Queen Elizabeth II - forecasts

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Jim Eshelman
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Queen Elizabeth II - forecasts

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Sep 12, 2021 11:29 am

Some things to put on record...

I believe that Queen Elizabeth's 97th solar return (on April 21, 2023) will be her final return. In addition to various astrological factors culminating in her chart around 2/24/2024, Prince Charles at the same time at the same time has blatant indications of a profound life impact, likely a loss (of a lunar figure) concurrent with indications of immense personal elevation.

From the astrological indications, I believe that Charles, who does not have a royal chart (and I forecast around 1970 would either never be king, or only briefly) will assume the throne as King Charles III. There will be a significant crisis two years into his term and he will confront that and continue beyond it. His nativity does not suggest he will be a long-serving or classically significant monarch.

The key to the timing is in the two charts, Queen Elizabeth's and Prince Charles'. There are many layers - I leave the whole as an exercise for the interested to explore. Feel free to write about what you see.

NOTE: JSAD pointed out a mistake I'd made, now corrected. BTW, if I were to go by Prince William's chart alone, I would conclude that Charles would have a long reign, since there are phenomenal factors for William's elevation 20 years from now - which could, of course, be a different dignity at that time. But Charles' chart is so devoid of the characteristic royal markers (especially the angular Jupiter typical of those of his royal ancestors), he is likely to follow a path more akin to that of his uncle, Edward VIII. William's chart OTOH is a wonder of royal and aristocratic dignity.
Jim Eshelman

Lune Hades
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Re: Queen Elizabeth II - forecasts

Post by Lune Hades » Thu Sep 16, 2021 9:23 am

The queen’s time of birth, retained for our study, is 2H41MIN19SEC
This time, which varies very little from the official time 2H40MIN, is the result of a correction.
Correcting a birth time is a delicate exercise, but essential, I may have lost my way. . .

I have tried to briefly analyze the solar revolutions of Queen Elisabeth 2.
The attached file consists of the drawing of 7 revolutions from 2020 to 2026.
LINK / https://we.tl/t-yOW7F8gOEd
Submit these files to an antivirus for added security.
This is not a thorough analysis. In the charts of these solar revolutions, only the deadly Mars Saturn axis has been studied.
This axis but also other midpoints that share it, I have drawn some interpretations.

Among these 7 charts, 2 caught my attention. These are the revolutions of 04/21/2020 and 04/21/2022.
The midpoint axis of death, Mars Saturn, seems less sensitive in the other 5.
The revolution of 04/21/2020 was mapped to see how this axis is involved in the death of a very close person, Prince Philippe.

Solar revolution of 04/21/2020
Only Hades was retained among the Tranneptuniennes. This choice is motivated because it is linked to widowhood (among others).
These awards come from the book RULES FOR PLANETARY PICTURES revised edition 2020 (Witte Verlag Publishing)

The man. The bridegroom. The active. The soldier

Pleasant acquaintances. Being treated well by others. The others want me. The
personal romantic relationship
We can adapt this text by simply “being surrounded by _ascendant_of affection _Venus_”

Periodic work. Interruption of work. Disease. Acute illnesses or
current affairs. The interruption. The violent separation. The act of separation. The

Bad joint action. Solidarity commitment with reserve, prudence or
obstacle, hindrance. Relationships, unpleasant contacts._”

Have secrets. Discord Affliction. Sadness, mourning. Renunciation.

AR_ SA _ The separations._

MA_ SA_ SO_ Personal difficulties. Sickness. Death.

For MA_ SA_ SO_ Reinhold EBERTIN gives low vitality, not always being up to the situation, having to overcome the ordeal of illness. —Illness or death of males. _

The revolution of 04/21/2022 seems more personal. In this respect the presence of the sun would have been even more significant, but…? Fortunately or unfortunately, astrology is no longer infallible knowledge. In question, no doubt, the intellectual and spiritual qualities of modern astrologers.
All the midpoints are noted, some may appear inappropriate. Let us not lose sight of the fact that two axes of mid-points form a planetary figure. Below only the mid-point axes are retained.

MÉRIDIEN + PLUTON The capacity for understanding, faculty and possibility of personal development.
Understanding, personal intellectual capacity. Revolution and transformation
mental, intellectual.

AR_ MI The report, the native’s relation to public life. The “I” “in his personification on earth. The”” Me ““ in the community. The peculiarities of time for several people at the same place.

Periodic work. Interruption of work. Disease. Acute illnesses or current affairs. The interruption. The violent separation. The act of separation. The dead

The two mid-points MA/SA and MI/AR share the same axis.
I am taking up here the notation adopted by cosmobiology since its use seems to be more widespread.

