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Re: Arena's SLR & TLR

Post by Arena » Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:37 am

Thanks Jim. That is an awful lot of aspects :D

Yes I agree that when we see so much of partile aspects, those that come closest to the angles are going to be the prevalent ones. I'm probably not going to feel them all strongly. I suspect it will be the planets partile to angles or within 3° from the angles and their aspects.

If so, that would shorten the list a bit:

t Mercury on EP -0°55'
r Mercury on Dsc -0°18'

t Sun sq. Asc +1°21'
r Moon on Asc -2°53'

And then I can just hope that t. Jup that is just outside the 3° mark will aid me this month.
The Mercury theme is not surprising at all since I expect this to be the month when I (hopefully) will finish most of my communication about the separation with my ex and come to some kind of agreement about money and then the future agreement about the children.

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