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Outer Planet Transits - interpretation resources

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Transits by Eris viewtopic.php?f=24&t=239&p=37110#p37110
Transits by Pluto viewtopic.php?f=24&t=239&p=1616#p1617
Transits by Neptune viewtopic.php?f=24&t=239&p=1616#p1619
Transits by Uranus viewtopic.php?f=24&t=239&p=1616#p1620
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Transits by Jupiter viewtopic.php?f=24&t=239&p=1616#p1622

It is recommended that only the conjunction (0°), opposition (180°), and square (90°) – and, to a lesser extent, the semi-square (45°) and sesqui-square (135°) – be considered between a transiting planet and a planet in the birth chart. (Please note that the horoscopic Angles neither make nor receive aspects, other than the conjunction. What are here termed, for convenience, the opposition and square to the Midheaven and Ascendant are, in fact, conjunctions with other angles. The nomenclature was selected for simplicity.) Under normal circumstances, an orb of no more than 1° should be allowed, with maximum concentration of the effect centered at the time the aspect is exact, and at other times, within the 1° period, when faster planets reinforce and trigger the effect with their own transiting aspects. If transits are measured entirely in the Sidereal Zodiac, there will be no need to delete accrued precession in order to get the most accurate measurement.

Within the context of Sidereal Solar and Lunar Returns (“Solunars”), wider orbs are appropriate for conjunctions, oppositions, and squares occurring in the immediate foreground; that is, proximate to the angles of the return. Usually a 5° orb is allowed in those circumstances.
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Pluto transits

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PLUTO aspecting Natal SUN
Your total experience of yourself, of who you are, is changing, evolving, perhaps bringing significant outer changes in the structure of your life as well. New phases begin while others are brought to a close. Major goals become even more major, and near a climax. A dominating, inconsiderate side of you may emerge as you pay, for a while, less attention to what others feel, think, and say than to what you inwardly know to be true. Of primary importance, though, is your increasingly in-turned self-awareness, and clearer perception of your inner identity, goals, and life-purposes. Old illusions cannot be maintained as easily as before, so this "recreation of self" may demand some hard confrontation of reality.
IN BRIEF: Self-redefinition. Separation from old elements of your life. Awareness turns inward, perceiving selfhood more directly and reverently. Old doors close, as new ones open. Requires alone time to get acquainted with transformed identity and goals.
STATS: This is the most common transit at the inauguration of non-incumbent U.S. Presidents, and of incumbents and non-incumbents, and nearly the most common for the inaugurations of all Presidents. (It didn't show up for any of the 9 who inherited the Presidency.)
[FAGAN: "...has a disintegrating effect. It appears to break up the existing order of things, dislodging the native from the comfort and security of his former existence, leaving him alone, isolated, and often friendless and frequently obliged to live among strangers."]

PLUTO aspecting Natal MOON
Powerful emotional changes are occurring in you. Primarily this marks a psychological purgation, rousing then cleansing long-stored emotional tensions. Though possibly uncomfortable at the time, perhaps inclining you to a more compulsive, reactive way of being, the result is usually a refreshing sense of liberty and new control over one's life. Freedom, in fact, is something very important to you now, showing in rebellion or an urge to "get away from it all." Relationships and domestic circumstances may go through major changes. Remember, though, that these only reflect your inner turmoil and priority shifts. An excellent time for psychotherapy or any other conscious delving into your psychological roots.
IN BRIEF: Major emotional changes. Shifts in close relationships and domestic conditions. Rebellion, need to break from others’ control. Separation or aloofness. Inner (psychological) transformation.
[Anecdote: This aspect totally rewrote my emotional life - both at the time, and because of what it set in motion. The two-year passage included the death of the woman who had been my guru for 25 years, my inheriting responsibility for her line and reorienting my life accordingly, and specific events that set in motion my eventual bonding with the love of my life and a complete relationship overhaul. Not to be taken lightly! <g> t PL - 90 - r MO]
[FAGAN: "...the urge to escape to freedom dominates the mood... often finds the native a fugitive from justice, or from enemy units - fearful of every knock on the door. Or he may be animated by a desire to escape from the tyranny of the parental home, his schoolteachers, his wife, his creditors, his tormentors, or from the wrath of the church. He may decide to retire from business or give up the world and enter a cloister: there to seek privacy, protection, and seclusion."]

PLUTO aspecting Natal MERCURY
Transformation of ideas. Opinions independent and unusual. Revolution in thinking style. Curiosity intensified. Willing to confront shortsighted concepts, you achieve deep understanding, or alienate others through confrontation.
DETAILS: Your opinions - in fact your whole way of thinking - undergo considerable change. In a revolt against lazy, prosaic thinking, your acute, penetrating detective's mind peers more deeply and observes less naively. Others may feel alienated by your impatience and willingness to confront shortsighted concepts, almost obsessively demanding answers where previously you have had none. Thinking along independent or bizarre lines, you may achieve a newly profound understanding of truth.
[FAGAN: "...tends to make the native, for the time being, antisocial and a rebel against the existing order of society."]

PLUTO aspecting Natal VENUS
Transformation of close relationships. Forming dramatic, important, intimate pairings; terminating existing ones; and/or major changes in existing ones. Emotional tension, intensity of feeling. Shift in esthetics.
DETAILS: Your relationships and attitudes toward relating undergo substantial change. Often this takes form in separations from old friends, partners, family, etc., or suddenly forming new relationships. Figuratively, this is divorce, elopement - or both at once! Whether in bonding or separation, your need for love is great. Contacts must be intense to be satisfying. Sexual needs may change markedly. Existing relationships that you keep (as well as your wardrobe and sense of aesthetics) are certain to go through considerable reformation.
[FAGAN: "Friendships are in danger of being sundered... one's children often desert the shelter of the parental home to seek a job or get married, leaving an aching void in one's heart... responsible for great loneliness with an intense desire to fill the gap."]

PLUTO aspecting Natal MARS
Fiery, aggressive, and possibly angry aspects of personality are unleashed. Emphasis is rightly placed on "me first." Sexually intense. Must express fierce physical energies. Old resentments are purged, but are first roused. Significant achievement possible.
DETAILS: Energy rages in you, though unless you find sufficient outlets it can become bottled up, resulting in health problems, physical armoring, and ill temper. Positive outlets are easy to find, though. Your ambitions and capacity to work toward them are intensified. Potential for achievement is considerable. This is not an easy aspect on personal relationships, since it rightly places an emphasis on "me first." Old anger and resentment is roused in you to be completed and thus purged. Potentially intimidating and difficult, considering yourself above the control or censor of others, be conscious of their sensitivities while giving open rein to your newly formidable power of accomplishment. [Revised 12/7/20]
[FAGAN: "There can hardly be a more dynamic configuration... under its impact the dormant fighting qualities are lashed into fury, and the native finds himself engaged in a series of violent conflicts."]

PLUTO aspecting Natal JUPITER
Redefinition of (or major shifts in) status, finances, reputation, ethics. Major shifts in career or life-direction (usually positive). Being more in charge of one’s personal affairs. Possible alienation through superiority.
DETAILS: Your career, finances, ethics, philosophy, and perhaps reputation are passing through major transformation and redefinition. A professional turning point is likely, such as promotion or a career shift. These are probably very positive changes, though both coronations and dethronements may occur. A separation occurring now is the expected source of your gains (such as an inheritance, or advance brought about by leaving a previous position). In the end, you will likely find yourself "running your own show" more independently. Feeling less bound by other people's rules, you can develop a "Holier than thou" attitude that distances others. Legal confrontations are possible. However, the general tone is likely one of success and enhanced power and esteem. (Revised 12/7/20)
[FAGAN: "Provided it is not afflicted... promises money through a bereavement or through the separation or removal of another... kings have succeeded to the throne while sons have inherited their fathers' estates... benefits through succession, wills, and bequests. Sometimes this transit brings increased status and responsibility, but not necessarily promotion or increase of pay, due to vacancies by a national emergency... Nevertheless the native gets a certain satisfaction in knowing that he is in control and therefore he can organize the work according to his own ideas; and not those of another..."]

PLUTO aspecting Natal SATURN
Breaking down old structures and outmoded patterns. Security may seem threatened as stable resources are challenged. Chance to restructure the basis of life more dynamically. Work-oriented, obstinate; benefits from play and social sharing.
DETAILS: Though generally difficult, this pair is great for concentrated effort. Both its difficult and productive sides result from shouldering obligations by oneself and the breakdown of old, outgrown patterns. (Breakdown can lead to breakthrough!) Security may seem threatened as established, inflexible elements of your life are challenged. Financial strain or other loss is possible, and a sense of invaded territory, if you stubbornly cling to the status quo in the face of your evolution. Outmoded behavior and attitudes can be discarded if you are willing to redesign the basis of your personality. Feelings of isolation vanish if you open yourself to others' experience of life. Give yourself more play time right now - the change will do you and those you love a world of good! [Edited 9/16/20]
[FAGAN: "...disgrace and ruin..."]

PLUTO aspecting Natal URANUS
A personal Renaissance is in process, substantially remolding your entire experience of your world and your place in it. This period of transformation and change hinges on a newly asserted independence, even rebelliousness. "Liberty" gains an entirely new meaning for you. During the couple years when this aspect is operating, you increasingly perceive the difference between your own values and those arbitrary standards by which other people would have you live. Major changes in your physical environment reflect your deep psychological changes and broadened scope of vision. Your personal form of genius can manifest now as you move ever closer to fulfilling your own life and way of being with diminishing concern for other people's opinions in the matter.
IN BRIEF: Metamorphosis. Deep psychological transformations may unlock substantial inner resources. Evolutionary. Independence is asserted (possibly rebellious). Signals a new, larger scope to one’s vision of life and the world.

