FDR’s most interesting March 4th 1933 First Inauguration

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FDR’s most interesting March 4th 1933 First Inauguration

Post by SteveS » Sat Feb 02, 2019 8:32 am

I open this topic in reference to Clay Reed’s July 1991 American Astrology (AA) Magazine article on page 45, under the column “Astrology for the 90’s”, sub-tilted ‘The Presidential Inauguration Fallacy’. I wish I could produce all of Clay’s AA articles on this forum because IMO, including Fagan’s original AA articles, Clay’s articles are some of the most interesting astrological articles I have ever read in relation to seeing Sidereal Astrology at its mysterious workings. Clay, if I do any injustice to your work with my post here, please correct me.

In Clay’s article he writes:
It’s probable, for instance, that the chart for FDR’s first inauguration—March 4th, 1933, a date which marked the birth of a new United States---still has relevance. Indeed, take a look at an alignment which eventually formed in the 1933 chart’s tertiary progressions: Sun in 27,23 Aries, Mars in 26,41 Aries, Uranus in 27,23 Aries. That alignment corresponds to the hour President Kennedy was shot (JFK’s natal Saturn, incidentally, was in 28 Cancer. The next time a hard Mars-Uranus aspect formed in the 1933 chart’s tertiary progressions, it timed Watergate.
(*Note: Clay articles work in the precession corrected Tropical Z, all longitude terts coordinates above are Tropical degrees.) I produce Clay’s Tropical Tertiary Progression chart # 1 link below computed by Solarfire from FDR’s 12:00 PM, DC’s March 4th 1933, First Inauguration, for the hour of JFK’ death.

Note: The striking triple partile cnj of Sun-Mars-Uranus with Sun partile cnj Tertiary IC partile 60 Saturn. This Tertiary Chart strongly insinuates to me that Clay has isolated an important Radical Chart for the History of the United States.

1: https://imgur.com/a/5Z1TrZC

I will now switch further charts to the Sidereal Z, since this is a Sidereal Astrology Forum. Now look at chart # 2 link below, which is the 12:00 PM March 4 1933 DC FDR Oath Inauguration:

Note the 1,01 cnj of Mars-Neptune on the IC. Clay, throughout his AA articles speaks of certain Inaugurations Charts as symbolizing the astrological influences the President will face throughout his time in office. FDR was a very rare President serving from 1933-1945 the longest tenure of any historical Prez-- enduring bringing the USA out of a torturous Great Depression and Declaring War on Japan and other countries entrenching the USA into WW11. I know no other fitting planetary combo that Mars-Neptune which describes with par-excellent symbolism the main planetary influence FDR faced while serving as Prez for USA. And it appears with Clay’s observation with the above Tertiary Progressed Chart with JFK’s death time and date from the FDR’s 1933 Oath Chart, this Oath Chart could very well still be an active Radical Chart for the USA.

2: https://imgur.com/a/wXtUCUK

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