Amritsar, India - train hits crowd, kills dozens

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Amritsar, India - train hits crowd, kills dozens

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:03 am

October 19, 2018, 7:10 PM, Amritsar, India

ADDENDUMN 10/20: Wikipedia now has a page. It lists the exact location as 31N37'51" 74W53'50", so all the charts below need minor tweaks. They give the timing as "around 18:45 IST," but I'm inclined to trust the local paper's report of 7:10 PM, especially since 18:45 is an approximation; however, 6:45 does place the 0°09' Mercury-Mars square exactly on local angles (Mars within 0°05', Mercury about 1°). The article gives a few more details. ... n_incident

At least 60 people died, and over 100 more were injured, when a commuter train ran through a crowd of hundreds of people standing on the tracks watching the burning of an effigy of the demon Ravana during a Dussehra festival celebration. Dismembered body parts littered the tracks. The noise of celebration, including fireworks, evidently drowned out the sound of the approaching train.

Amritsar BTW already has its place in the SMA canon: It was the site of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919.

The videos all show night scenes, and the festival (complete with fireworks) is celebrated at night. The effigy burning usually occurs near sunset, which was approximately 6 PM, but darkness would have taken a while - I'll estimate 7 PM as a working time until something else appears. (The Hindu, a local paper, lists 7:10 PM, I now see - so the estimate is correct. It also says 61 dead and 71 injured.)

Year: Capsolar (Dormant.) Moon-Mercury Moon-Saturn.

Year: Cansolar {+3}
Mars on Asc 0°34'
Mercury on Dsc 2°35'
-- Mercury-Mars op. 3°12'
-- Venus-Mars sq. 0°57' PVP
Jupiter sq. Asc 1°23'

Bridge {+3}
t Saturn conj. Capsolar Moon 10/13-11/9
t Mars conj. Cansolar Asc 10/16-24
Event window: Oct 16-24

Quarter: Libsolar {+2}
Neptune on Asc 0°28'
Moon-Mercury sq. 0°37'
Moon-Mars conj. 0°35'

Month: Caplunar (Dormant.) Moon-Sun.

Week: Liblunar {+3}
Moon on IC 0°54'
Mercury on IC 1°42'
Mars on Dsc 3°05'
Uranus on MC 3°33'

-- Mars-Uranus sq. 0°28' in mundo
-- Mercur6y-Mars sq. 1°23in mundo
-- Mercury-Uranus sq. 1°28'
Venus very widely foreground
-- Venus-Mars sq. 0°50'
Moon-Mercury conj. 2°36' in mundo
-- Mo/Me on IC 0°24'

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits {+2}
p Asc sq. t Neptune 2°01'
t Saturn conj. s Moon 0°37'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits {+3}
p Asc sq. s Neptune 0°21'
p MC conj. t Moon 1°42'
t Mars conj. s Asc 0°22'
t Mercury sq. s Asc 0°31'
-- Mercury-Mars sq. 0°09'

Year (Capsolar): (Dormant.) Moon-Mercury Moon-Saturn.
Year (Cansolar): Mercury Mars Jupiter. Mercury-Mars Venus-Mars.
Bridge (+3): Saturn (Cap). Mars (Can).
Quarter (+2): Neptune. Moon-Mercury Moon-Mars.
Month: (Dormant.) Moon-Sun.
Week (Liblunar, +3): Moon Mercury (Venus Mars Uranus). Moon-Mercury Mercury-Mars-Uranus Venus-Mars.
Day (Capsolar, +2): Neptune (CapQ). Moon-Saturn (transit).
Day (Cansolar, +3): Moon Neptune (CanQ). Mercury Mars Mercury-Mars (transits).
Jim Eshelman

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