PLUTO aspecting Natal NEPTUNE
Beliefs, biases, prejudices, illusionary attitudes, and personal myths are challenged. Confrontation with a new reality. Renovation of philosophical and cultural attitudes.
DETAILS: Biases, prejudices, and illusions are challenged and personal philosophy renovated in a broad-reaching transformation of your belief system. Your underlying existential views are reformulated now, as you recognize how much you have outgrown your previous model of reality. Interest in mysticism may flowers at such a time. Psychological constructs and attitudes are challenged, leaving you questioning for a time your previous ideas of what is true. As old veils shimmer and fade, anxiety is best eased by direct confrontation of your emerging new reality. Long buried secrets and personal skeletons see the light of day and appear not nearly so awful as you have long thought. Renew your reality with enthusiasm and a sense of adventure! [Edited 6/11/21]

PLUTO aspecting Natal PLUTO
This combination indicates a time when introspection pays large dividends, a time to review the direction your life is moving. The overall quality of this period is private and deeply personal. Your thoughts likely center on the meaning of Life and what purpose your own life may have. Some healthy "closet cleaning" is worthwhile in several areas, since by letting go of things no longer useful you free energy and attention for vital new elements to enter your life in the next phase, just ahead. It is important right now to examine how much control you have over your own life and in what ways. Seriously confront your circumstances and examine how closely they match the way you want your life to be. Self-honesty at this point in your life has profound long-range benefits.
IN BRIEF: Time to deeply examine the quality of your life and redesign any part that does not meet your desires. Introspective. Need to let go of attachments that are not contributing to you. Thoughts center on meaning of Life and personal life-purpose.
STATS: This is one common transit at the inauguration of non-incumbant U.S. Presidents.

PLUTO aspecting Natal ERIS
(No observations so far.)

PLUTO conjunct Natal MIDHEAVEN
A dramatic transformation occurs in your life. Your innermost sense of who you are and why you are on this planet is the focus of this reconstruction. Career changes are possible, as your life-purpose assumes a new subjective clarity. It may seem some force much greater than yourself is moving you, remolding your life, as the only thing that could ever really be called you takes a guiding hand in your destiny. You are more resistant to others' arbitrary rules and expectations. Difficult confrontations with authority is possible as you assume more power over your affairs. Possibly feeling alienated from an irrational society, your reputation, rank and other outer tokens of your identity in the community change. Almost certain to come under others' scrutiny, you stand capable of unprecedented achievement and contribution.
IN BRIEF: Transformation. Life-purpose gains new clarity. You assume more power over your life. May feel alienated from an irrational society. Reputation, rank, career and other outer tokens of identity change. Capable of unprecedented contribution.

PLUTO opposite Natal MIDHEAVEN
The roots of your identity experience a profound transformation. This may show superficially in major changes in your domestic environment or family relationships, with anything from remodeling your home to critical events involving your parents. These events are but metaphors of the substantial psychological changes occurring within you. More private and introspective, more independent of others' opinions and attitudes, you stand close enough to touch an inner essence of yourself if only you will. As old illusions and false securities fall aside, you benefit greatly from self-exploration techniques (meditation, psychotherapy, etc.). Extreme, inappropriate reactions are clues that you are resisting the breakup of your old self-definition. Relax. This disintegration, mild or severe, can be the gateway to a renewed, resurrected sense of self.
IN BRIEF: Changes in environment or family relationships. Substantial psychological changes. Private, reflective, freer from others' opinions. You stand close enough to touch the essence of yourself if only you will! Benefit from self-exploration techniques.

IN BRIEF: Clarifies and redefines who you feel you are and what you want from life. Rebellion against current circumstances. Old behavior is overthrown. Altered relationship with authority, including your parents. You may assume new authority.

PLUTO conjunct Natal ASCENDANT
This is a milestone period of your life. You are altering the basis of your social identity, changing the way you display or represent yourself to others, claiming liberation from inherited attitudes never truly your own. You are now learning fundamental things about yourself not previously suspected. An urge toward self-discovery is aflame within you. Your existential recognition of yourself as an individual, sole monarch of your inner universe, may inspire rebellious, uncooperative behavior, a sense of alienation from the herd, and an uncompromising need to be free of other people's arbitrary rules, considerations, and values. Despite this sense of inner isolation, you may find yourself with an almost embarrassing charisma or capacity to affect others. Important spiritual experiences are distinctly possible now.
IN BRIEF: Self-discovery; liberation from inherited attitudes. Existential recognition of yourself as monarch of your inner universe. Rebellious, uncooperative; a need to be free of others’ arbitrary values. Important spiritual experiences possible.

PLUTO opposite Natal ASCENDANT
Dramatic changes now occur in the most personal areas of your life, particularly in intimate relationships. You are overhauling your attitudes about relating in an inner struggle to break free of old patterns, though possibly by manifesting their most difficult, incompatible elements in a current relationship. Whether you choose this route, you seem now to require a passionate intensity from any pair bonds. Interpersonal issues are handled by direct confrontation. Separation is probable if an existing relationship is not flexible enough to adapt while strong enough to contain the full force of your turbulent self-examination through projection. You seem to emphasize the competitive, separative aspects of relating; but a profound alliance is now possible in any relationship based on commitment and high regard for both people’s feelings, as well as individual rights.
IN BRIEF: Dramatic changes, particularly in close relationships. Turbulent self-examination through projection. Issues handled by direct confrontation. Emphasis on competitive, separative aspects of relating; but a profound alliance is now possible.

IN BRIEF: Turning point. Rebellion against current life state, altering the basis of your social identity, rearranging your lifestyle, reevaluating relationships. Important inner experiences possible.
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Neptune transits

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NEPTUNE aspecting Natal SUN
Long-held ideas about who you are and where you are headed seem less certain, more nebulous. Confusion temporarily reigns on issues of identity, self-image, professional goals, and life-direction. Ego development is a gradual, rhythmic process of establishing, then dispersing and changing, one’s identity; and your present stage marks a partial dissolving of your ego-structure to let a larger self-picture eventually emerge. Doubts, inferiority feelings, moodiness, introverted self-consciousness, feeling misunderstood or unfairly treated may all occur. Most of your responses are exaggerated, and negatives more easily catch your attention. Solve problems through simplification, not adding more factors to the equation. Your enhanced sensitivity sponsors creativity. An interest in metaphysics or philosophy nourishes the soul at this vulnerable time. You can now create a powerful new reality if you focus your will on the task. Remember: the only difference between fantasy and vision is whether you intend a thing will really happen! [Edited 2/4/17]
IN BRIEF: New realities offer to replace familiar ones, leaving confusion about identity, career, and life-direction. One’s prejudices are dramatized. Energy drain, fatigue. Ecstatic highs and despondent lows. Sensitive, aesthetic, introspective.
STATS: This is the most common transit at the inauguration U.S. Presidents. Several of them, though, are Vice Presidents who inherited the presidency from a deceased or resigned incumbent. (But there were also James Monroe and one of FDR's terms.)

NEPTUNE aspecting Natal MOON
Sensitivity, moodiness; exaggerated responses, good or bad. Mimicking emotions of others around you. Introverted. Security needs pronounced. Material efficiency impaired. Good for aesthetics, meditation, reflection, worship, imagination.
DETAILS: Your sensitivity is enhanced considerably for a time, your emotional reactions more extreme. Positively, this can mean elation, ecstasy, esthetic wonder; alternately, melancholy, moodiness, feeling low, extreme reactions. Your biochemistry and the emotional quality of your environment strongly influence this pendulum. With your sensitized body, the purer your diet, the less extreme your moods. Drugs (including alcohol and caffeine) also may exaggerate your responses. Highly suggestible, you absorb the emotional quality of people around you; so look for the most joyous, enthusiastic companions you can find, avoiding the despondent and complaining. Security needs are increased, with relationships likely to be a major issue. You are more vulnerable to rejection. Keeping your spirits high, you are presently capable of much creativity, even inspiration. Mystical or religious interests arise as your intuition is enhanced. By consciously, consistently comparing your intuitions to physical reality, you develop a keen, sure trust of your feelings and impressions. [Edited 9/16/20]
[FAGAN: "...the native finds himself caught up in a torrent of emotions, such as are occasioned at political meetings, sports matches, musical festivals, entertainment, parties, traveling, religious rites, funerals, and the like; or by a noisy and excited crowd of visitors or children. Such occasions may be enjoyable, dramatic, embarrassing, or even tragic. In extreme cases, the emotional state may develop into one of intense passion and frenzy."]

NEPTUNE aspecting Natal MERCURY
Your sensory and extrasensory perceptions are very sensitized. The normal division between the intellectual and imaginative parts of your brain is weakened so that rational and nonrational thoughts intermix somewhat indiscriminately. This may result in confusion, as imagination and sensation overwhelm the mind, a misplaced emphasis being your current key to most miscues. In one sense your mind is acutely clear right now; but its perceptions are mostly not of the physical reality in which you normally operate, being more symbolic and mythic in nature; i.e., your perceptions have the quality of dreams. It is important, therefore, that you attentively discriminate fact from fantasy in your practical activities, especially contracts and other paperwork. Prolonged concentration may require more effort. Misjudgment, logical errors and distractions are more common than usual. Realize that the whimsical, the creative, the intuitive and conceptual are where you shine now much more than the practical. Triple-check all practical matters and all important communications; then profit from the advantages of this freer access to right-brain consciousness.
IN BRIEF: Imagination and sensation boggle the intellect. Fantasy blurs with fact. Communication and perceptual confusion from acutely sensitive senses. Judgment errors, poor logic, misplaced emphasis, easily misunderstood. Imaginative, intuitive, creative. [Edited 6/7/21]
STATS: No U.S. President has ever been inaugurated with this aspect.
[FAGAN: "It may possibly awaken an interest in fiction, the drama, and the world of make-believe in general."]

NEPTUNE aspecting Natal VENUS
Romantic idealism fills you. Your temperament leans toward the emotional and sentimental. The beautiful in people and things catches (and holds) your attention, with all the advantages and problems that can bring. Positively, your heightened esthetic sense is attuned to the world's beauty, fueling your soul with wonders if only you pay attention. Imagery captivates. You are open to fresh levels of sensual delight. More of a problem is a sometimes undue naïve confidence in people's innate goodness, wearing blinders to their faults, particularly in romance (possible romantic disappointment). You pursue an unreachable love object (e.g., involvement with someone already romantically committed; spiritual devotion, seeking a "wedding with God;" having an exalted ideal for a lover that cannot be met, etc.). Yet, in your quest is pleasure. You are more vulnerable to disappointment and more emotional; but the basic tone of the time is enjoyable, even Utopian.
IN BRIEF: Marked aesthetics, idealism, romance. Strong emotions. Pursuit of unreachable or unavailable love goals. Emphasizes the beautiful in people and things; possible romantic letdown. Blissfully naïve. Pleasure of the senses.
[FAGAN: "The native is in danger of forming a compromising alliance with one who is already married and has dependents or otherwise unable to marry... In some cases this transit has caused the native to renounce the world and transfer affections to a religious ideal or vision."]

