Corrego do Feijao dam burst

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Corrego do Feijao dam burst

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Feb 02, 2019 1:27 pm

January 25, 2019, just after noon, near Brumadinho, Brazil @ 20S07'11" 44W07'17" (using 12:15 PM)

A dam burst at Corrego do Feijao iron mine, flooding the area and triggering mudslides. 121 have died. Hundreds remain missing. One further consequence is that the dam company, which had been responsible for another such disaster, lost more than $19 billion in market value (24%), which caused the single worst day in the history of Brazil's stock market. The company is being investigated for criminal negligence.

This appears to be primarily a structural failure event, not a flood event. (It most resembles structural failures of bridges.) The Cansolar sets up an explosive, rupturing situation. The Week charts speaks most of raw destruction with Mars-Saturn. The Cansolar then has the most pronounced triggers, with Saturn and Uranus Bridge elements and Sun and Mars for the day. Uranus, Saturn, and Mars are the main collaborators, though Sun plays a distinctive role.

Year: Capsolar (Dormant.)

Year: Cansolar {+2}
Mars sq. Asc 0°46'
Sun on MC 1°57'
Uranus on Dsc 2°22'
Jupiter & Pluto more widely foreground
-- Sun-Uranus sq. 0°24' in mundo

Bridge {+2}
CanQ Moon-Saturn sq. 0°16'
t Uranus on Cansolar WP 1°36'

Quarter: Libsolar {+1}
Jupiter on EP 1°59'
Moon & Mars more widely foreground
-- Mars-Jupiter sq. 0°25' in mundo
-- Moon-Mars conj. 0°35'
-- Moon-Jupiter 1°47' in mundo
Moon-Mercury s. 0°35'

Month: Caplunar {+1}
Mercury on Dsc 0°03'
Mars sq. Asc 1°07'
-- Mercury-Mars sq. 1°19'
Saturn widely foreground

Week: Canlunar {+2}
Saturn on WP 0°32'
Mars on MC 3°28'
-- Mars-Saturn sq. 0°22'
Moon-Mercury op. 0°35'
Moon-Pluto op. 3°44'

Day: Capsolar Quotidian {-2}
p Asc sq. s Venus 0°53'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits {+3}
p Moon-Saturn sq. 0°16'
p MC conj. s Mars 0°43', t Sun 0°34'
t Uranus on s WP 1°36'
t Sun sq. s Asc 0°31'

Year (Capsolar): (Dormant.)
Year (Cansolar): Sun Mars Uranus (Jupiter Pluto). Sun-Uranus.
Bridge: Saturn Uranus (Can).
Quarter (Libsolar): Jupiter (Moon Mars). Moon-Mercury Moon-Mars Moon-Jupiter Mars-Jupiter.
Month: Mercury Mars (Saturn). Mercury-Mars.
Week: Saturn (Mars). Moon-Mercury Moon-Pluto Mars-Saturn.
Day (Cansolar): Sun Mars Moon-Saturn (CanQ). Sun Uranus (transits).
Day (CapQ): Venus.
Jim Eshelman

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