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Principles of Aspects (Summary) - Discussion

Post by Danica » Mon May 14, 2018 8:05 pm

The Resource topic is here (part of Aspects Summaries thread):

The current thread is for comments & discussion.
Jim Eshelman wrote:This summary enables me to do something I've occasionally thought of doing: composing my own root-expression summaries or Principles of each aspect. (Ebertin' Principles are fine enough, but often just off the mark or obscure.) I've done this from the perspective of identifying the fundamental need of each planet, and reflecting on how these needs combine to produce character. I've then somewhat tweaked them to ensure that they also function at a predictive and mundane level. Here is the current summary of Principles.
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:D just have to express how very happy it makes me to see this

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Re: Aspect Summaries (Natal)

Post by Jupiter Sets at Dawn » Mon May 14, 2018 10:06 pm

:D I'm happy about this too.

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Re: Principles of Aspects (Summary) - Discussion

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 15, 2018 8:03 am

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the excitement this has generated :) I have no idea how useful it will turn out to be, but I've generally found that quintessentializing has virtue.

I also recommend the practice I went through to get these - a thought exercise that pushes you to be a bit outside your habitual box and helps you feel your way into the combinations. You can do it with fundamental planetary ideas in various ways, but I picked (and recommend) the fundamental needs represented by each planet. These are itemized here:

Ask yourself (and think/meditate your way through the answer), "What is it like when these two sets of needs are strong and coexist?"

Mercury represents our mental needs, usually in the forms of curiosity and information exchange. Saturn represents our material needs, which are diverse and especially include survival or self-preservation. What are the consequences (both typical and atypical) of the mingling of mental and survival needs? The answer to that question alone gives far more information that my terse (albeit, I think, useful) summary. What things arise (typically and atypically) when these mental needs are intertwined with other material needs (needs to construct, order, retain, manage)? How do these two need sets assist each other? What do they have in common? Where do they conflict? How does the existence of one set of needs impact the functioning of the other?

When you break it down to fundamental needs, you get to the core from which everything else arises.

Or take a Mars-Neptune aspect. Mars corresponds to our power needs, which have diverse expressions. Neptune corresponds to our merger needs and the function of selective perception or reality-selection. What happens when these coexist? The answers, again, go well past the few words, and end up including an understanding of what's going on that is never quite captured in an aspect interpretation paragraph.

So... I've very glad you guys like the summaries. I hope they're useful. I also recommend the process whereby I got to them - as a training exercise.
Jim Eshelman

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