NEPTUNE aspecting Natal MARS
Emotions and desires become dominant. Your aggressive, passionate side expresses itself with increased subjectivity, imagination, pleasure-seeking, dramatic emotion, and illusion. This may be unbalancing, but also can be used positively. You expend your energies toward dreams and ideals - or toward mirages, thus dispersing your resources. With so much energy directed inward, your vitality and resistance to infection can drop. Your aggressions and way of expressing anger become more dramatic, maybe more manipulative, perhaps fueled by an exaggerated sense of the infallibility of your opinions. However, by keeping your vanity in check and consciously acknowledging the validity of others' viewpoints, this can be a pleasantly indulgent time of increased enjoyment, pursuing your pleasures aggressively. Uniting inspiration with careful planning, you can direct energies toward achieving long-held dreams. Fantasies can be realized, and discouraging self-doubts dispersed, simply by staying aware of the difference between physical reality and the fertile, flexible universe within you. [Edited 2/4/17]
IN BRIEF: Aggressions become dramatic and imaginative; but also covert, maybe manipulative. Aggressively indulgent in personal fantasies; energetically responsive to sensation. Chemical over-sensitivity. Low energy. Energy expended on dreams, ideals; or wasted on mirages. Ardent idealism.
[FAGAN: "...the native is inclined to attack negatively... as by a sit-down or hunger strike... Like a sacrificial victim of yore, helpless and powerless, he waits immolation to the gods. Occasionally he enjoys the sensation... revealing a streak of masochistic psychology."]

NEPTUNE aspecting Natal JUPITER
Ideals and outlook run the gamut from optimism to disillusionment and back. This period (when expectations are high and dreams seem readily within your grasp) needs an outrigging of pragmatic realism to get the most from it. That is, your exaggerated optimism about your fantasies neither says you can, nor that you cannot, realize them now, merely that you feel you can. Finances, reputation, and career factors draw your attention. In particular, there is a chance of financial or professional embarrassment. Misrepresentation and dishonesty can occur: either others taking advantage of your optimism, willingness to speculate, and naïve trust, or your own ethics being stretched a bit. Innocently, others seem to vampirize your resources. To avoid these problems, emphasize a practical, realistic view in all economic and business matters, compromising neither generosity, integrity, nor caution. The purpose of this time is to sensitize you more to what most religions call the higher virtues, to humanitarian interests and compassion, perhaps with an increased fondness of philosophy, spiritual aspiration, and ritual - shifting your focus for a time away from some mundane concerns.
IN BRIEF: High hopes, optimism. Moral guidelines stretched. "Wheelin’ and dealin'." Financial or professional embarrassment possible (misrepresentation?); maybe smudged reputation. Strong desire to be accepted by others. Love of drama, ritual, philosophy.
[FAGAN: "...perhaps the most humiliating... one tends to be allured by the call of a different way of life not approved of by society... in succumbing one is obliged to forfeit one's status, surrender one's position, and abandon one's birthright and frequently one's inheritance. Thus ostracized one may be so reduced in circumstances as to pledge all one's possessions and live in a state of near penury."]

NEPTUNE aspecting Natal SATURN
Emotionally difficult. Life's "givens" seem unreliable. Magnified self-preservation needs. Capable of hard work in pursuit of an ideal if basic insecurities are first mastered. Good time to "loosen up," relax, learn trust (surrender to other people's will).
DETAILS: A difficult transit, marking a time when anxiety and self-doubts hold your attention. Its virtue can be in loosening rigid, tense parts of your behavior. The basic principle is a dissolving of the rigid, the tightly held, and the established. Accordingly, security, especially financial, may seem threatened. You may doubt your ability to survive autonomously. Self-preservation needs may be exaggerated. Many of the established "givens" in your life seem to vanish. The point now is not that you are about to lose everything important to you (as sometimes it may seem), but that you need to loosen your tenacious hold on these things. This is truly a time when you are more likely to hold onto what you can let go. At its worse, this aspect indicates worry, suspicion, and despondency. Keep very clearly in mind, though, that objectively things are not nearly as bad as they seem, that you are presently predisposed to exaggerate the negative. Your preconceived, fixed notions are all that hold you back. In fact, now is a time when hard work can be most effectively applied to attaining your goals. Stabilize the most important parts of your life first, and then find new ways to pleasure yourself. This is a good time to loosen up, relax, and adopt less rigid attitudes and opinions.
[Anecdote: Dominique Strauss-Kahn arrested in NYC for sexual assault. t NE - 180 - r SA]
[Anecdote: Centered on a period of financial insecurity, withering resources from several angles, recurring worry, continuing to plug away at inspired / visionary projects, vulnerability and attack. (t. NE was also -135- r. Sun during some of this.) d NE - 135 - r SA]
[FAGAN: "...perhaps the most unsavory of them all. The native is apprehensive lest his enemies plot to encompass his ruin by exposing his acts or follies and he is often in a constant state of terror lest his private life be exposed. Ignominy, defeat, arrest are common under this transit, but it frequently happens that one's fears are more imaginary than actual."]

NEPTUNE aspecting Natal URANUS
Altered views of reality stimulate important inner changes. A temptation or dream inspires you to take a leap, make changes, maybe overhaul your whole life. Wanderlust, exotic ideas, ingenuity, new perspectives. Fantasy in confrontation with reality.

DETAILS: Before you lies a temptation, a lure, a dream – and you have the power, creativity, and daring to pursue it! Whatever this desire, you are willing to make substantial changes in your life to achieve it. Your attitudes are shifting. Novel perspectives emerge. Wanderlust moves you. Your hunches seem more squarely on the mark. Many people "take the leap" to achieve a long-held dream at times like this, only to discover (a) it was not what they wanted after all, and (b) by taking that leap they have nonetheless landed squarely into a desirable new situation they had not anticipated. Metaphysics, the occult and other unorthodox interests likely occupy your thoughts. Your altered views of reality stimulate important inner changes, exciting dreams of emancipation. Fantasy, fiction, and unreality stand in confrontation with reality and naked truth. Be sure of your grounding, and then act with courage! [Edited 10/24/19]
STATS: This is one of the most common transits at the inauguration of U.S. Presidents if incumbents and non-incumbents are both considered (but not as common when only non-incumbents are counted), and one of the most common for all Presidential inaugurations.

NEPTUNE aspecting Natal NEPTUNE
Practical, material affairs require more clear-sighted, concentrated vigilance right now if they are to continue running without mishap. This is a period when most of your psychological energy is pulled inward, to the subconscious. The chief priority right now is an inner reorganization of the subtle levels of your psyche. These shifts, though not dramatically visible now, will begin clearly showing their results in your life over the next few months and years. Accordingly, keeping your mind on practical concerns of everyday physical reality may take more effort; hence the tendency for some things to "go wrong" from neglect. Security issues are emphasized now in relationships, finances, or other areas of your life. Though subjective realms of your mind are most active, the energy is mostly introverted, so even creativity and extroverted imagination may require extra effort. The best use of these months is for meditation or prolonged reflection on your life and attitudes. Simply set aside more private, quiet time. Arrange for material things to take care of themselves as much as possible. Do not attempt major expansions. Direct your energies inward, where they now most easily flow, to achieve a more profound understanding of yourself and deeper security in the charted course of your life.
IN BRIEF: Security issues emphasized. Inner reorganization is the chief priority now. Psychic (and even physical) energies are diverted to subconsciousness, often leaving little energy for practical, material concerns. Introverted, passive. Physical reality seems unfamiliar, uncertain.

NEPTUNE aspecting Natal PLUTO
Deep-rooted psychological evolution. Changes occur in your basic views of life, purpose, and reality (may not be outwardly visible). Introverted, restructuring attitudes. Existential confrontation. Spiritual growth.
DETAILS: A deep-rooted psychological evolution occurs. These changes in your window on life and fundamental philosophical orientation take place under the surface, perhaps not immediately visible to you or those around you. In reflective moments you will begin to notice that you are thinking about things much differently than before, that even the physical details of the world around you look different. At other times you may simply feel withdrawn, uneasy, "not all there," distracted. Quiet, introspective self-examination is fruitful for you right now, as you silently restructure attitudes and priorities to initiate a new era of your life. (Revised 8/20/20)
STATS: This is one of the most common transits at the inauguration of non-incumbent U.S. Presidents; of incumbents + non-incumbents; and of all Presidential inaugurations.
EXAMPLE: Kamala Harris had this transit 0°04' wide, precisely on her PSSR angles for accepting the Vice Presidential nomination.

NEPTUNE aspecting Natal ERIS
(No observations so far.)

Dreams of possibilities float seductively before you. Your imagination and potential for creativity are enhanced. Applying these abilities in some practical, accomplishing, self-expressive way is the primary challenge of this period. Your sense of personal identity and life direction seem confused and uncertain. It seems easier to dream than to transform dreams into pragmatic reality; to expect others to do things for you rather than regard yourself as responsible for your own life and fortune. Practical matters require focused, conscious attention now, especially career. Some public embarrassment is possible, bruising self-esteem. Advances are best made in exploring your own subjective reality through art, fantasy, meditation, psychotherapy. This too requires personal discipline. Realize that your reactions are now more extreme, more romantic, than usual.
IN BRIEF: Identity and life direction confused, uncertain. Easier to dream than to transform dreams into reality; but applying imagination in successful, functional ways is the main need now. Practical matters require focused, conscious attention.

This is a chief opportunity to explore the psychological basis of your mind. Fundamental matters rise to consciousness, especially involving parents and early life. When faced, these grant insight into your motivations and actions. You may choose, however, not to face them, giving these irrational, emotional parts of you temporary dominance. Some clues that you are not taking best advantage of the time are childish behavior, dependence, increased security needs, feelings of despair or hopelessness. Frustration can result from emotions and prejudices getting in the way of practical affairs. Introversion is natural, since the emphasis is rightly on self-exploration and reencountering your past; but balance this by opening more to your intimates, sharing your realizations. Ground your inner work with practical action to make a sound, permanent difference in your life.
IN BRIEF: Chance to explore your psychological roots. Matters rise to consciousness involving early life. If not confronted: possible childish behavior, dependence, increased security needs, despair. Emotions may interfere with practical affairs.

Uncertainty about career, goals, identity. Possible hesitation, self-doubt. Put a solid foundation under your feet and build confidence with clear, decisive action. Drama, music, fantasy, and mysticism can exalt the spirits.