MA/SA = MI/AR which forms the following two planetary figures:


MA_ SA_ MI_ Affliction, sadness. Suffer from separations or separation actions. Death. Causes of death. Deaths that act mentally on the native. Our own death

MA_ SA_ AR_General periodic work or general work interruption. Sickness. Separation. Dead._

It seems to me that the last revolution would be that of 04/21/2022
I wish Her Majesty the Queen long life, and if her mischievous fate contradicts this prognosis I will be very happy.


L’heure de naissance de la reine, retenue pour notre étude est 2H41MIN19SEC
Cette heure, qui varie très peu de l’heure officielle 2H40MIN, est le résultat d’une correction.
La correction d’une heure de naissance est un exercice délicat, mais indispensable, je me suis peut-être égaré…

J’ai tenté d’analyser succinctement les révolutions solaires de la Reine Elisabeth 2.
Le fichier joint se compose du dessin de 7 révolutions de 2020 à 2026.
Soumettez ces fichiers à un antivirus pour plus de sécurité.
Ce n’est pas une analyse fouillée. Dans les cartes de ces révolutions solaires, seul l’axe mortifère Mars Saturne a été étudié.
Cet axe mais aussi d’autres mi-points qui le partagent, j’ai tiré quelques interprétations.

Parmi ces 7 cartes, 2 ont retenu mon attention. Ce sont les révolutions du 21/04/2020 et 21/04/2022.
L’axe des mi-points mortifère, Mars Saturne, semble moins sensible dans les 5 autres.
La révolution du 21/04/2020 a été tracée pour voir de quelle façon cet axe est impliqué dans le décès d’une personne très proche, le prince Philippe.

Révolution solaire du 21/04/2020
Seul Hades a été retenue parmi les tranneptuniennes. Ce choix est motivé parce qu’il est lié au veuvage ( entre autres ).
Ces sentences sont issues du livre RULES FOR PLANETARY PICTURES revised edition 2020 ( Witte Verlag Publishing )

L’homme. L’époux. L’actif. Le soldat

Les connaissances agréables. Être bien traité par les autres. Les autres me désirent. La
relation amoureuse personnelle
On peut adapter ce texte en simplement « être entouré _Ascendant_d’affection _Venus_»

Le travail périodique. L’interruption du travail. La maladie. Les maladies aiguës ou
les affaires actuelles. L’interruption. La séparation violente. L’acte de séparation. La

La mauvaise action conjointe. L’engagement solidaire avec réserve, prudence ou
obstacle, entrave. Les relations, les contacts désagréables._ »

Avoir des secrets. La discorde L’affliction. La tristesse, le deuil. Le renoncement.

AR_ SA_*_Les séparations._

MA_ SA_ SO_Difficultés personnelles. Maladie. Mort.__702673_eb_MA_SA_SO_

Pour MA_ SA_ SO_ Reinhold EBERTIN donne : faible vitalité, ne pas toujours être à la hauteur de la situation, être obligé de surmonter l’épreuve de la maladie. — Maladie ou mort de personnes du sexe masculin. _

La révolution du 21/04/2022 semble plus personnelle. A cet égard la présence du soleil aurait été encore plus significative, mais… ? L’astrologie heureusement ou malheureusement n’est plus un savoir infaillible. En cause, sans doute, les qualités intellectuelles et spirituelles des astrologues modernes.
Tous les mi-points sont notés, certains peuvent paraître décalés. Ne perdons pas de vue que deux axes de mi-points forment une figure planétaire. Ci-dessous seuls les axes de mi-points sont retenus.

La capacité de compréhension, faculté et possibilité d’évolution personnelle.L’entendement, la capacité intellectuelle personnelle. Révolution et la transformation mentale, intellectuelle AR_ MI Le rapport, la relation du natif envers la vie publique. Le « Moi » » dans sa personnification sur terre. Le « » Moi » » dans la collectivité. Les particularités du moment pour plusieurs personnes à un même endroit._ »
Le travail périodique. L’interruption du travail. La maladie. Les maladies aiguës ou les affaires actuelles. L’interruption. La séparation violente. L’acte de séparation. La mort.
Les deux mi-points MA/SA et MI/AR partagent le même axe.
Je reprends ici la notation adoptée par la cosmobiologie puisque son usage semble plus répandu.

MA/SA = MI/AR ce qui forme les deux figures planétaires suivantes :

MA_ SA_ MI_Affliction, tristesse. Souffrir des séparations ou d’actions de séparation. Décès. Causes du décès. Décès qui agissent mentalement sur le natif. Notre propre mort

Ou :

MA_ SA_ AR_Travaux périodiques généraux ou interruption de travail général. Maladie. Séparation. Mort._

Il me semble que la derniére révolution serait celle du 21/04/2022
Je souhaite longue vie à Sa Majesté la reine, et si son destin facétieux vient contredire ce pronostic j’en serai très heureux.

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Re: Queen Elizabeth II - forecasts

Post by Veronica » Thu Sep 16, 2021 9:31 am

I wish I could put a love letter in her hand.

Thank you

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