US forecast Mar 17 - Apr 13, 2023

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US forecast Mar 17 - Apr 13, 2023

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Jul 24, 2021 3:46 pm

USA Mundane Forecast
for the four weeks beginning MARCH 17, 2023

Please see my free book Sidereal Mundane Astrology. (A link can be found near the top of the Publications sub-forum.) For standard interpretations, see Ch 8 of the current (17th) Edition.

USA Mundane Forecast §§§ The Biden Report §§§ Ingress Summaries §§§ Outer Planet Sign Transits

LONG-TERM (Solar Ingresses)
Capsolar effective Jan 15, 2023 to Jan 15, 2024.
The Capsolar (like the current Cansolar) is silent for Washington, with no distinctive effect on the U.S. as a whole besides the worldwide Moon-Pluto square (what else is new? we've had a several year run of the unbelievable being routine). The Libsolar continues for the next three months as the only operative solar ingress for the U.S. overall. However, the Capsolar does identify patterns in specific parts of the U.S. and the world:

Libsolar (Oct 18)
Effective Oct 18, 2022 to April 15, 2023. Because the Capsolar and Cansolar are both silent for Washington, the Libsolar takes on unusual importance and persists as the one solar ingress for the U.S. until the Arisolar replaces it mid-April.

Even with more benefic than malefic symbolism, the new Libsolar's benefics are shaken and challenged. Pluto (0°08' from IC) squares a nearly partile Sun-Venus conjunction. Venus-Pluto is 0°29' wide. We face unprecedented conditions, irrevocable shifts, rebellion against conditions, assaults on those in power, and disrespect for law. Solar figures are challenged and held accountable (which probably includes a recent past president).

The extraordinary and unanticipated continue to be ordinary - week after week.

However, this seems the most benign (even happy) Libsolar in years with Sun-Venus closely rising. By itself, Sun-Venus is common for events that resolve conflict and bring peace. Certainly, Venus issues will be at the forefront (which includes abortion rights); but one wonders also if this chart might forecast a peaceful resolution to existing conflict and threats.

The main feature of Venus square Pluto is an irrevocable change in relationships. While this anticipates social impact (as in matters of marriage and reproductive rights), between nations it refers to significant shifts in alliances and antipathies including such things as the starting or ending of a war. I am certain this will be its fundamental theme and stand hopeful that the predominantly peaceful tone of the chart will prevail.

MEDIUM-TERM (The Bridge)
Pluto transits Capsolar Moon all month. Jupiter squares Capsolar Ascendant nearly as long (Mar 18-Apr 4). Expect Jupiter + Pluto themes, such as geopolitical confrontation, severely unstable or extreme weather, and acute economic and market shifts. Mars and Venus indications during much of the month puts attention especially on international relations, which are passionate and volatile: For the next couple of months, we will see many forms of Venus-Uranus combinations, suggesting that significant shifts in international relations is on the menu.

The strongest Mars period for the U.S. alone is Mar 27-Apr 4 when Mars transits Cansolar angles. A few days earlier, the effect is worldwide with Mars square CanQ Moon (Mar 19-23). These transits unleash the usual litany of Mars events (fires, violence, destruction, etc.). Starting April 1, CanQ Moon squares ingress Venus for about two months giving the greatest chance for peace this year - but only after initial volatilizing of relationships.
  • 3/17: Pluto
  • 3/18: Pluto Jupiter
  • 3/19-23: Pluto Jupiter Mars
  • 3/24-26: Pluto Jupiter
  • 3/27-31: Pluto Jupiter Mars
  • 4/1-4: Pluto Jupiter Mars Venus
  • 4/5: Pluto Mars Venus
  • 4/6 to END: Pluto Venus
Mars is in Gemini all month. Summaries of longer-term trends from outer planet sign transits are here.

SHORT-TERM (Lunar Ingresses)
Liblunar (Mar 10)
20230310 LiL.png
Effective Mar 10-23. Surprises catch up to us during these two weeks. The main Liblunar feature is Uranus on EP. There's not much to the chart except Uranus: surprises, a sense of novelty, and a feeling of renewal or liberation. (Saturn's angularity is too weak to stir much worry.)

There is a little bit more, though - more visible had I shown this chart as a mundoscope. Moon is mundanely opposite Venus 2° and square Pluto 1°. Although usually Venus-Pluto influence show local losses, stunning hurt, or uncomfortably rearranged foreign relations, this time is probably different: Venus is in her exact degree of exaltation. I expect, therefore, an unusually positive Venus-themed outcome, such as significant "no looking back" improvements in Venus matters or important alliances and forging or reaffirming positive foreign relations. Until a decade ago, these events usually would have involved same-sex marriage rights. Today, such Venus aspects have begun to center most visibly around reproductive rights and women's rights in general.

Caplunar (Mar 17)
The Caplunar is silent, leaving no master chart for the month for the U.S. Weekly charts assume greater importance. However, local affects are shown for the month where planets are angular in the Capsolar across the nation:

Jupiter passes through New York City, normally an outstanding sign for Wall Street. Sun-Mercury-Mars-Neptune cause panic or emotional upheaval, confusion, and toxic conditions through central Louisiana and parts due north. The longitude of Las Vegas has Saturn: Some great loss (more than an unlucky gamble) is likely somewhere along that line. Saturn also strikes across the plains, strung from Santa Fe to Fargo. Uranus shakes things up (and wakes things up!) just south of the San Francisco Bay area.

Arilunar (Mar 23)
20230323 ArL-m.png
Effective Mar 23-30, a time already laced with threat under the medium-term influences described above. This Aries ingress shows the most severe week of the month. Saturn rises closely, Moon exactly squares Mars (mundanely: meaning local to Washington and thus the U.S.). Even the barely foreground Neptune is enhanced by a mundane conjunction with Sun.

