Can we trigger a windfall?

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Jim Eshelman
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Can we trigger a windfall?

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu Nov 19, 2020 7:53 am

Someone I know is in line for a possible windfall in the next six months and asked about ways to tip the odds favorably and, perhaps, increase the size of it significantly. With a new Solar Return before the end of the year, I found a place about three and a half hours from where my friend lives where the new Sidereal Solar Return would have the following (Class 2 angularity, Class 1 aspects). I've advised spending the birthday at that spot.

r Pluto Dsc -5°11'
t Saturn MC -4°24'

r Jupiter WP 1°19'
r Moon MC -0°35'
t Jupiter MC 0°00'
t Venus Dsc 0°00'

r Venus MC +2°23'
t Uranus Asc +3°17'
t Pluto +5°40'

t Venus-Jupiter sq. 0°00' mundo
t Pluto sq. r Jupiter 0°15' mundo
t Jupiter sq. r Pluto 0°19'
t Jupiter conj. r Moon 0°20'
t Venus sq. r Moon 0°35' mundo
t Saturn sq. r Pluto 0°47' mundo
t Uranus op. r Venus 0°54'

t Jupiter sq. r Jupiter 1°16' in RA
t Pluto conj. r Venus 1°18'
t Jupiter conj. r Venus 1°35'
t Saturn conj. r Moon 1°55'
t Jupiter-Saturn conj. 2°16'
t Uranus-Pluto sq. 2°23' mundo
t Venus sq. r Venus 2°23' mundo
t Uranus op. r Jupiter 2°38' mundo
t Jupiter-Pluto conj. 2°52'
t Saturn sq. r Jupiter 2°54'

I figure: In the worst case, it will be a great year! I'll keep everyone posted. (Saturn, of course, complicates this; the strategy is to overwhelmingly weight the chart in the benefic direction and not worry about Saturn conditions that are unavoidable.)
Jim Eshelman

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Re: Can we trigger a windfall?

Post by Danica » Thu Nov 19, 2020 8:35 am

This is Wonderful!
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