FDIC created to prevent Bank Runs in National Financial Crises

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FDIC created to prevent Bank Runs in National Financial Crises

Post by SteveS » Fri Mar 01, 2019 7:25 am

In the 1992 American Astrology Digest, Clay Reed had the foresight to dig out from Congressional Records the Birth Time of the FDIC-- in order to astrologically check for malefic aspects to the FDIC chart, which could possibly foresee the US Banking System under duress from Bank Runs with US citizens fleeing to US $ Cash in a national financial crises. Clay determined: “Internal evidence suggest an 8:30 PM, June 13, 1933 for Congress passing the law for the FDIC, plus or minus 10 minutes.” Clay said the FDIC Bill was passed by Congress in the 11th hour near the end of the “famous hundred days” before Congress adjourned for vacation. The USA government was trying to do something which would instill confidence back into the US Banking System due to the severe Depression following Bank Runs from the 1929 Stock Market collapse. In other words, US citizens in 1933 still had no confidence in the US Banks from the 1929 Stock Market collapse.

As I have repeatedly been stating on this forum. IMO, The 2021 DC Capsolar is by far the most malefic Capsolar I have analyzed in the entire history of Washington DC! But we never know for sure the specifics of malefic symbolism manifesting either through solely political structures or both with political structures and financial structures. Yesterday I decided to take a peek at Clay’s FDIC Secondary Progressed (SP) chart marked for the date Jan 15 2021 for DC’s 2021 Capsolar. I was shocked! :shock:

Partile Angular Hits:
FDIC SP Mars Paran to FDIC SP Pluto
FDIC SP Saturn partile cnj FDIC SP Zenith
FDIC SP Uranus partile cnj FDIC SP East Point in RA
t. Pluto 29,38 Sag partile cnj FDIC SP MC 29,34 Sag
*All the above Planetary partile conjunctions to the above angles remain in partile orb for all 2021.

Non-angular hits:
FDIC SP Sun 23,09 Leo
FDIC Natal Mars 24,39 Leo
**The above Sun-Mars contact will mature to exact conjunction during 2021.

Jan 15 2021 Secondary Progressed FDIC chart link below, Q2:

Does Clay’s timed FDIC 8:30 PM, 1933 Chart prove its angles with another financial crises in US History with angles? Indeed it does, the worst financial US crises since the 1930’s depression—The Great Recession of 2008! This is seen with the below FDIC Solar Arc (SA) chart for Sept 12 2008 showing:

FDIC SA Asc 180 FDIC NA Mars

Oct 3 2008 is when the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act was passed into law bailing out the Wall Street Banks!

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency ... ct_of_2008

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