Tree of Life Synagogue murders

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Tree of Life Synagogue murders

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:15 pm

Jupiter Sets at Dawn wrote:10/27/2018 Shabbat services at Tree of Life Synagogue started at 9:45 AM. First reports of shootings at 10:10 AM. Twelve shot, 4 confirmed dead, 3 police officers among the injured. Two other congregations also share the building. 5898 Wilkins Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
Updated with further information that emerged over time.

October 27, 2018, 9:50 AM, Pittsburgh, PA, Tree of life Synagogue 40N26'37" 79W55'17". 11 dead, 7 injured,, shooter taken alive. Motive was anti-Semitism, opening with the gunman's shout of "All Jews must die!" just before he opened fire. This has been characterized as the deadliest attack on a Jewish community in U.S. history.

There is also a Wikipedia page: ... e_shooting

The shooting began moments after Jupiter rose (0°54') conjunct Mercury (1°12' above) with Neptune 2°30' before IC, overall contributing hysteria, religious and bigotry themes, and high drama.

The national tone is already aggravated, violence stirred. The charts for Washington (detailed in the current monthly U.S. forecast) leave no doubt that this is a violent week. The current forecast pinned the day it would step up: "CapQ Descendant and Mars hover close all week, but outside a 2° orb until 10/27. The last days of this week, therefore, have the first strong Mars trigger..." So this is part of the "national expression" for the Arilunar week.

Pittsburgh (like much of the East Coast) has been a vulnerable area. Transiting Pluto is 0°16' from its Capsolar IC, for example. This could have triggered anytime over many months, but does show an area of high vulnerability. The Arilunar focused the violence on the location. The CanQ brought home the day.

Year: Capsolar {+2}
Pluto on IC 0°04'
Sun, Venus, Uranus more widely angular
-- Venus-Uranus conj. 0°04' in mundo
-- Sun-Uranus conj. 0°21'
-- Sun-Venus conj. 1°25'
Moon-Mercury conj. 0°51'
Moon-Saturn conj. 1°02' in mundo

Bridge {+2}
t Pluto conj. Capsolar IC 0°20'
t Saturn conj. Capsolar Moon 0°03'

Quarter: Libsolar (Dormant.)
Moon-Mars conj. 0°35'
Moon-Mercury sq. 0°37'
-- Mo = Me/Ma 0°01'

Quarter: Cansolar {+2}
Moon on Asc 1°41'
-- Moon-Neptune sq. 0°18' PVP
-- Venus-Neptune op. 2°20' PVP
-- Moon-Venus sq. 2°35' PVP
Neptune widely foreground

Month: Caplunar (Dormant.) Moon-Sun.

Week: Arilunar {+2}
Mars on Dsc 0°52'
-- Mars-Saturn sq. 0°26' PVP
Sun, Venus, Uranus more widely foreground
-- Sun-Uranus op. 0°03' in mundo
-- Sun-Venus conj. 1°57' in mundo
-- Venus-Uranus op. 2°00' in mundo

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits {0/+2 = +2}
p MC op. t Sun 1°06'
t Pluto conj. s IC 0°20'
t Saturn conj. s Moon 0°03'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian {+3}
p Asc sq. t Neptune 0°22'
p MC sq. s Saturn 0°27', t Saturn 0°37'

Year (+2): Pluto (Sun Venus Uranus). Moon-Mercury Moon-Saturn Sun-Venus-Uranus.
Bridge (+2): Saturn Pluto (Cap).
Quarter (Libsolar): (Dormant.) Moon-Mercury Moon-Mars.
Quarter (Cansolar, +2): Moon (Neptune). Moon-Venus-Neptune.
Month: (Dormant.) Moon-Sun.
Week (+2): Mars (Sun Venus Uranus). Sun-Venus-Uranus Mars-Saturn.
Day (Capsolar, +2): Sun (CapQ, 0). Saturn Pluto (transits, +2).
Day (CanQ, +3): Saturn Neptune.
Jim Eshelman

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