Doris Day's death of her son.

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Doris Day's death of her son.

Post by SteveS » Tue May 14, 2019 6:14 am

In an interview, Doris Day said the most depressed she has ever been in her life was experiencing the death of her son who died Nov 19 2004. This includes the 3 divorces she experienced in her life, her first where she was physically abused.

Doris Day: April 3 1922, 4:30 PM, Cincinnati, Ohio. AA rated.

On Nov 19 2004 her secondary progressed Sidereal Solar Return (SSR) Moon was:

SSR Moon 08,53 Virgo
Natal Saturn 09,53 Virgo

Secondary Progressed Moons move app 1.1 degree per month. Sidereal Astrology with Jim's teachings state:
Partile (1 degree or less) aspects reign supreme.
It is also interesting to note in Carmel, California (Doris Day Residence), her 2004 SSR featured in mundo:

SSR Venus 00,32 cnj SSR MC, earmarking her 2004 SSR with the main theme of 'love' (Venus). Her secondary progressed SSR Moon to partile cnj her Natal Saturn timed the death of her son. Jim writes from his book 'Interpreting Solar Returns:'
SSR Lunar aspects to natal and solar planets can never be treated lightly...

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