Your mind, body, and emotions are especially sensitive now, requiring a delicacy or refinement in your habits. Particularly, you are more responsive to emotional stimuli and prone to dramatize situations. Any addictive tendency will be emphasized right now; and all chemicals may affect you more strongly. Primarily your self-image and the "act" you play, the way you seek to present yourself to others, is shifting. For a time you may be confused about who you are, especially if you have lost yourself in your own illusions. Underneath your self-veiling, however, is a more powerful, sensitive, alive you than you perhaps have ever known. Now is the time to discover it! Self-assurance and confidence may waver, but are renewed many times over once the simple truths about oneself are confronted. Spiritual, religious and artistic matters are encouraged; but make a point of anchoring yourself in practical reality.
IN BRIEF: Shift in self-image and outer personality. Some self-doubt while discovering a more powerful, sensitive you. Increased sensitivity requires refinement of habits. More responsive to emotional stimuli, and prone to dramatize feelings. Spiritual, religious, artistic.

You are looking for something. A sensitive, vulnerable part of you is on a very personal quest for a thing precious and uniquely meaningful to you as an individual. Most likely this search for a Holy Grail centers around your intimate relationships, especially romantic ones. Truths about self are now best learned through others. Confusion confounds relationship. Your present task is to dissolve the rigid views and ego-supporting opinions which have separated you from others for much of your life. To the extent you do this, a rich new intimacy is discovered; otherwise, your prejudices are dramatized and become the issues around which relationships struggle. Possibilities include deception in relationship, frustration, self-doubt, undue dependence by you or the other person and unrealistic idealization of each other; or a magical awakening to a profound sense of union.
IN BRIEF: Quest for something meaningful; probably involves close relationships. Either dissolving rigid views that separate you from others, thus new intimacy; or your prejudices are dramatized and trigger struggles. Sensitive, vulnerable. Possibly confused relationships, frustration, dependency, and unrealistic views.

Especially sensitive, feeling stings and joys with a heightened tenderness. Dependent, moody. Imagination, daydreams, and illusion can only be made into achievement with decisive action.
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Uranus transits

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URANUS aspecting Natal SUN
A new lease on life is in store for you! Your self-perspective and sense of life-purpose are clarified and your vital creative spirit awakened. Professional limelight, and even advance, is possible, as others become aware of your talents. Freedom (from anything that has previously held you back) becomes very important to you now, which may lead to rebelliousness or intolerance of authority. Individuality runs more strongly in you than cooperation. Relationships thrive, though, if based on excitement, color, and renewal of aliveness. Tension or obstinacy is a signal that you are resisting appropriate change. Do not let old habits and ways of viewing yourself hold back the originality, creativity, and thrill of life which is natural to you.
IN BRIEF: Self-expressive, progressive, maybe rebellious. Creativity, ingenuity. Love of freedom; intolerance of authority. Life seems more interesting, exciting. Tension, if self-renewal is resisted.
[FAGAN: "...rarely fail to prove a most eventful, exciting, and colorful period... he comes before the public, often becoming famous overnight in some capacity or other. Radical changes are made in his ménage... travel and adventure in foreign lands."]

URANUS aspecting Natal MOON
Emotional vitality and popularity are renewed as old emotional and domestic patterns go through major change. New freedom needs rise in you, demanding that narrow attitudes and reactions be discarded. Emotional and relationship issues are clarified. A sexual awakening is likely. Thrill, excitement, and aliveness indicate that you are riding well this wave of awakening; while tension and temperament reflect your resistance to letting go of the past. Others may view your behavior as erratic, as you "try on" new ways of being and acting. Intimate relationships shift as your lifestyle changes. Inquisitive, curious and original, you are captivated by new areas of exploration, and now view life with a freshness rarely before possible for you.
IN BRIEF: Refreshing changes, renewed interest in life. Emotional (sexual) liberation. Lifestyle overhaul. Popularity; maybe a shift in intimate relationships. Inquisitive, curious; new interests.
[FAGAN: "...generally betokens removals, changes of residence, traveling, the search for adventure, novelty... Unless Uranus is seriously afflicted by the malefics its transits usually prove exciting, interesting, worthwhile, successful, also freshening... changes of residence, repeated travelling, and a rather unsettled but exciting time generally."]

URANUS aspecting Natal MERCURY
A very mental period. Key realizations, enlightenment; flood of ideas. Mind open to new concepts; opinions change. Practical or technical discoveries. Possible dispersion of interests.
DETAILS: During this acutely mental time, your mind is awakened to a wide range of new concepts and subject areas, and a flood of new ideas. Both creative and a little eccentric in your views, unhesitant to change your mind on long-held opinions, you overthrow the rigidity of standard belief. Your mental originality has a practical, technical quality. New discoveries are important in key areas of your life and work. Variety of interests can, however, lead to dispersion of energy. Major gambles should be avoided as your "revelations" display a nearly religious obstinacy, sometimes unrealistic. Yet in your toppling of personal idols a new mental freedom emerges, a species of intellectual enlightenment, opening the way to a more powerful, fulfilled life. [Edited 9/16/20]
[FAGAN: "...a wonderful experience. It awakens the mind to exciting and entirely new intellectual interests. One's first introduction to such subjects as radiology, hypnotism, psychoanalysis, archaeology... may have occurred under such a transit, but only if the native found their study exciting and novel. Many were first introduced to astrology itself under such a transit..."]

URANUS aspecting Natal VENUS
Your whole approach to pleasure and beauty is changing, awakening, and shedding old restrictions, particularly in romantic or sexual relationships. Life seems more fun, your senses more awake to the fullness of your world. New relationships may form with an electrical excitement and surprising suddenness; while established relationships may gain a new "zing" and freshness. Experimental and more social, you tend to rebel against restrictions and the routine, demanding more variation and freedom in your pleasures. This can cause some emotional tension and separative strife if everyone's feelings are not dealt with responsibly and sensitively. Usually this transit opens the heart and enhances one's ability to extract the elixir of ecstasy from life. [ADD: Disloyalty.]
IN BRIEF: Renewal and excitement in love, pleasure, aesthetics. Flirtatious, fun loving, experimental. Sudden love! New "zing" in an old relationship; and/or starting an electrical new one. Some emotional tension, maybe domestic rearrangement.
[FAGAN: "...a revolution in the domestic circle is likely... sometimes under fantastic circumstances. New attachments influence the native's career. Even if he is a confirmed bachelor he may find himself leading his bride-to-be to the altar... the quest for novelty is ever pressing. Sometimes there is an unexpected addition to the family."]

URANUS aspecting Natal MARS
Restless, rebellious, abrupt, taking risks. Need for "elbow room." Industrious, enterprising. Awakens passions and sense of sexual adventure. Obstinate; forces issues.
DETAILS: Restless and active, you now experience an accelerated need to push past old limits. Activities involving individual will and energy are more important to you now, especially if physical and granting new freedom to plot your own course. For instance, in your work you are highly industrious and enterprising, capable of major accomplishment through sheer effort and clear-sighted evaluation. Sexual intensification is likely, as part of your awakened physicality (though you are probably in no mood to "settle down"). Rebellious, mischievous, taking more risks, and prone to abrupt outbursts of passion or anger, you do well to guard against accidents (particularly with other's feelings). Turn your adventurous energies toward a formidable constructive accomplishment. [Edited 12/22/20]
[FAGAN: "...prone to becoming more daring and venturesome than is his custom, much to the surprise of the onlooker... his courage will rise to the occasion. Should Uranus be accompanied by the transiting benefics his enterprise will meet with success, but should it be configured by the transiting malefics it may end in catastrophe."]

URANUS aspecting Natal JUPITER
This awakens the best in you - unless ego gets in the way! An innate sense of specialness or fortune descends on your life as your finances, career orientation, ethics, and beliefs are reorganized. Generally a progressive, success-oriented period with some sudden change in fortune - probably in your favor. A time of considerable thought, it also brings philosophical and intellectual reconsiderations, a shift in your point of view on life. You restate to yourself your values, ethics, and key beliefs. Professional (and perhaps educational) goals are reexamined, your attitudes toward prosperity reshaped, liberating you from prior barriers to advance and self-betterment.
IN BRIEF: Awakens the best in you! Sudden changes in fortune, probably for the better. Oriented to success and progress. Point of view, ethics, and values are reexamined. Watch out for undue ego.
[FAGAN: "...unexpected events may bring a complete change of status... Should the radical Jupiter be well placed and supported by the benefics the change of status will be to the native's advantage, otherwise it may be unfortunate. Such unexpected events may accrue consequent on removals, travel, residence in foreign lands, political changes..."]

URANUS aspecting Natal SATURN
Stability vs. change. Current patterns are challenged. Security may be threatened. Tension. Either shaking material foundation and personal rigidities; or relaxing, releasing rigid concepts and freely accepting growth. Autonomous, uncooperative.
DETAILS: Established patterns are challenged. A tug-of-war arises in you over (a) clinging to familiar surroundings and ways of doing things, and (b) a need for change, freedom, and establishing new life trends. Initially this demand for change may seem to come from your environment. A little self-examination, however, will show you this need to alter your life stemming from some dissatisfaction within yourself, where you have outgrown current circumstances. At its worst, this tense time threatens security, evoking stubbornness and uncooperative behavior. Experienced consciously, however, it loosens rigid concepts, freeing you from limiting attitudes and circumstances. A willing acceptance of new ways now insures greater security and stability later. [Edited 9/16/20]
[FAGAN: "...could be fraught with dire consequences. It suggests a tragedy or calamity afflicting the native suddenly, perhaps as the result of natural causes or phenomena or perhaps the consequences of a revolt, revolution."]

URANUS aspecting Natal URANUS
This is one of the chief decision points (and probably turning points) of your life. Your way of looking at things is shifting, your attitudes changing, pushing you toward important life changes. Mostly, you are more aware of anything that is seemingly holding you back or keeping you from pursuing what you want in life. A sense of "There's gotta be more to life than this!" may fuel a breakaway streak of accelerated individualism. Initially this may manifest as tension, a nagging dissatisfaction, and snappier temper. Some part of your being that you previously have neglected is struggling for birth. Consciously recognizing this need for a new degree of self-expression frees you to pursue your personal destiny with a renewed sense of excitement, adventure, and fulfillment.
IN BRIEF: Turning point: looking for more in life than you have found so far. Marked individualism. Disruptive if you resist change; exhilarating if you go for it! Some tension, moodiness.

URANUS aspecting Natal NEPTUNE
Inner attachments to ideas, beliefs, and possibly people, are being dissolved. This severing of psychological and emotional apron strings stems from an alteration of your philosophical perspectives and general point of view. Metaphysics, the occult, and "New Age" topics in general catch your attention. Innovative ideas and radical concepts enthrall you. Though few of these changes will probably be visible to people around you, you will be very aware that your world and life look different. At first, you may experience some peculiar emotional states and philosophical uncertainty until your new perspective ripens. The result, though, is likely to be a previously undiscerned level of truth cutting through clouds of obscurity, broadening your consciousness.
IN BRIEF: Altered philosophical point of view. Clarity replaces illusion; perhaps inspiration, enlightenment. A strange emotional state while new perspective ripens. Freedom from old dependencies.

