Nashville Waffle House shooting

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Nashville Waffle House shooting

Post by Jim Eshelman » Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:15 pm

April 22, 2018, 3:25 AM, Nashville, TN 36N03'02", 86W36'56" ... e_shooting

A mostly naked gunman, dressed only in a jacket, opened fire early this morning at a Waffle House. Four died, 2 injured, and the killer is in the wind. Moon was 29°52' Gemini, still shy of the Canlunar.

UPDATE 4/23: They've apprehended the shooter (today). I've also added the exact restaurant coordinates above. The shooter (with a history of serious mental illness) was born 2/1/89, Morton, IL, hour unknown. The shooting was almost exactly at his Saturn Return (conjunction partile). His last SLR occurred with an almost partile Mars-Saturn conjunction on his Saturn-Neptune: One expects this was likely angular in the SLR. A birth time of 1:15 PM has promise, producing a perfect SLR, a meaningful SSR, putting progressed Moon minutes from transiting Saturn and natal Saturn for the shooting, and putting the conjoined Saturns and natal Pluto on SQ Ascendant for the shooting.

Year: Capsolar (Dormant, with the Moon-Mercury-Saturn we know so well)

Year: Cansolar
(Just exactly what we expect for an event like this!)
Neptune on MC (0°06')
Venus sq. MC (0°33')
-- Venus-Neptune sq. (0°15')
Moon-Uranus conj. (3°57')

Bridge (None.)

Quarter: Arisolar
Sun on Dsc (0°58')
Uranus sq. MC (1°04'), on Dsc (2°08')
-- Sun-Uranus conj. (3°06' in mundo)
-- Su/Ur on Dsc (0°35')
Pluto on IC (8°13')
Moon-Saturn sq. (2°24')

Moon: Caplunar (Dormant.)
Moon-Uranus sq. (2°22' in mundo)
Moon-Pluto conj. (3°45')

Week: Arilunar
(Still in force for another quarter hour!)
Moon on Dsc (0°22')
Sun on Dsc (1°52')
Uranus sq. MC (1°12')
-- Moon-Sun conj. (0°58')
-- -- Mo/Su on Dsc (0°45')
-- Sun-Uranus conj. (2°11' in mundo)
-- Moon-Uranus conj. (3°21')
Pluto on IC (6°00')

NOTE: The new Canlunar has Neptune on EP exactly. The event occurred under the Arilunar, but Nashville woke up to have what was surely a bit of local panic knowing a killer is running loose under the Neptune themes of the Canlunar.

Day: Capsolar Quotidian
(This is perfect!)
p Asc conj. p Saturn (1°39')
p MC sq. t Pluto (0°20')
p EP conj. s Pluto (0°11'), t Mars (1°02')
-- t Mars conj. s. Pluto (0°00')

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits
(This is perfect, too!))
p MC conj. s Saturn (0°19')
p Asc conj. t Neptune (0°33'), sq. p Venus (1°33')
-- t Neptune sq. p Venus (1°00')
Jim Eshelman

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