1202 Syria earthquake

Analyses of distinct mundane events, using the methods of Sidereal mundane astrology
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1202 Syria earthquake

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Jan 09, 2022 5:00 pm

May 20, 1202, dawn, epicenter 33.5° N, 36.0° E

As the Fourth Crusade was starting, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake sliced through the Middle East centered in Syria, felt from Sicily to Iran - very widespread - and from approximately Constantinople to Aswan, Egypt.

As many as 1,100,000 people died, including those killed by consequent famine and epidemics. More conservative estimates of around 30,000 are probably closer to how many died directly from the quake. It primarily impacted that part of the Holy Land that was the target of the Crusades, called the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Sunrise at the epicenter was 4:51 AM LMT. Dawn (which was surely an approximation and might have been a record from another location) would likely have been a bit earlier, though the exact timing doesn't matter much.

I calculated these charts in both SF and TMSA, with an 18° difference in the Capsolar Ascendant, so I've then edited the SF charts to the time calculated by TMSA.

Year: Capsolar {-2}
Sun on N 1°21'
Moon & Jupiter more widely foreground
-- Sun-Jupiter co. 3°08' M
-- Mo/Ju on IC 0°44'

Bridge {+2}
t Pluto op. CapQ Moon 4/6-8/1
CapQ Moon op. s/p Pluto op. 5/17-7/9
t Neptune sq. CanQ Moon 4/22-6/29
Event window: May 17 to Jun 29

Quarter: Arisolar {+2}
Mars on IC 2°04'
Moon & Venus more widely foreground
-- Moon-Mars sq. 2°32' M

Month: Caplunar {0 (or better?)}
Mercury on N 0°09'
Sun on IC 1°41'
Pluto on Dsc 3°11'
Jupiter, Uranus more widely foreground
-- Uranus-Pluto co. 0°41'
-- Jupiter-Uranus op. 1°56' M
-- Jupiter-Pluto op. 2°22' M
-- Jupiter sq. non-angular Venus 1°06'
-- Uranus sq. non-angular Venus 1°33'
-- Pluto sq. non-angular Venus 2°14'

Week: Arilunar {+2}
Saturn on Dsc 1°47'
Moon & Mars more widely foreground
-- Moon-Saturn co. 2°00' M

Day: Capsolar Quotidian {+1}
p Moon-Pluto op. 0°53'
t Pluto op. p Moon 0°12'
p Asc sq. s Venus 0°07'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian {+2}
t Neptune sq. p Moon 0°37'
p Asc co. s Mercury 0°41', t Uranus 0°55', t Pluto 1°46', op. t Jupiter 1°23'
-- t Uranus-Pluto co. 0°51'
-- t Uranus co. s Mercury 0°14'
Jim Eshelman

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Re: 1202 Syria earthquake

Post by Danica » Mon Jan 10, 2022 11:55 am

The Capsolar itself seems on target if we just take its general message:
something of huge/large scope, that affects a big number of people, and requires focused attention of the leading individuals/organizational-hubs.
Amate Se Mutuo Cum Corda Ardentia

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