URANUS aspecting Natal PLUTO
Radical transformation. Private, introspective; sorting priorities anew. A rare depth and scope to self-perspective may trigger a rebirth or release of hidden talents. Deeply personal, maybe disruptive, anti-authoritarian.
DETAILS: Your life is primed for dramatic transformations. Primarily and ideally, these are transformations of consciousness, though marked changes in your environment also are likely, reflecting or anticipating the inner changes. Your priorities and perspectives are shifting. Life issues and the new types of thought in your mind may seem so personal that you think no one else could possibly understand them. You may find yourself wanting more time alone to privately reevaluate life circumstances and explore the increasingly available contents of your subconscious. Disruptive if you resist the change, this aspect signals much introspective self-confrontation as the basis for your more powerfully redesigning the circumstances of your life. (Modified 7/26/20)
STATS: No U.S. President has ever been inaugurated with this aspect.

URANUS aspecting Natal ERIS
(No observations so far.)

A need for personal freedom characterizes your life during this period. Particularly, your individuality is emphasized. Some fundamental inner truth of your identity emerges. How you identify yourself to the world changes, especially in areas of career, social status and overall life-direction. Sudden professional advancement may occur, or a complete change of vocation; or, if you have been stubbornly barking up the wrong tree in these areas, a personal crisis involving authority issues and your integrity with agreements and responsibility. You need to be your own boss now, governing your life more single-handedly than before. Tension is a clue that you are resisting appropriate changes; while vital enthusiasm signals that you are probably on the right track.
IN BRIEF: Need for freedom. Individuality is emphasized. A basic truth of your identity emerges. Changes in career, status, life-goals. Maybe crisis involving authority. You need to be more your own boss now. Tension shows you resist appropriate changes; but enthusiasm signals you are likely on the right track.

Inner restlessness prompts you to make major shifts in your lifestyle. Changes in your physical environment, particularly home and domestic situation, are common with this transit. Even a total geographic relocation is possible. However these outer, environmental "moves" are reflections of the much more important shifts occurring within you. This is a time of self-exploration and important psychological changes. It may seem that if you do not willingly make shifts in point-of-view, life keeps nudging you toward them. Some possible events are remodeling the home, sudden changes regarding property and domestic patterns, turning points in relationships with parents, and the need to clean up and refresh intimate relationships with those you live with. Sometimes this means disruption and separation. The key, though, is self-discovery and the freedom that comes from devotion to your own personal truths.
IN BRIEF: Inner restlessness prompts lifestyle shifts. Changes in home and domestic matters (maybe a move). Important shifts occur inside you. Self-discovery. Possible disruption, separation. A need to refresh close, family relationships.

IN BRIEF: New recognition of your individuality; self-discovery; a clarified, awakened sense of purpose. Freedom needs. Desire for change and renewal. New goals. Changes in life-direction. Willfulness; some rebellion against authority.

Personal liberty and change are now keynotes of your life. You are less tolerant of anything or anyone that restricts you or limits your activities. Relationships particularly change, as freedom of thought and act become more important to you than cooperation or alliance. Tension and temperament are possible if you resist the natural flow of change and try to hold onto outgrown dependencies; while excitement and a renewed wonder and joy of life are rewards of self-reliance, accepting needed change and setting out to rediscover who you are. A brisk, no-nonsense freshness and simplicity clarifies solutions to life's problems previously obscured by complexity and rationalization. Self-exploration and insightful discoveries are likely. Progressive, stimulating, this period resets the course of your life and awakens you to important truths about who you are.
IN BRIEF: Resets your life course. Awakens you to truths about who you are. Relationships change, as freedom needs increase. Tension if you resist change; but excitement and renewal reward self-reliance and self-exploration. Progressive, stimulating.

Your relationships and relating patterns now go through important changes. This is especially true of close personal relationships, which now demand (and get) much more of your attention and energy. New relationships are possible, based on excitement, spontaneity, and detachment; while existing partnerships demand much work and renegotiation. Though separations are possible, a strong, established relationship with good communication will be renewed if you are both willing to redefine and restructure it. Self-reliance is the keynote now, especially in paired situations. Previous habits of dependency and possessiveness simply do not work. Your relationship ideals may come face first against a very different practical reality.
IN BRIEF: Changes in relationships, which now require more attention and energy. Exciting new relationships possible; while existing ones demand redesigning. Separations possible; but a strong pair bond will be renewed if both are willing to rework it. Dependency and possessiveness do not work. Self-reliance is the keynote.

IN BRIEF: Exciting period of discovery and self-awakening. Changes especially occur in relationships, and in your way of interacting with the environment. New freedom, personal renewal; but restlessness and some tension.
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Saturn transits

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 09, 2017 1:11 pm


SATURN aspecting Natal SUN
A major developmental stage is reached, requiring redefinition in those life areas where you reach out into the world to control, regulate, or accomplish. Chiefly, you now confront those structures and laws that you have created, or with which you have surrounded yourself, whereby you define yours and others' power. As your ego-strength has grown, you have stretched beyond definitions you previously set, and may now find yourself feeling undervalued and unappreciated, in need of encouragement, recognition, and acknowledgement. Life's practical demands may seem more pressing, particularly financially. Vitality may drop. These difficult but developmental pressures – a natural result of how you have previously structured your sense of identity – are incentives to mobilize the fullest extent of your power and present capabilities, pushing past previous self-definitions. Yielding to the frustration makes this a time of tension, slowed advance, strained health; but approached with courage and determination, it results in achievement and a substantial gain in personal strength.
IN BRIEF: Difficult but developmental. Reorganization of the way you control and structure your world. Blocked ego-expression, strained vitality. Discouragement, feeling unappreciated. Inner strengths summoned to meet increased demands.
[FAGAN: "...one of the worst transits that can occur... like a canker it slowly corrupts and destroys everything... it slowly destroys the creativity of the native, bringing to the surface his less agreeable qualities. Losing his assuredness and self-confidence, everything goes amiss with him; and no longer master of himself, he forfeits the confidence and respect of others. If employed, he is in danger of being passed over, reduced in rank, or dismissed... his constitution suffers grievously; or else, others more promising are promoted over his head. In extreme cases there is a tendency to sink into the residuum... it is advisable to see that the body is well nourished..."]

SATURN aspecting Natal MOON
Practical matters do better than emotional ones. Somber, distant, cautious; separation from nurturing; wounded pride, loss, feeling misunderstood. Security needs increase. Others seem unsympathetic.
DETAILS: A strong incentive to achievement and determined hard work. Emotional matters are likely more difficult, however. Practical concerns are easier to handle than those of the heart. You feel more vulnerable than usual, and more responsive to harsh, demanding, unsupportive facets of your environment. Emotionally cautious, preferring the safety of seclusion to the exposure of participation, you dwell too easily on negative thoughts. Security is very important to you at this time. Deep, genuine feelings are more easily withheld or masked. Nurture needs are greater than at other times, but you may be less willing to accept this kind of support. Look, consciously and attentively, for the warm, caring, giving side of people to balance your temporarily narrowed window on others. The protection and certainty of a proper "nest" can be especially comforting now, and free your carefully warded feelings for your pleasure and others'.
[FAGAN: "Very unfortunate... failure and serious frustrations and losses... afflicts the mind with despondency, gloom,. melancholy, anxiety, unpopularity, and ill will."]

SATURN aspecting Natal MERCURY
Communication and mental and commercial matters require careful attention from you now to keep running smoothly. Particularly, communication barriers arise. Your own subtle criticism of your ideas is somehow passed to others. You may feel unheard, that your best ideas of the hour are ignored. If so, look attentively at how you communicate, at whether you are speaking with a clear intention that others will be interested. Discouragement and frustrated mental states may slow your enthusiasm, as you take yourself and your ideas very seriously (and think nobody else does?). Remind yourself how to laugh, especially at your own idiosyncrasies. Actually, your methodical, skeptical mind is better able to organize and format information now than at most other times. Assiduous effort at detail work can thrive. Expose your ideas to your own astute critical sense first, and then display them with confidence.
IN BRIEF: Mental, communication, and commercial matters demand thoroughness and careful attention to thrive. Feeling unheard, criticized, discouraged. Methodical, logical, skeptical; great for detailed mental labor, organizing data.
STATS: No U.S. President has ever been inaugurated with this aspect.
[FAGAN: "...not a happy transit. For the young, it presages an uphill struggle to master the school curriculum, tedious and dreary hours of study, unsympathetic instructors, difficulty in assimilating knowledge, ponderous delivery, mental obtuseness, distaste for one's environment, nd ill-success at examinations. But it does give an interest in philosophy, born of doubt and struggle. To the mature, business lags and begins to pall, competitors lead the field, and temptation protrudes its ugly head. It is adverse for business generally and for all Mercurian pursuits."]

SATURN aspecting Natal VENUS
Needing more security in love. Pleasure limited. Feeling alone, excluded, neglected; or pleasure in new emotional commitments. Love and pleasure may = duty and devotion. Vanity concerns.
DETAILS: An increased desire for secure affection and a narrowing of your range of social and romantic contacts probably takes one of two forms: (a) settling into a close, solid relationship with a bias toward commitment; or (b) feeling isolated, shy, alone, left "out of the game," and perhaps self-conscious about your appearance. The latter is likely if you maintain walls of self-doubt and caution about your affections; the former if your increased self-interest with your own pleasure needs coexists with a warm, open approach. This applies to all love relationships, including those with children, parents, and friends, as well as romantic bonds. Relationships are put to a serious test, their quality determining the outcome: many separations and disappointments occur, but also many weddings! Love and pleasure seem identified with duty and devotion. Caring for loved ones tends to be immensely satisfying. (Modified 7/26/20)
[FAGAN: "...friends disappoint or turn adverse, the native feels deserted, invitations are refused, engagements are broken, holidays fall below expectations, and the native appears friendless."]

