Is it Brexit or TMexit?

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Is it Brexit or TMexit?

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Mar 23, 2019 10:52 pm

Having failed to safely and successfully navigate a Brexit conclusion, PM Teresa May might be heading for her own exit. There is, within her party, increasing talk to a no-confidence vote. Do the mundane charts look like a change in power for Great Britain? According to the Sunday Times, at least six cabinet members want her deputy to replace her.

Of course, this is one time Teresa May's chart might be far more revelatory than the mundane charts, especially since the markers for a government change might resemble those of Brexit itself. But we can look with a specific eye to a change of government.

Monday 3/24 (or, as they say in England, 24/3) may be the critical day.

CAPSOLAR: This is entirely on-target for change of leadership. Uranus, 0°52' from Ascendant, with Sun square Ascendant 2°30'. Sun and Uranus aren't quite close enough themselves. There is also a foreground Moon-Saturn mundane square. Most of these indications are also a match for Britain falling out of the EU and facing economic hardship, but they also have a distinct flavor consistent with change of leadership.

CAPLUNAR: Pluto conjoins MC for this month, which could go with either exigency. Other planets are more widely angular, with the whole being unstable.

LIBLUNAR: Sun is on Dsc, so the focus is on leadership - either its exertion or issues about it. The support planets are a little more positive, so this isn't as reflective of instability. (The new Caplunar at the end of next week has Venus angular, so people are happy for a change - perhaps deceptively so.)

DAY: On Monday, CapQ Asc opposes transiting Saturn. The only good news for May from this is that an even worse chart is yesterday's and today's which places Saturn and Neptune on the angles; that is, the talk (yesterday and today) of her removal matches the tone of yesterday and today patterns that are moved away by then. But Saturn exactly on Descendant Monday does have some finality about it.
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