Possible rationale why cardinal 0 aries-cancer-libra-capricorn solar and lunar ingresses are valid

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Re: Possible rationale why cardinal 0 aries-cancer-libra-capricorn solar and lunar ingresses are valid

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:57 am

SteveS wrote:
Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:54 am
Pertaining only to the 360 Circle of the Precession Cycle is this Precessional Circle perfectly squared with 4 90 degree quadrants only when 00,00 degree of the Cardinal Points in the Sidereal Z are exactly cnj the Vernal Point? I can see with astronomy discussed in this thread the astronomy involving these Circles are perfectly squaring out with 4 90 degree quadrants with charts my eyes see, but what is happening to the astronomy with the Precession Cycle when 4 times in c. 26,000 years the exact zero points of the Cardinal Sidereal Ingresses are exactly cnj the Vernal Point, or does this matter with the context of this thread?
Steve, I'm not sure I understand your question, but I think I know what you're asking, so I'll take a whack at it.

At all points in the 26,000-year cycle, and everywhere on earth, the following is invariably true:
Whenever either equinoctial point is exactly on Ascendant, the solstice points (which are exactly square the equinoctial points) are on the meridian and the Antivertex-Vertex axis has exactly the same longitude as Asc-Dsc.

As I write this, the SVP is 4°59'48" Pisces. Therefore:
* The vernal equinoctial point is 4°59'48" Pisces
* The autumnal equinoctial point is 4°59'48" Virgo
* The summer solstitial point is 4°59'48" Gemini
* The winter solstitial point is 4°59'48" Sagittarius

Therefore, for all places on the world today, the following things are true:

1. If 4°59'48" Pisces is on Ascendant, the MC will be 4°59'48" Sagittarius and the Vertex 4°59'48" Virgo.

2. If 4°59'48" Virgo is on Ascendant, the MC will be 4°59'48" Gemini and the Vertex 4°59'48" Pisces.

For example, let's see when one of those times was today for Springville, AL, using 33N46'30", 86W28'18". The VP 4°59'48" Pisces rose at 8:24:23 AM. (Set up a chart for any time today in Springville, click the Rectify button, and put 4 Pi 59 48 in the Asc box. Understanding that calculating a chart to the nearest second of time gives you angles with a possible error of up to 15" (1 second of time = 15" on the angles), calculating a chart with Solar Fire for this exact time, longitude, and latitude gives:

Asc 4°59'59" Pisces
MC 4°59'55" Sagittarius
Vx 4°59'53" Virgo

The few seconds difference (11", 7", 6") are rounding errors, but I assure you that they all hit 4°59'48" at the same moment. Do a chart for 1 second earlier (8:24:22 AM) and you'll get angle positions ending in 36", 41", and 43", respectively (try it and see) - it's a rounding error. Somewhere around 8:24:22.52, these were all exactly 4°49'48".

Then test again for yourself but with the autumnal equinox rising, 4°59'48" Virgo. Do it yourself but, so you can check your work, I'll tell you the time is 8:22:25 PM. Test if for other locations if you like, or for Springville for different dates (get the new SVP each time). You'll see that the above remains true.
Jim Eshelman

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Re: Possible rationale why cardinal 0 aries-cancer-libra-capricorn solar and lunar ingresses are valid

Post by SteveS » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:26 am

Thanks Jim, I now understand my own question better, which I now think adds nothing to this thread. But, I have seen writings where it was pointed out the ancients attached great astronomical importance to when certain zero points in the Sidereal Z with the Precession Cycle lined-up on the Solstice-Equinoxes points. It was probably the old memory of this issue which led me to my question. I do know this from an historical standpoint: When 15,00 Taurus aligned on the Vernal Point in app 3100 BC, there was a tremendous explosion of culturally created energy (all kinds) released in Ancient Egypt! Something keeps telling me there is something we siderealist still don't understand that the ancients understood about certain points in the Sidereal Z pertaining to the 'Sacred Science' of Sidereal Zodiac Astrology. I do know this: Certain individuals like you, Clay, Fagan, Bradley and others have worked diligently in the field of Sidereal Astrology to uncover the truths about Sidereal Astrology charting, which I greatly appreciate since I don't have the astronomical knowledge/insight you guys have/had. But, I do have the sense to 'know' it is the sacred astronomy of nature involving these great circles of motion which is driving the 'Science' behind Sidereal Astrology. I will keep asking questions endeavoring to learn more insights into this great Science, which without Solarfire I could not see/understand. Thanks again for taking your time to answer my sometimes confusing questions.

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