SATURN aspecting Natal MARS
Potentially high accomplishments, but probably against heavy odds. The fighter in you butts heads with elements of restriction and control, both in your environment and within yourself. Your independent, spirited, creative will seeks to express itself freely and chafes at any bit placed upon it. Clear-headed evaluation works best now. Where blind struggle and impulsive action fail (thus reinforcing a sense of inadequacy), careful planning and realistic appraisal may win the day. Few competitive ventures thrive now, so work should be done for its own sake. Exercise caution regarding physical health and well-being. Endurance is considerable, but psychological pressures and the constant tendency to drive oneself may deplete physical resources. Consideration for others' rights and feelings is vitally important now, and wins you support in your battle with your own personal limits.
IN BRIEF: Fighting one's limits. Struggle, conflict of wills. Poor for competition. Industrious, accomplishment possible, but against stern odds. Possible injury, confidence loss, sexual barriers. [Modified 6/9/21]
BRADLEY: "pain from outside, either physical or psychological, such as from actual accidents, discomfort through the reactivation of an old ailment, or the cruelty of somebody in the native's ken."
[FAGAN: "Unfavorable for all martial pursuits, the native makes little headway should he be serving in the armed forces, nor is he any more fortunate in sports or contests... in the handling of tools and mechanical appliances he meets with many mishaps. For the time being, it tends to make the native cowardly and fearful and, in extreme cases, even vindictive and brutish, especially to women and children."]

SATURN aspecting Natal JUPITER
Practical matters demand attention. Business-oriented, building for the future. Interruption in one's sense of prosperity (possibly minor). Either damage to income, prestige, reputation; or accomplishment and pleasure in a job well done. Gains are slow, well earned.
DETAILS: Practical matters dominate your attention, especially finances, property, investments, and business. Depending on the general state of things in your life, this period will manifest in one of two ways: (a) damage to personal income, prestige, reputation, or rank; or (b) a new stabilization of the practical foundation of your life, and a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for a job well done. Concern is focused on your material assets; but, while at least a brief interruption in your cash flow or sense of prosperity is likely, severe financial problems are not necessarily in store. Exercise economy! Business matters occupy more of your attention. Your organizational, administrative, or managerial skills likely will be required. Gains are now well earned, solid, unspectacular, and more valuable as a foundation for the future than for immediate fortune.
[Anecdote: Gerald Ford when Pres. Nixon resigned and he became president. t SA -180- r JU]
[FAGAN: "...unfortunate... signifies the ebb of the wave of prosperity... the native discovers that he is living beyond his means, is unable to meet all his commitments, and is forced to make rather drastic retrenchments. It is under such a transit that the native is declared a bankrupt, civil bills are served, and the bailiffs seize the furniture... belts must be tightened and the economy axe applied."]

SATURN aspecting Natal SATURN
This is a most important reevaluation period, reorienting your ambitions and your self-directed destiny. New achievement is possible. Key changes are almost certain. Your primary task now is to become substantially more aware of that which differentiates you and your destiny from all others; that is, to find your own unique position in the world. Your ego has become bigger, greater, and sounder in the last several years, effectively dominating more of the world. Now that maturation must be integrated into your total personality. A sense that "There's gotta be more to life than this" provides incentive for you to clear deadwood and move beyond previous life-structures. Tension, moodiness, and being difficult to live with are "growing pains." Introspection and reflection on your past is useful now in confronting and redefining your sense of your own limits.
IN BRIEF: Major time of self-redefinition. Confronting and remolding one's limits, ambitions, and self-directed destiny. Maturing, becoming more whole; reviewing the past, clearing deadwood. Some tension, moodiness. Achievement possible; changes almost certain.

SATURN aspecting Natal URANUS
Restrictions vs. freedom needs. Voluntarily accepting new limits or (more likely) rebelling against them. Tension. Perhaps intolerant, touchy, uncooperative, obstinate. Seek liberty through self-discipline and clear intention.
DETAILS: Your independence and desire to run your own life autonomously grow stronger, and you become more conscious of anything that restricts your freedom. Reasonable action would be to recognize, evaluate, and remove the barriers, or to accept them as natural to the way you have constructed your life. You may, though, simply rebel against them, intolerant of any restriction to your will and resistant to compromise or cooperation. The latter response affirms your autonomy but may alienate others. A profound lesson is available: that true liberty is, paradoxically, nearly always gained through discipline and self-governance. (Modified 3/1/2020)
[Anecdote: While successfully dieting, losing significant weight, hit several days of wanting to rebel against it, sabotage it with exactly the wrong choices, etc. My only defense was knowing that I was the person responsible for putting the restrictions in place originally. Still wanted to rebel against them. Also fairly bored. t SA -90- r. UR]
[FAGAN: "Removals, journeys, or new undertakings initiated by the native are likely to prove disappointing and unproductive."]

SATURN aspecting Natal NEPTUNE
Dreams and ideals now become grounded. If well formed and realistic in the context of your life, they are made sounder, and steps are taken to manifest them as concrete reality. Otherwise, be prepared for some healthy disillusionment, freeing your imaginative energies for more practical ends. Either way, certainty is a theme of your thinking and wishing patterns right now. Your ideas of what is real, "how things are," "what is going to be," are keenly focused by your wishes, and tend to be rigid. This trait bestows a powerful ability to focus on a goal; and yet taken to its extreme, it also may limit your awareness of problem-solving options available to you, possibly leading to the emergence of some private demons to haunt you: troubled mental states, frustration, suspicion, and despondency. Instead of tightening your attachment to preconceived ideas, why not make full use of your ability to make practical goals a physical reality?
IN BRIEF: Ideals and dreams are grounded. If sound, they are made solid, secure, real; otherwise, frustration and disillusionment. Security and certainty seem important. Personal demons and troubled mental states may emerge. You have more options that you think!
STATS: No U.S. President has ever been inaugurated with this aspect.
[Anecdote: Bordered on getting sick for several days, psychological and physical energy diminished. Learned that a close friend had been hospitalized & developed pneumonia in hospital. t SA -135- s. NE]
[Anecdote: Accumulating wear-and-tear from a week of very long work days, sleep deprivation, reduced resources of various kind (while the transit approached exact at end of the week; the Q crossing marked the day I really started to feel the depletion, exhaustion on different levels). t SA -0- r. NE (on SNQ1 Nadir).]
[ANECDOTE & NOTE: Per Lance's discovery (my paraphrase), inauthenticity hurts: Fictions about life are confronted and assaulted by evidence to the contrary with consequent psychological pain.]
[FAGAN: "Associated with deaths, funerals, graveyards, and the like, it tends to morbidity, the macabre, and the lugubrious, and gives rise to sadness and melancholy."]

SATURN aspecting Natal PLUTO
Your sense of autonomous individuality is reinforced. Little desire for closeness is visible during this separative, distancing period. Most acutely, you act to defend your rights to be self-governing, challenging most rules and expectations that others try to enforce on you. Division of power is the major issue in your relationships now; and rebellion against any external "authority," if taken too far, leads to run-ins with employers or the law. Remember that open, sharing communication is the adhesive that binds relationships in the least intimate of times. Also, your independent self-sufficiency supports a sizable amount of effort for constructive activity. Provided it is self-originated, you tend to undertake considerable responsibility. Impressive amounts of work have been accomplished with this planetary energy.
IN BRIEF: Hardening; maybe distancing, separative. Tremendous effort possible. Will take on much responsibility if it is self-originated; but challenges any rules or expectations enforced by others. Communication needs conscious attention.
[FAGAN: "...unless the conduct is law-abiding... the native may find himself serving terms of imprisonment or otherwise have his freedom drastically curtailed."]

SATURN aspecting Natal ERIS
(No observations so far.)

Identity and authority issues are extremely important now. That is, you stand to learn much about who you are, what is important to you, and how you handle power and respond to other people's power. Practical demands seem to increase; daily survival needs are emphasized; and in numerous ways it becomes increasingly apparent that you have only yourself to rely on. Now is the time to learn how big you can stretch, how willing you are to take on more responsibility and thus authority. Often this signals a career peak when well-executed plans pay rewarding dividends of achievement. Others recognize your professional maturity. If you have built poorly, however, it may signal a serious setback or downfall. Professional and practical matters have more priority than personal ones for the time being. Work and self-discipline carry their own virtue.
IN BRIEF: Identity/authority issues dominate. You learn much about who you are, what is important to you, and how you handle power. Demands increase; basic needs are accented. You have only yourself to rely on! Learn how big you can stretch. May signal career peak, professional maturity; or, if you have built poorly, a setback.

This is a time to pause and make sure you have your feet squarely under you. You now are establishing a foundation on which, over the next several years, you will build toward a new plateau of achievement. How these long-range goals mature depends much on how you prepare now. Careful, conservative plans bear succulent fruit later. Security issues are more important to you now, including finances, personal property, and, particularly, your home. Intimate relationships may become strained (especially with parents and spouse). You may feel somewhat cut off from the love and other support you would like from others. Traditional roles are being rewritten in your life, with authority and responsibility being redistributed in your close relationships. That is, you assume new self-reliance in some areas, and encourage it in those who have been dependent on you in others.
IN BRIEF: Get your feet squarely under you! You are laying a foundation for the future. Long-range goals depend on how well you prepare now. Security and property issues are important now. Family relationships can be strained. You assume new self-reliance, and encourage it in your dependents.

Turning point in career or identity. Maturation. Demands and responsibilities increase. Restriction, delay, or frustration may be early stages of adapting to a more powerful position. Criticism given and received. Your limits are tested.
[Anecdote: A man for his mother's funeral. t SA -90- r. MC]

Personal pressures build, as responsibilities and practical demands increase. Gains are now made through work, self-discipline, and examining your life with aloof, almost callous, detachment. These gains include the ferreting out of many weak spots in your character, and the chance to take control of life areas where you previously have felt a victim or otherwise not in control. In short, this is a superb time to "get your act together!" Unfinished projects and commitments should be completed; in fact, loose ends of your life seem naggingly obvious now, from unfiled stacks of papers to unmet obligations. You may find yourself undertaking a serious "house-cleaning," weeding out the details and items which clutter your life. Priorities are forced as practical demands increase. You may feel alone, cut off from others' support for a while, in this important time of maturing self-sufficiency.
IN BRIEF: Maturing self-sufficiency. Pressures build; demands increase. Gains from work, discipline, aloof self-examination. You can take charge of life-areas where you have felt not in control. "Getting your act together." Loose ends seem naggingly obvious; so finish projects and commitments, weed out the clutter in your life.

