Transiting Pluto & Saturn opposing natal Mercury

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Transiting Pluto & Saturn opposing natal Mercury

Post by martin88 » Sun Jun 09, 2019 11:25 am

I'm beginning to think that the reason for miscommunication and coming off as awkward during the last year or two might be due to these hard transits. People always take me wrong, even i I say the right thing, they think I come off rude or aggressive. And if I don't say anything I'm the quiet weird guy.

How did/do you experience those transits? It's like I cannot communicate anymore in groups. My natal Mercury is in the 11th house and I've never been that unpopular in groups of people. Seriously, quitting my job won't help as I'll be the pariah at the new place as well. I really feel like hiding away from people. How long are they by the way, it's been this way since about 2018.

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Re: Transiting Pluto & Saturn opposing natal Mercury

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Jun 09, 2019 6:42 pm

Pluto first entered 1° orb February 2018 and will last leave in December 2019. Saturn first entered 1° orb April 2019 and will leave January 2020.

PLUTO aspecting Natal MERCURY ... 1616#p1617
Your opinions - in fact your whole way of thinking - are passing through considerable change. In a revolt against lazy, prosaic thinking, your acute, penetrating detective's mind peers more deeply and observes less naively. Others may feel alienated by your impatience and willingness to confront any shortsighted concept, almost obsessively demanding answers where previously you have had none. Thinking along independent or bizarre lines, you may achieve a newly profound understanding of truth.
IN BRIEF: Transformation of ideas. Opinions independent and unusual. Revolution in thinking style. Curiosity intensified. Willing to confront shortsighted concepts, you achieve deep understanding, or alienate others through confrontation.

SATURN aspecting Natal MERCURY ... 1616#p1621
Communication and mental and commercial matters require careful attention from you now to keep running smoothly. Particularly, communication barriers arise. Your own subtle criticism of your ideas is somehow passed to others. You may feel unheard, that your best ideas of the hour are ignored. If so, look attentively at how you communicate, at whether you are speaking with a clear intention that others will be interested. Discouragement and frustrated mental states may slow your enthusiasm, as you take yourself and your ideas very seriously (and think nobody else does?). Remind yourself how to laugh, especially at your own idiosyncrasies. Actually, your methodical, skeptical mind is better able to organize and format information now than at most other times. Assiduous effort at detail work can thrive. Expose your ideas to your own astute critical sense first, and then display them with confidence.
IN BRIEF: Mental, communication, and commercial matters demand thoroughness and careful attention to thrive. Feeling unheard, criticized, discouraged. Methodical, logical, skeptical; great for detailed mental labor, organizing data.
Jim Eshelman

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