This is a bad market. Things turn hard, disappointing, outright threatening or frightening with higher loss of life and damage. More or less any bad headline you want will be yours for the picking. (Take the usual list of Saturn events, stir together with an equal amount of Mars, and dust with a light Neptune haze.)

Venus and Uranus cross much of the West, giving a lighter tone. Jupiter passes right through LA. Seattle gets a fire-and-violence shot of Mars that the rest of the West is spared. Pluto traces the same line Saturn did in the Caplunar (from New Mexico to Minnesota), and Saturn squares MC through the same areas as Sun-Mercury-Mars-Neptune in the Capsolar (from Louisiana due north). Something causing great sadness occurs in Minneapolis. The East gets off worse than the West, with Saturn rising through Florida and all the original 13 states except New England.

Canlunar (Mar 30)
20230330 CnL-m.png
Effective Mar 30-Apr 13. Conditions turns sharply positive! Venus is 0°03' from Ascendant, suggesting a truly happy period. Venus and Uranus are 0°28' from exact ecliptical conjunction at 21° Aries, the least Saturnian degree of the zodiac. Not only do Venus-Uranus dominate the time, they're in close mundane square to Moon. Then, just when you think we can't pile on any more benefics, Jupiter is less than 2° from the prime vertical in mundane (PVP) square to Moon in one dimension and Venus in the other. It is a benefic carnival, as triply positive as the Arilunar was triply negative.

Things are good for these two weeks.

Venus-Uranus leaves room for tension, though. Primarily the aspect is thrilling, though it can be explosive - either literal explosions or the kind of "ooh and ahh" fireworks and wild rides that incite wonder in kids of all ages. Venus-Uranus is consistent with social change, events of high social consequence, and renewed freedom in Venus matters. Foremost, it suggests sudden changes in international relationships (that could be war OR peace, or merely shuffling or fine-tuning of alliances). Furthermore, after these two weeks of Venus-Uranus, we get several other Venus-Uranus hits over the several weeks following: An international, cross-national matter is brewing.

The best stretch in the nation is that Louisiana to Minnesota line that was treated roughly earlier: Jupiter sets through that zone. Pennsylvania and upstate New York get more of the Moon-Venus-Uranus than other parts of the country. Saturn spoils fun and high expectations in the Bay Area. Denver gets a touch of Mars.

Liblunar (Apr 6)
The Liblunar is silent for Washington.
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The Biden Report

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Jul 24, 2021 3:47 pm

An interpretation of Pres. Biden's November 20, 2022 Sidereal Solar Return (SSR) was given here: ... 744#p49543

20230323 Biden SLR.png
Effective Mar 22-Apr 20. Though negative-leaning, this lunar return isn't very strong. Angularities are weak. No foreground aspects exist. It is more grueling than hurting.

Transiting Neptune is 3°+ above the western horizon, the only really close factor. We know to tip Neptune's interpretation negative because the only other foreground planets - barely close enough to register - are transiting Mars and natal Saturn widely straddling Midheaven. Since Neptune is only moderately angular itself, this is primarily frustrating, not able to get traction on slippery surfaces - a little foggy, uncentered, and brooding.

The only aspects of note are other partile contacts (not near angles). Sun opposite natal Neptune reinforces the general Neptune theme. Venus square natal Pluto 0°03' and Pluto square natal Moon (mundanely, 0°18') show emotional distance, separation, shifts in relationships - but these are background considerations, "support details," not primary descriptors of the time.

Since transiting Neptune opposes U.S. natal Neptune April 4, we're all probably in the fog together, and a little anxious, given the rough Arilunar that comes in the same time as this lunar.

20230407 Biden DSLR.png
Effective Apr 6-20. On first impression, transiting Mars, exactly square Ascendant and joined only by natal Neptune in the immediate foreground, makes this look like a really bad, emotionally hard period. However, those two malefics are not the whole story. For example, we can't ignore a rising Sun-Jupiter conjunction.

In fact, if you focus on the aspects, the demi-lunar tells a clear, positive story: Mundanely, Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are all angular and in close mundane aspect. (In the mundoscope, Sun conjoins Jupiter 2°17', Sun squares Mars 1°16', and Mars squares Jupiter 1°20'.)

These are the angularities and aspects of a triumphant warrior king. Yes, there is attack on him and a bit of pain, yes (with two foreground Neptunes) there is drama and surging emotion approaching the theatrical, but the core message is victory in combat.

We don't know the arena where this occurs. It could be passionate campaigning for re-election or enthusiastic "rallying the troops" for a legislative victory. If all the heating Mars triggers for the U.S. and the world have us at war, it shows the successful commander-in-chief of our armed forces. The attack isn't demoralizing but, rather, morally fortifying, firing him up.

For two weeks, this is the football team captain that can win the game.
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Ingress Summaries

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Jul 24, 2021 3:48 pm


Sun Venus Pluto (Moon). Sun-Venus-Pluto.

CAPSOLAR (Jan 15, 2023)
(Silent.) Moon-Pluto.

(Silent.) Moon-Pluto.

Saturn (Neptune). Moon-Mars (Sun-Neptune).

Moon Venus Uranus (Pluto).
Moon-Venus-Uranus. Moon-Mercury.


Sidereal Lunar Return (Mar 23)
t Neptune

Sidereal Demi-Lunar Return (Apr 7)
t Sun Mars Neptune. r Neptune.
t Sun-Mars-Jupiter.
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Re: US forecast Mar 17 - Apr 13, 2023

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue Mar 14, 2023 8:09 am

This is done.
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