POM Lunar Returns

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Patrick Machado
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POM Lunar Returns

Post by Patrick Machado » Sat Nov 20, 2021 6:01 pm

My current SLR set up November 10.

r Venus on N 0º29′
r Jupiter on Asc 0º33′
r Saturn on IC 2º01′
t Neptune on IC 6º36′
t Venus on Asc 7º47′

t Venus-Neptune sq. 1º11′ M
r Jupiter-Saturn sq. 1º28′ M

It's the first time I see a new natal mundane aspect in one of my return charts. (I've only really started paying attention to return charts this year, and TMSA, of course, makes everything easier.) Since the start of the SLR, increasing responsibility (specifically, for people) has emerged as a distinct theme, as has tradition: I've been drawn back toward a religious tradition that deeply influenced me during my teens, and that I had largely left behind outwardly despite its continuing inner importance.

That said, natal Venus has been significantly more apparent than even Jupiter; more so, I think, than the slightly closer orb would justify. I imagine it's because Venus is not being polarized.

As for the Venus-Neptune square: I've anecdotally observed that strong transiting factors in my Lunar Returns manifest within one or two days of it setting up (and strong factors that involve natal planets can be felt about a day before it sets up). This one took a few extra days. I get it: it didn't seem like there was any viable way for such a manifestation, and I even suspected it could turn out to be a dud; but, despite it once again Neptuning me, I admire the Universe for its dedication.

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Jim Eshelman
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Re: POM Lunar Returns

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Nov 20, 2021 6:08 pm

This is neat, eh? The ease from the new software - and the cool phenomenon (not directly used by our predecessors, even when they alluded to it in theory) of "discovered" natal aspects that only exist in a given chart.

Don't miss the TMSA 0.4.1 that just posted, btw.

PS - Looks like a very nice SLR.
Jim Eshelman

Patrick Machado
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Demi-SLR 11/24/21

Post by Patrick Machado » Mon Nov 22, 2021 5:03 pm

It's been quite good. This thing joins the party two days from now:

r Moon on Dsc 0º48′
t Mars on IC 1º00′
r Uranus on Dsc 1º15′
r Mercury on Dsc 1º30′
t Pluto on Dsc 3º51′
r Neptune on Dsc 3º59′
t Saturn on Dsc 4º02′

t Moon on Asc 6º36′
t Uranus on MC 8º08′

t Venus on MC 9º47′

t Pluto co. r Neptune 0º08′ M
t Mars sq. r Moon 0º12′ M
t Moon-Saturn op. 0º37′ M
t Venus-Uranus sq. 1º39′ M
t Mars sq. r Uranus 2º15′ M
t Mars sq. r Mercury 2º30′ M
t Mars-Pluto sq. 2º51′ M

(Mundane aspects only!)

I'm more curious than anything.

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