Moon progressions & transits as timing severe periods

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Moon progressions & transits as timing severe periods

Post by Jim Eshelman » Mon May 21, 2018 6:59 am

Today is the anniversary of the Xining earthquake in 1927. One of the primary timers was progressed Cansolar Moon opposite ingress Mars (March 24 to June 1 within 1° orb). It did become localized by Saturn's transit to local Capsolar MC, but my eyes fixed especially on the two-month-plus Moon-Mars progression. Since this affects the entire world, and for about ten weeks, isn't it giving ourselves too much latitude, putting astrology more in the "you can prove anything with enough malefics floating around camp"?

No, it turns out that this isn't the case because such periods usually have very obvious, widespread impact: not just one event in an isolated spot.

Moon progressions to Mars or Saturn in solar ingresses, or such things as Saturn’s transit to ingress or progressed ingress Moon, affect the entire world. Watching such periods, year after year (much of it recorded right here on Solunars as it happened), has shown that more newsworthy, deadly tragedies occur during such times: We often have nearly daily delivery of new tragedies across the news. For example, we currently have transiting Saturn conjunct progressed Capsolar Moon April 30 to May 28, and the almost daily delivery of new tragedy has been apparent. (Look at the barrage of mundane event posts I wrote just this weekend.)

Looking back at the historic record, besides the Xining earthquake, the 1927 Moon-Mars progression mentioned also covered the Nanking incident (six foreigners killed in Nanking, the appearance that Communist Party forces would assault foreign consulates, and dispatching of U.S. and British warships to shell the mobs). This started March 24 when the progression started and lasted to April 12 when the Chinese Civil War began. Japan had a banking crisis April 1. The destructive Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 (at the time, the most destructive natural event ever to hit the U.S.) was at its peak during late April and early May. The horrible Bath School disaster (a bomb ripped through a school killing dozens of children) was May 18. Oh, and on a good note, Charles Lindbergh made his historic nonstop solo flight to Paris, one of the great peacetime bits of heroism of the day.

Just from a quick Wikipedia scan of key events of the day, this many show up and rightly mark the period of the Moon-Mars progressed opposition as violent, deadly, aggressive, and destructive.
Jim Eshelman

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