Boyd's DC Quotidian (Q1) for JFK's Death

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Boyd's DC Quotidian (Q1) for JFK's Death

Post by SteveS » Tue May 09, 2017 7:31 am

The Boyd “Washington quotidian” for JFK’s death is outstanding. Clay Reed
I just discovered this “outstanding” Q1 (quotidian) from Clay’s Dec AA article p 48. Clay writes:
Above all, note that transiting Neptune’s paran to progressed Sun (orb 0.8 degrees) is in partile conjunction to the Midheaven/Ascendant. Transiting Pluto conjoins secondary Moon to the minute of arc! Secondary Sun has reached its partile square to radical Moon and secondary Saturn, thus triggering that long-term conjunction. Transiting Moon is 0.2 degrees from conjunction to secondary Mars, itself 1.4 degrees from opposition to radical Mercury. For what it’s worth, transiting Saturn is in partile “square” to the Midheaven; this reiterates secondary Saturn’s partile “square” to the Ascendant (which makes it the most “elevated” planet, (partile cnj Zenith).
Also, note the partile cnj of Venus-Mars on DC's MC
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