Personal relationships, and partnerships or alliance of all types, now require extra attention. Areas of incompatibility or unwillingness to cooperate are emphasized. Accumulated grievances may raise their heads. What is being highlighted is your own unwillingness to drop barriers between yourself and others; that is, the stubbornness of your ego. Solid, secure relationships are not taxed as severely as shaky ones, especially if both parties are fairly satisfied with whatever routine patterns have been established. In fact, strong committed relationships now can be established or secured, especially if you share a work-bond or major goal that you are both pursuing.
IN BRIEF: Relationships require extra attention. Incompatibility or unwillingness to cooperate is emphasized. Accumulated grievances raise their heads. Be more willing to drop barriers between yourself and others. Solid relationships are not taxed as badly as shaky ones; and committed partnerships may now be secured.

Time for "house-cleaning." You may pull back from others, needing more emotional distance. Increased responsibilities of a new type. Daily survival needs are emphasized. Accomplishment is possible. Examine your needs in comparison to your current energy demands.
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Jupiter transits

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JUPITER aspecting Natal SUN
Most people experience this as one of the best of times for self-improvement (socially, financially, etc.), increased esteem, the easing of problems, and greater peace of mind. Luck is on your side in the form of opportunities and receiving special (positive) attention. Promotion is possible. Weddings and engagements occur under this influence, reflecting a celebrant, popular, status-shifting mood. Mostly, you simply feel good! You probably incline toward leisure, relaxation, and "taking the easy way out." Money is spent more freely. Difficulties are easily resolved now; but in your dislike of problems, do not avoid confronting them. You display an aura of personal authority, and a renewed sense of importance. Beware arrogance and ego!
IN BRIEF: Self-improvement, esteem, opportunity for advance. General good feelings, sense of prosperity. Leisure-minded, indulgent. Sense of importance; perhaps arrogant, self-righteous.
[Anecdote: Extreme, extended indulgence (immoderation) in food & other pleasures (something that didn't show with several other Jupiter transits in the weeks preceding). t. JU -135- r. SU. t. JU -90- p. MA. (And, of course, p. MA -135- r. SU.)]
[Anecdote: Opportunity to "shine," received significant appreciation for technical insight that surprised and pleased someone. Definitely a day of "looking good." Health issue (ongoing for several months) showed distinctive signs of the last stage of clearing, freeing me back to activities that hadn't been feasible; and discovered a home treatment that started accelerating the last main stage of healing. t. JU -180- p. SU (on SNQ2 MC-IC).]
[FAGAN: "...represents the divine physician, the restorer of health, sanity, self-respect, personal dignity, and is altogether a salubrious transit..."]

JUPITER aspecting Natal MOON
Feelings rise near to the surface. Usually this marks a joyful time with much cause for celebration. However, if you have been under much stress, it initially brings a release of tension, perhaps free-flowing tears and general emotion. Let this have its play, clearing the field for some especially happy days and weeks. Your sense of well-being is high. More self-assured, socially outgoing, and congenial, you probably find your environment and emotional climate supportive, pleasing, and rewarding. Hospitality and other opportunities are warmly extended. Self-indulgence is possible, especially in diet. Responding to quality, your mind is occupied with philosophic matters. Don't let self-righteousness spoil this chance for good comradeship!
IN BRIEF: Sense of well-being. Center of attention. Much emotion; probably joyful, maybe moodiness or tension-release through tears. Responding to quality. Social, celebrant, indulgent.
[Anecdote: Pres. Obama's chart for favorable SCOTUS decision on Obamacare health care legislation. t. JU -0- r. MO]
[FAGAN: "An excellent configuration, the native will be in the best of form, genial and expansive. Doors will be thrown open... will be warmly received and gather a crowd... In most of his undertakings, he will succeed, and, if ailing, his health will show marked improvement."]

JUPITER aspecting Natal MERCURY
This is a generally fortunate period, especially for any mental, travel, or communication activities. Your confidence increases in these areas, as you acquire new certainty about your ideas and plans. Taken to the extreme, this confidence may lead to the chief problem of this transit: cocksure obstinacy and arrogant opinionation; so remember that you have an ear for successful ideas right now too, not just a voice or pen for them. Others applaud, respect, and encourage your proposals and mental products. Studies and exams go smoothly. Scholarships may be won. Philosophical and religious interests grow, as may your academic orientation. Commercial, promotional ideas also prosper as your assurance, peace of mind, and enhanced business instinct work together well.
IN BRIEF: Advantageous for mental, travel, commercial, or communication matters. Your mind and ideas are well received, appreciated, and probably profitable. Obstinate. Promote yourself!
STATS: No U.S. President has ever been inaugurated with this aspect. (Update: Barack Obama has been the only exception.)
STATS: "Chess champions won their titles and leaped into prominence... read simply as 'mentation honored' (Bradley)
[FAGAN: "...the native's business progresses in all directions and many wise and lucrative decisions are made. Youths find that they pass their examinations with facility, and adults find that their discussion, writings, and the like attract favorable attention. Interest is evinced in philosophical or religious subjects and the native becomes ambitious for positions of distinction, and the academic life begins to holds its allure for him."]

JUPITER aspecting Natal VENUS
Pleasure is now the keynote of your life. Your interest in sharing good times and good feelings with others is strong. You simply enjoy people more, and give yourself more opportunity to be with them. Discovering a new confidence and certainty in your feelings, you find love and friendship both more important now, and easier to find. Romance prospers, as do other love matters. Your attractiveness and openness become especially apparent to others. Popularity increases. Special social occasions, such as engagements, weddings, and births, tend to happen at times like this. Pursuit of pleasure leans toward the immoderate. Only if you are in a situation where it is impossible to be with others will this transit likely bring the discomfort of loneliness.
IN BRIEF: Social, pleasure-oriented. Romance and other love matters go well. Popularity and attractiveness increase. Possibly special occasion: engagement, wedding, birth, etc.
[Anecdote: Return of much-loved mate after a week away, very nice homecoming. t. JU -90- s. VE]
STATS: "...beauty contestant winners... 'appearance honored' (Bradley)
[FAGAN: "...the native is rich in his friends and is happy among them; and keeps adding to their number. Many doors are opened to him, and he will be seen gracing many social functions, weddings, and the like. This will be one of his popular periods and it frequently happens that the native... becomes engaged or gets married... or becomes a father."]

JUPITER aspecting Natal MARS
Your physical, aggressive, and competitive traits prosper during this favorable period for sexual, athletic, military, and similar aggressive activities. Business activities tend to succeed, and earning power is enhanced, as you are able to compete professionally more effectively. Filled with energy and enthusiasm, self-assured and enterprising, you delight in victory. Ego-strength is enhanced, leading to greater confidence and sureness - but perhaps also to aggressive self-righteousness and "coming on too strong." In your bold indulgence, any immoderation is possible including arrogance and self-will. Endurance is particularly good, and health generally improves unless you severely over-extend yourself in your newfound feelings of strength.
IN BRIEF: Excellence in physical, aggressive, or competitive matters: sex, sports, war, business, etc. Energy, enthusiasm, immoderation, self-will. Enterprising, self-assured.
STATS: This is one common transit at the inauguration of non-incumbent U.S. Presidents; of incumbents + non-incumbents; and of all inaugurations taken together.
[Anecdote: Extreme, extended indulgence (immoderation) in food and other pleasures. t. JU -135- r. SU. t. JU -90- p. MA. (And, of course, p. MA -135- r. SU.)]
[FAGAN: "...the native's struggle for money may meet with some measure of success... a favorable time to enlist in the armed services, undertake physical culture and muscle building, purchase automobiles, and become involved in all mechanical and constructive pursuits."]

JUPITER aspecting Natal JUPITER
Advance in prestige, self-assurance, and sense of well-being. Contagious confidence and optimism. Key decisions made with advantage. Reorientation or forward nudge in career, personal growth, finances, or life-mission.
DETAILS: A turning point is signaled in matters of career, personal growth, finance, and purpose. Most likely fortunate, with critical opportunities opened for you, the chief issue is nonetheless your inner reorientation or shift in attitude. Key decisions now made set the trend for several years. Business matters probably go forward smoothly. Investments look promising (but bring their big payoff later). Some advance in status, prestige, or esteem. Perhaps most importantly, you display an increased sense of well-being, a contagious self-assurance, confidence, and optimism. The quality of how you now treat yourself sets the trend for how the world will treat you. (Modified 7/26/20)
[FAGAN: "...a most fortunate token... Generally it presages heightened status, increased prestige, honors, promotion, self-assurance, and a replenished purse... the native is much in demand and is quite the man of affairs, full of optimism, instilling confidence in others."]

JUPITER aspecting Natal SATURN
Worries, fears, and doubts are eased, and your mind set at peace for the time being, perhaps due to the lifting of a financial concern. As with the return of the prodigal, the slate is wiped clear in some area of your life, relieving emotional stress and allowing a clean start. Now is the time for establishing a new foundation, especially economic. Gains are stable, advance slow and steady. No wondrous rewards come from out of the blue, but you get rewards you have genuinely earned. Hard work and stable investments (especially real estate) prove worthwhile now, and build to a solid return later. The emphasis is on assuming greater responsibility, and settling into a more comfortable security for yourself and those who count on you.
IN BRIEF: New foundations. Aim at stable gains, solid security, and well-earned rewards. Slate wiped clean in some area, perhaps financial, easing worries, granting some peace.
[Anecdote: During 2 months of a slow Jupiter opposite r. Saturn, work demands were severely increased but (a) work became more pleasurable the closer the aspect got and (b) there was significant extra income from the extra hours worked. t. JU -180- r. SA]
[Anecdote: Distinct alleviation of 'background' anxieties, relief of concerns, in work environment. (It was concentrated right on the day of the transit.) t. JU -135- s. SA]
[Anecdote: A woman was put on life-support in an induced coma to stabilize a high-risk medical condition. t. JU -45- r. SA]
STATS: This is one common transit at the inauguration U.S. Presidents.
[FAGAN: "...worst fears assuaged... forebodings vanishing... for the nonce, his habitual pessimism giving place to smiles. Should he be in debt, a friend in need may defray it; should he be harassed in the office or in the home, he will know contentment, albeit temporary; should he be ailing or in pain, his discomfiture will be alleviated. Under such a transit the native sometimes moves into a more comfortable and comparatively more luxurious home than the one he is vacating. Squalor yields place to salubrity..."]

