The Synectic Vernal Point and Sidereal Mundane Astrology

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Jim Eshelman
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Re: The Synectic Vernal Point and Sidereal Mundane Astrology

Post by Jim Eshelman » Wed Aug 22, 2018 4:30 pm

The point I made about ingresses vs. return charts might need some expansion. (I was answering from my phone earlier.) It's a recent realization, supplemental to the historic data on sign crispness.

The observations were this: Historically, it has been quite clear that new lunar returns start to be effective about 24 hours (give or take) before the occur. OTOH the intense work we've done with Sidereal solar and lunar ingresses in recent years has made clear that there is no bleed time for, say, lunar ingresses: An event occurring, say, 15 minutes before Moon enters Cancer is described not by the Canlunar but by the Arilunar. Cross-over is extremely sharp.

This seemed a contradiction that slightly bothered me.

Then, a few months ago, it snapped into place: Ah, this makes perfect sense when you realize that a lunar return is triggered by an aspect (Moon's conjunction or opposition with natal Moon), and aspects, by nature, gradually flow in from nil to max, and a 15° on-ramp is a good estimation of that. OTOH lunar ingresses aren't aspects - it's not (for example), "Moon conjunct 0°00'00" Capricorn" as if it's a fixed point that can be aspected. No, it's an ingress, the passage from one sign to another - and that transition is instantaneous. No bleed. It happens in a moment.
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david starling
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Re: The Synectic Vernal Point and Sidereal Mundane Astrology

Post by david starling » Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:35 pm

Hey Jim, here's some news you won't be able to use, since I do see the Signs as resonance frequencies that blend up to a 5 degree overlap, with gradually increasing proportional-mix towards the boundaries; and, you do not. I also see the Ages as coming on very gradually, with a tipping-point in the middle area. However, I'm just relating a neat coincidence from my own viewpoint involving the ayanamsa you're using, with the standard 71.6 years per degree of movement of the VP, and felt like telling you about it: The VP, according to my calculations, reached 5 degrees Pisces just this year, so to my way of thinking, there's now a little bit of Aquarius FINALLY beginning to influence this Age of Pisces/Virgo. :D
[Not arguing, just sharing!]

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