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Hilary Swank

Post by Jim Eshelman » Fri Sep 15, 2023 6:45 pm

Hilary Swank, one of the few women to have one two Best Actress awards, was born July 30, 1974, in Lincoln, Nebraska. I wish we had a time.\

Before researching her birth date, I was convinced she was a Scorpio. Besides her breakout appearance as the new Karate Kid, she one her Oscars for the unbelievable lead performance in Boys Don't Cry followed by excellent work in Million Dollar Baby - all heavily martial roles. Even her more feminine roles have been "tomboy" at the least, and generally better described as "butch." This could have come easily from an angular Mars, but she also looks Scorpionic to me.

So, on being disappointed to learn she has Sun in Cancer, I was intrigued that she had Moon either in Sagittarius (for nearly her whole birth date) or - if she was born in the first two hours of the day - would have Moon in Scorpio. I'm willing to speculate that it's in Scorpio! (She's noted for bringing raw emotional candor and little or no artifice - easily more Scorpio than Sagittarius!)

With a birth time between midnight and about 2 AM, I started with a 1 AM time and found solar arc directions (primarily of Moon, but also of angles) hitting quite dead-on for major life events. If these aspects are true, the even-hour time seems tight to within two or (at most) three minutes either side. I'm more than comfortable speculating 1:00 AM exactly for now.

Relocate to Hollywood and she nothing exactly angular, but Venus is pretty close with some interesting mundane aspects. Also, her natal partile Sun-Neptune trine (a fine dramatic acting aspect) becomes a mundane square in Hollywood for this birth time.

Probably more important, though, is that she grew up in Bellingham, WA from age 6, where this time puts her Venus-Saturn on Nadir (Venus closest) and Pluto precisely square MC. No catastrophes happened there but her parents did separate within a few years and Swank excelled in various skills and activities. At 15, her mother moved her to LA to support her acting aspirations. - Oops, I just realized that in LA she has Pluto on WP-a! This is pretty outstanding, since she always felt like an outsider, dropped out of high school because she felt totally not-fitting, and said she went deeper into acting because she felt like an outsider. (Bingo, I think!)

FWIW, I propose July 30, 1974, 1:00 AM CDT, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Jim Eshelman

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