end of WW II.) I would define this generation as the post-war Pluto in Cancer and Leo set. During the same time, Neptune passed from 15° Virgo to 26° Libra, so it is the Neptune in Virgo and (especially) Libra generation (some Neptune in Virgo among the oldest).

One has no trouble finding Virgo traits in here. I think we may have two groups, though, the Cancer-Virgo group before 1954, and the Leo-Libra group after. These traits are a mix of several themes:
  • Motivated to work hard and achieve goals
  • Self-assured, confident, and competitive
  • Values teamwork, loyalty, duty
  • Prefers direct communication (phone calls, face to face)
  • Shaped by historical events such as the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, and Watergate
  • Sometimes thought self-centered and individualistic, but also as socially conscious and influential

Having written this, I can start paying more attention to these broad effects in individual people's charts.
Jim Eshelman

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Re: Generations - and Neptune & Pluto signs

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu Nov 30, 2023 6:09 pm

For fun, here are long-time forum members listed according to Neptune and Pluto signs.

SteveS, StarAgeWiz, Jupiter Sets at Dawn

Jim Eshelman, Marion, Florence deZ, Mikestar13, James Alexander, Lyse, Which Witch

Crossover: Benji (Sco-Leo)

Veronica, Lance, Arena, LeiLei, Avshalom Binyamin, Ethan

Venus Daily, Danica, James Condor, Mike V, By Jove, Freya, EasternSun777, RCooke13, Element

The Scales Both Ways, Soft Alpaca, Patrick Ossoski
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Re: Generations - and Neptune & Pluto signs

Post by Mike » Fri Dec 01, 2023 2:04 am

I think these are pretty good. I'll buy it.

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Re: Generations - and Neptune & Pluto signs

Post by Jim Eshelman » Fri Dec 01, 2023 7:23 am

I should add that I don't think the generations are formed in any sense by astrological factors. They are formed by social, political, and economic conditions, among other things. However, once they have been identified, we can see what these age groups have in common.

What they have in common is either mostly having the same Neptune sign, mostly having the same Pluto sign, or both. Surprisingly, the sign placements they all share do shine through pretty well.

Here are the years when Neptune and Pluto changed signs for post-WW II forward. There is, of course, back-and-forth from retrogradation. I've used the heliocentric dates to remove that from consideration.

Pluto enters Cancer - Mar 4 1934
Pluto enters Leo - Apr 19 1954
Pluto enters Virgo - Jun 9 1969
Pluto enters Libra - Nov 15 1981
Pluto enters Scorpio - Jul 28 1993
Pluto enters Sagittarius - Mar 10 2006
Pluto enters Capricorn Apr 3 2021

Neptune enters Virgo - Feb 3 1940
Neptune enters Libra - Jan 5 1954
Neptune enters Scorpio - Dec 21 1967
Neptune enters Sagittarius - Nov 30 1981
Neptune enters Capricorn - Oct 12 1995
Neptune enters Aquarius - Jul 17 2009
Neptune enters Pisces - Mar 5 2023

Again, keeping in mind that the transitions take about two years of back-and-forth with retrogradation, we can mark these ones of Neptune and Pluto sign pairs:

1940-1954 - Virgo-Cancer
1954-1967 - Libra-Leo
1967-1969 - (Transition) Scorpio-Leo
1969-1981 - Scorpio-Virgo
1981-1993 - Sagittarius-Libra
1993-1995 - (Transition) Sagittarius-Scorpio
1995-2006 - Capricorn-Scorpio
2006-2009 - (Transition) Capricorn-Sagittarius
2009-2021 - Aquarius-Sagittarius
2021-2023 - (Transition) Aquarius-Capricorn
2023 forward - Pisces-Capricorn

Compare these years to the approximate birth year boundaries usually given for the generations.

BB: 1946-1964
Gen X: 1965-1980
Gen Y: 1981-1996
Gen Z: 1997-2012
Jim Eshelman

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