JUPITER aspecting Natal URANUS
Your creativity, originality, and innovativeness are encouraged by others. Increased prosperity, status, esteem from others, or self-esteem come from your ideas, inventions, or discoveries. An inner restless dissatisfaction inspires you to make progressive alterations in your circumstances; to reach further than you have previously reached, regardless of some obvious risks, to improve the quality of your life and broaden your horizons. You gain renewed confidence in the part of you which demands to be unique, progressive, and free. Technological advances (such as computers) gain in importance to you. A sudden change may occur in your financial situation, perhaps due to speculation; but such gambles are too unstable now to bank on if you can't afford to lose.
IN BRIEF: Your originality is applauded and encouraged. Possible gain from new ideas. Personal sense of uniqueness is exalted (leading to egoism?). Restless dissatisfaction for broader horizons.
[FAGAN: "Successful traveling, release from confinement, escape to prosperity, success with schemes and inventions... Unexpectedly the native makes money by speculation, gambling, football pools... Explorers, excavators, research students... will find their labors crowned with success..."]

JUPITER aspecting Natal NEPTUNE
This signals a fresh start! Emotionally, the slate is wiped clean and anxieties relieved in some key area of concern in your life. We all carry some uncomfortable feelings around with us; and now many of your old demons and bugaboos are dispelled. Peace of mind is restored. This "second chance" may manifest in other areas, too, such as finances and reputation where embarrassing difficulties may be eased. Religious, philosophical, or ceremonial interests are strong now. Finding new security in your personal worldview or belief system, becoming more solid in your opinions, you seem intolerant of intellectual snobs and "know-it- alls" (be careful not to become one yourself). Though plans made now may be premature, faith is strong and your ideals and dreams soar.
IN BRIEF: Religious, philosophical, or ceremonial interests. Abundant dreams (might not come true). Clean start emotionally, maybe financially. Anxiety eased, release from debts or doubts.
[FAGAN: "One's honor and reputation are usually vindicated... those who have been kept out of office, suppressed, or mistrusted come, at last, into their own, and are given an opportunity to prove their worth. For those in captivity, it promises release and a fresh start in life away from the carping criticism of their tormentors... affords a release from debts and immediate pecuniary embarrassments. Not a few at this time find in the religious life a hope, joy, and restoration of their amour-propre hitherto denied them, and conversions are frequent."]

JUPITER aspecting Natal PLUTO
The keynote of this period is gain by separation, which takes innumerable forms. Most likely, something in your life is drawing heavily on your time, energy, and psychological and emotional resources, but no longer contributing to you. Whatever this element is, you separate from it now, freeing that tremendous investment of energy for other uses. Specific examples range from jobs to relationships, from memberships to opinionated viewpoints. Strained relationships may benefit from a short furlough. Inheritance is possible. What the actual event is does not matter much, as it occurs spontaneously, a natural result of the flow of your life. What does matter is that you recognize the positive release of energy and consciously direct it where you want it in your renewed life.
IN BRIEF: Gain from separation or loss. Energies are freed from old entanglements for new applications. Unwanted ties or commitments dissolved. Turning point.
[Anecdote: Much needed vacation - a "necessary get away"! t. JU -90- r. PL]
[FAGAN: "To the ill-concealed joy of the native... often frees the native from an unwanted marriage partner or other person who fettered his freedom r who stood in his way of promotion or self-expression. It often brings gain by a death but not necessarily financial... hampering attachments are dissolved... jobs and membership of organizations are often relinquished."]

JUPITER aspecting Natal ERIS
[Anecdote: I think this was the extensive clearing and reordering of things a few hours before it was exact, something along the lines of "resolving chaos." t JU -45- s ER]

A high point of your life! At its best, this signals esteem, respect, recognition, honor, material gain, elevation, advantage, opportunities, and confidence. Even if less spectacular than that, expect some significant progress, especially in your professional life. You feel good about yourself and what you have accomplished. Even if you haven't reached the final goal at which you are aiming, this is a good time to notice how far you really have come. Beware, however, the arrogance and inflated ego that can arise if you feel under-acknowledged by others. Generally, the road looks pretty smooth for the time being, encouraging your ambitions and desire for achievement. Advance comes more readily now than at other times. Use this period of refreshment to establish quality groundwork for your later efforts.
IN BRIEF: A high point. Progress, especially in profession. At its best: respect, recognition, gain, elevation, advantage, confidence. Advance comes more readily. You feel good about yourself and your accomplishments. Beware arrogance and inflated ego. Generally, the road looks pretty smooth, encouraging your ambitions.

Very personal, private elements in your life are now your chief sources of pleasure and refreshment. This may show especially through your home and those with whom you share it (close friends, family, etc.). Encouragement to go forward and expand yourself more effectively in the world now comes from appreciating the joys and advantages of what you already have. You find value in the history and traditions which form the earliest foundation of your mental, emotional, and spiritual development. Some typical events of this time might be improving or enlarging your home, making promising investments (especially in real estate or items dug from the earth), or growth in the size of your family.
IN BRIEF: Private life-elements are now your chief sources of pleasure and refreshment, especially home and those who share it. New value found in the traditions that form the foundation of your mental, emotional, and spiritual development. Possibly improving your home, making promising investments or growth in family size.

IN BRIEF: Advance, growth; fortunate period. Clearer view of life direction. Prosperity likely. Ambitious. Desire for greater importance. Possible respect, esteem, honor, recognition. Avoid over- bearing egoism and arrogance.

This can be a time of feeling especially good about yourself and reaping much advantage from others' increased good will and support. Enhanced social image, increased respect and esteem, opportunities and gifts. Feeling reasonably secure in your present situation, you reach out to improve yourself by some means. Philosophical, religious, and spiritual matters may hold your attention, as can professional and financial ideas. Guard against arrogance and a misplaced sense of superiority or self-righteousness. Avoid trusting an overly-nebulous sense of "luck." This can well be a period of refreshment and recharging to carry you confidently forward for some time to come. [Edited 6/10/12]
IN BRIEF: Feeling especially good about yourself. Advantage from others' good will. Enhanced social image, self-esteem, and opportunities. Self-improvement, refreshment, and recharging. Interests in philosophical, religious, spiritual and/or professional and financial ideas. Beware misplaced superiority and self-righteousness.

Esteem and respect increase from people around you. This includes both those who are close to you, and more casual friends and associates. Your social circle expands. You appear gregarious and good-natured, naturally inclined to conciliation rather than conflict. Sound personal relationships shine at their best, a source of pleasure and comfort to you. In strained relationships, a pause in the conflict is likely for the time being. Do not let this hiatus lull you into ill-founded security that the problems have been resolved, however. They must be directly confronted later if not now; so why not take advantage of the current climate to tackle them?
IN BRIEF: Increased respect. You are gregarious, good-natured, inclined to cooperation. Sound relationships bring pleasure and comfort; while in strained ones, a pause in the conflict is likely. Do not let this lull you into ill-founded security, however. Why not use the current climate to tackle the problems?

IN BRIEF: Growth, advancement. You appear positive and winning to others unless ego and bossiness interfere. You act more important than usual. Promotion, advancement, elevation possible. Influx of luck and respect from others. Feeling very good about yourself.
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Eris transits

Post by Jim Eshelman » Wed Jun 09, 2021 12:46 pm


ERIS aspecting Natal SUN
[Anecdote: t Eris op. my natal Sun was in partile orb 1984-1998, with exact aspects early 1998 to 2/1993. All these dates bound significant, easily identifiable periods in my life. The aspect was partile and especially highlighted in the events of 12/9/87.]

ERIS aspecting Natal MOON
(No observations to date.)

ERIS aspecting Natal MERCURY
(No observations to date.)

ERIS aspecting Natal VENUS
[Anecdote: t ERIS was octile my natal Venus-Pluto from 1960 to 1974. This wasn't a period I'd normally associate with my Ve-Pl development since it covered my entire childhood and up until soon after I left home (and immediately before my first wedding). The 22 partile aspects occurred between 5/64 (end of 3rd grade)] and 1/70 (mid-freshman year), not a clearly defined period to my mind. To be more specific, Er-Ve exact aspects occurred 5/64 to 1/69 and Er-Pl transits 5/65-1/70.]

ERIS aspecting Natal MARS
[Anecdote: Exact 0°00' Eris square my Mars. (The whole transit lasts 2013-2027, but I focused on a day it was exact.) The effect is quite simple to describe: There is enormous chaos (what I might have previously called a Mercury day on steroids) that is drawing from me two types of Mars involvement: Either (1) moving very rapidly, very aggressively into challenges, getting strong results fast and under great time pressure for no-warning problems; or (2) having to work not to lose my temper from the pressure, especially in managing situations with insufficient data (often interwoven complexity). This description would have fit any of several events that happened today if they came up alone, but mostly I've been juggling at least three at once. - In short: chaos (knotted data) in the environment engages and draws forth my Mars (in positive, negative, or "who can tell which" ways).]

ERIS aspecting Natal JUPITER
(No observations to date.)

ERIS aspecting Natal SATURN
[Anecdote: LBJ for JFK's assassination / becoming president. t ER -0- r Sa 0°09', but also t Jupiter -0- r Saturn 0°05']

ERIS aspecting Natal URANUS
[Anecdote: A friend's wife for the birth of a son she is adopting. t ER -180- r UR 0°23']

ERIS aspecting Natal NEPTUNE
(No observations to date.)

ERIS aspecting Natal PLUTO
[Anecdote: t ERIS was octile my natal Venus-Pluto from 1960 to 1974. This wasn't a period I'd normally associate with my Ve-Pl development since it covered my entire childhood and up until soon after I left home (and immediately before my first wedding). The 22 partile aspects occurred between 5/64 (end of 3rd grade)] and 1/70 (mid-freshman year), not a clearly defined period to my mind. To be more specific, Er-Ve exact aspects occurred 5/64 to 1/69 and Er-Pl transits 5/65-1/70.]

ERIS aspecting Natal ERIS
[Anecdote: Gave lecture at Venice bookstore and we were taken by surprise by the setup - no separation from the main store, small space, lots of distractions, no podium, just a few chairs to sit and converse. I was atypically thrown, felt I had a hard time getting traction on the talk until about halfway through. Was having bad allergic reactions (skin flaring up), so took a Benadryl soon before starting and this probably contributed to the effect. - My first impression was that this wasn't enough "chaos" to count for the transit, though, on reflection, I realized that I an never thrown giving a talk in almost any circumstances. t ER -0- s ER]

ERIS conjunct Natal MIDHEAVEN
(No observations to date.)

ERIS opposite Natal MIDHEAVEN
(No observations to date.)

[Anecdote: A friend for birth of son he is adopting. t ERI -90- r MC 0°23']

ERIS conjunct Natal ASCENDANT
(No observations to date.)

ERIS opposite Natal ASCENDANT
(No observations to date.)

(No observations to date.)
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