Sebring Bank Shootings

Analyses of distinct mundane events, using the methods of Sidereal mundane astrology
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Sebring Bank Shootings

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Feb 02, 2019 1:24 pm

January 23, 2019, 12:30 PM, Sebring, FL

A shooter at SunTrust Bank in Sebring, FL killed five people (one customer and four employees). Only one person survived, an employee that was in the break room. The 21-year-old shooter is in police custody and has plead not guilty.

Timing for the event comes from a call to police at 12:36 PM by the suspect, saying he had just shot five people. Therefore 12:30 PM is a close estimate of the time of the shootings themselves.

Year: Capsolar {+1}
Pluto sq. Asc 1°16' [conj. non-angular Sun 3°08' in mundo]
Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus are more widely angular
-- Mercury-Uranus sq. 1°06' in mundo
-- Saturn-Uranus sq. 2°31' in mundo
-- Mercury-Saturn conj. 2°46'
-- Mercury-Pluto -3°37' in mundo
-- -- Me = Sa/Pl 0°00' in mundo

Bridge {+2}
t Pluto sq. Capsolar MC 1°00'
CanQ Moon-Saturn sq. 0°11'

Month: Caplunar (Dormant.)
Week: Canlunar (Dormant.) Moon-Mercury Moon-Mars Moon-Pluto.

Week: Arilunar {+2}
(There it is! The signature aspect of this kind of event.)
Venus on Asc 1°50'
Neptune on IC 2°03'
-- Venus-Neptune sq. 0°13' in mundo
(Jupiter is more widely foreground)
-- Jupiter-Neptune sq. 0°06'
Moon-Sun sq. 1°06'
Moon-Pluto sq. 1°57' in mundo
Moon-Uranus conj. 3°37'

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits {+3}
p Asc sq. t Mars 0°14'; conj. t Saturn 1°01', s Saturn 1°58', s Mercury 0°47'
-- t Mars sq. s Mercury 0°33'
p MC sq. t Mercury 1°49'
p EP conj. s Sun 1°53'
(t Uranus is just outside the 2° orb on IC)
t Pluto sq. s MC 1°00'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian {+2}
p Moon-Saturn sq. 0°11'

Year: Pluto (Mercury Mars Saturn Uranus). Mercury-Saturn Mercury-Uranus Saturn-Uranus Mercury-Pluto (Sun-Pluto).
Bridge: Pluto (Cap). Saturn (Can).
Month: (Dormant.)
Week (Canlunar): (Dormant.) Moon-Mercury Moon-Mars Moon-Pluto
Week (Arilunar): Venus Neptune (Jupiter). Moon-Sun Moon-Uranus Moon-Pluto Venus-Neptune Jupiter-Neptune.
Day (Capsolar): Sun Mercury x2 Mars Saturn Mercury-Mars (CapQ). Pluto (transits).
Day (CanQ): Moon-Saturn.
Jim Eshelman

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