Tachikawa Air Disaster

Analyses of distinct mundane events, using the methods of Sidereal mundane astrology
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Tachikawa Air Disaster

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:34 am

June 18, 1953, 4:34 PM JST, Tachikawa Air Base, Japan (35N42'39", 139E24'11")

A USAF plane crashed and exploded three minutes after take-off from Tachikawa Air Base from a failed engine that caught fire, compounded by pilot error. It exploded on impact. All 129 people aboard died, which tied what was then the record number plane crash deaths.

Year: Capsolar (Dormant.) Moon-Mercury.
Year: Cansolar (Dormant.)

Bridge {+2}
CapQ Moon op. s/p Uranus

Quarter: Arisolar {+2}
(This would be a +3 except there is no Mercury.)
Uranus sq. Asc (0°02'), on MC (1°19')
Venus on WP (0°28')
Neptune on Asc (7°11')
Saturn on Asc (8°22')
Sun on Dsc (9°11')

-- Venus-Neptune op. (0°00')
-- Sun-Venus conj. (0°06' in mundo)
-- Sun-Saturn op. (0°08')
-- Venus-Saturn op. (0°54' in mundo)
-- Saturn-Neptune conj. (1°11' in mundo)
-- Sun-Neptune op. (1°37')
-- Mars-Saturn op. (3°21' PVP; Ma/Sa 37' from PV)

Month: Caplunar (Dormant.) Moon-Venus Moon-Neptune.

Week: Canlunar {+2}
Moon on MC (2°27')
Neptune on Asc (2°59')
Saturn on Asc (3°46')
-- Moon-Neptune sq. (0°32' in mundo)
-- Saturn-Neptune conj. (0°34')
-- Moon-Saturn (1°19' in mundo)
Uranus on MC (9°30')

Day: Capsolar Quotidian {+2}
p Moon op. p Uranus (0°12'), s Uranus (0°13')

Day: Cansolar Quotidian {+3)
p EP op. p Mars (0°10'), s Mars (0°31')
p Asc sq. t Pluto (1°25'), p Mercury (1°10'), s Mercury (1°59')
-- t Pluto conj. p Mercury (0°15')

Year (Capsolar): (Dormant.) Moon-Mercury.
Year (Cansolar): (Dormant.)
Bridge (+2): Uranus (Cap).
Quarter (+2): Venus Uranus (Sun Saturn Neptune). Sun-Venus Sun-Saturn Sun-Neptune. Venus-Saturn Venus-Neptune Mars-Saturn Saturn-Neptune.
Month: (Dormant.) Moon-Venus Moon-Neptune.
Week (+2): Moon Neptune (Saturn Uranus). Moon-Saturn Moon-Neptune Saturn-Neptune.
Day (CapQ, +2): Moon-Uranus.
Day (CanQ): Mercury Mars Pluto. Mercury-Pluto.
Jim Eshelman

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