Some Traditional House Meanings For My Life.

Q&A and discussion on Houses including house models and domification systems.
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Some Traditional House Meanings For My Life.

Post by SteveS » Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:57 am

I generally agree with Donald Bradley's and Jim's take on Houses. Their so-called specific key word(s) meanings are too ambiguous for the Sidereal Astrologer to use with Natal Readings for foreknowledge. But I do think—the older we get as Sidereal Astrologers, the more Campanus House specifics we can see through hindsight with our aging life, pertaining to certain key words for possible House Meanings; at least this is the case for me and my hindsight life of 72 years. So, I am opening this House Thread to forward some of my traditional House meaning experiences, and hope others may offer their House experiences/meanings, if seen/understood.

I will eventually try to take a picture and provide a link of the House Chart meanings I was given in 1976 by a Psychic wife married to a husband astrologer, in order for you to see I am not fudging the House meanings with my life experiences. I was offered a unique experience (foretold) by this Chicago couple with how my life destiny would unfold through the House meanings with the Planets in my Natal Houses. But I want it clearly understood, I don't believe any astrologer knows how a specific word house meaning will manifest in a life beforehand with foreknowledge, only a high grade psychic knows beforehand (foretold) stuff with a high degree of reliability. I will first start with my 9th House in which there is no doubt in my mind the two planets, Saturn and Pluto, in my 9th House has affected me in a most serious Saturn-Pluto manner with the 9th House meaning on the Chicago House chart I was given for the 9TH House:
Higher Learning, Travel, Philosophy, Religion.
Here is what was relayed to me one snowy morning in Chicago about my 9TH House. The husband astrologer pointed out to his psychic wife that I had Saturn-Pluto in my 9TH, and asked his psychic wife how this planetary combo would manifest in my life. The psychic wife said:
He will encounter religious bigotry which will turn his business life upside down in a shocking manner.

No details were offered, and at this time I thought all this psychic stuff in 1976 was BS! "We are all a psychic process".

Here's what happened 4 years later: The CEO of the company I worked for as vice-president remarried to a gold-digging woman who went after my job and she won by converting the CEO into a “religious” fanatic who up till this remarried time never went to church in a day in his life. Definitely an inhibiting Saturn—intense Pluto experience. The new wife turned the CEO against me

Then the husband astrologer asked his psychic wife reading the other key words for the 9TH House how Saturn & Pluto would affect my life. The psychic said:
He will be initiated into a “higher learning” with mainly out of print astrology books (Virgo) but the learning (Mercury) will be slow and difficult (Saturn), but will be rewarding in “philosophic” (Jupiter) manner.
I thinking to myself in 1976: This is a crock and total BS.

Many years later, I realized these 'out of print' astrology books were a few Sidereal Astrology books—not the many non-out of print Tropical Astrology books I had accumulated. FWIW to new serious minded learning astrologers on Jim's (a sidereal astrology pro) forum. I can only offer what my Natal Saturn has taught me and in my life by being placed in my 9TH House, related to my living environments (every individual life environments are different). If you want to possibly see/learn how Saturn may be inhibiting your life or how Saturn is possibly beneficially structuring your life ---look to how Saturn is aspected and what Natal Campanus House with traditional key word meanings. Another possible key factor may be your age. It takes lots of life experience to see/understand how planet(s) in a House is affecting your life through House meanings. more later.

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