Concurrent (Transiting) Angularity in Solunar Returns

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Concurrent (Transiting) Angularity in Solunar Returns

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 09, 2017 10:58 am

[The folliowing interpretations are by Cyril Fagan from several installments of his "Solunars" series. They describe what to expect when two transiting planets are concurrently angular in a return chart, quotidian, etc.]

SUN with Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto

MOON with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto

MERCURY with Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto

VENUS with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto

MARS with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto

Combinations of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
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t. Sun Angular with other planets

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 09, 2017 10:59 am

t. SUN & t. MOON
",,,it denotes distinction, recognition, congratulations, compliments, applause and the pride of achievement."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we expect the following: A spotlight shines on events. In particular, circumstances draw great attention from the government, yet fixate the attention of the people as a whole. Typical events range from fires to significant weddings (or matters that affect the institution of marriage), as well as matters inciting national pride and events drawing concentrated government attention, perhaps because of regulation or mandatory oversight.]

"Unless it is afflicted by the malefics, the Sun's [angularity] is always favorable as it enhances the native's reputation and frequently his status. It is a token of recognition, fame and applause. When the Sun is with Mercury there is much talking, speechmaking, correspondence, etc."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we expect the following: Intensified and highlighted Mercury themes, including transportation and commerce incidents. Whatever else the ingress chart shows, this aspect likely grants front-page space and a headline.]

t. SUN & t. VENUS
"When the Sun and Venus together transit the... angles... it promises an agreeable time, rather flattering to the native. Under such a transit, there is an excellent chance for hte native, should he be so talented, to win a prize at a musical festival or at a dance or the like. Here Venus symbolizes the nature of the entertainment, and the Sun the compliments showered on the native."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we expect the following Intensified and highlighted Venus themes.]

t. SUN & t. MARS
"...victory but not without a tussle and the 'scars' of victory may have to be borne for many a day."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we expect the following: Intensified and highlighted Mars themes. Events are fiery, explosive, violent, and destructive.]

"This is probably one of the best dual transits that can occur, and falling on a [return] or quotidian angle brings honor, prestige and distinction, but not necessarily money. (Although several students of sidereal astrology have tempted Dame Fortune by gambling heavily, when such a configuration fell on the angles of their current lunar return, and won substantially). Falling on the angles of royalty, prime ministers and the like it enhances their position immensely.
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we expect the following: Intensified and highlighted Jupiter themes. Usually, positive events, with protection against deeper harm; but this is not always the case. Politics egg on current circumstances, motivated by a non-philanthropic tendency of people with money and power wanting more.]

t. SUN & t. SATURN
"Little that is good can be said of this dual transit for Saturn alone on an angle is an ominous token of hindrances, obstacles, losses, disappointments and the like. The presence of the Sun insures a measure of personal recognition, but it may be purchased at too great a cost. Such a transit sometimes occurs on the angles of chief mourners."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we expect the following: Primarily sad events. Even happy events occur under arduous, demanding conditions. Examples include the death or other restraint of national leaders; government gridlock or other lockdown that involves suppressive, restrictive, controlling, or failing government or management, causing or enhancing disaster; structural col-lapses, especially of bridges; and other events mandating government oversight and control.]

t. SUN & t. URANUS
"As a result of entirely unforeseen circumstances... the native may suddenly find himself something of a hero, public character or otherwise in the limelight. Out of the blue, the native may be thrust into an entirely novel situation, which may involve traveling and a change of menage. In elections and contests it presages unlooked for success, confounding all the wiseacres. It is quite an exciting, dramatic transit, and provided it is not marred by malefic configuration, is to the native's advantage."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we expect the following: Intensified and highlighted Uranus themes, especially centered on the psychologically (and often physically) startling and explosive.]

"...there are no records at hand as to the effects of this dual transit..."
[In mundane astrology, this indicates diverse intensified and highlighted Neptune themes. - JAE]

t. SUN & t. PLUTO
"No records are available of this dual transit..."
[In mundane astrology: Although the range of these intensified and highlighted Pluto themes can be highly diverse (from natural disasters to political confrontation), repeated themes include removal of or assault on those in power, rebellion against existing political views, and an element of disrespect for and disobeying of the law. - JAE]
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t. Moon Angular with other planets

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 09, 2017 10:59 am

"Much mental productivity: letters, articles, books and the like are writen; mathematical calculations undertaken; studies commenced, lectures delivered and important business transacted."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Events draw abundant media attention and spotlight “human interest” or “public response” themes. Besides the celebrity and media element, expect themes of flight, wind, and swiftness, and other situations (as in business) that involve voluminous paperwork (or its digital equivalent).]

t. MOON & t. VENUS
"An excellent transit. It betokens love-making, caresses, sweetness, the making of new friends. A most agreeable time."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Strong Venus themes predominate, especially involving peace, public happiness, and celebration. Anticipate alliances rather than antipathies. Stories about love will focus and hold the public’s attention more than usual. – This gives a certain protection against most categories of tragic events, including financial crisis, earthquakes, structural collapses, and shooting massacres.]

t. MOON & t. MARS
" portends trouble with the opposite sex, often accompanied with violence and loss of temper. At the same time the native may be indisposed or down with some feverish complaint."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Violence, blood, fire, explosions, and destruction often culminating in significant loss of life. This comes in many forms, including fires, explosions, death or crisis affecting leaders, war, and other attacks.]

"...the combined transit of Jupiter and the Moon proves a fortunate token. It is favorable for most things. It brings a successful day, augments one's prestige and increases one's income."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: A period of growing prosperity with less newsworthy disaster and hurt than usual. Diplomacy, dignity, and elitism prevail. Most pronounced is a theme of “our people first,” i.e., strong elements of national pride, patriotism, family, community, and standing first for those groups with which one identifies. This can be divisive as well as unifying. Hurtful events now will carry this narrowness just as much as positive events benefit from the inspired togetherness.]

" presages an unpleasant and frustrating day; replete with unkept appointments, losses, discomfitures, setbacks and the like."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Hardship, sacrifice, loss, and sadness. Among events linked to this are war, structural collapses, and other events focused on death and its horror, with little to inspire celebration. Add the possibility of natural disasters, fires, bereavement for widely beloved figures, deprivation and disappointment, destructive assaults by human and nature, and other conditions of general hardship primarily focused on alienation and divisiveness, vast property damage, and significant loss of life.]

"...the unexpected happens. Frequently it means a removal, change or traveling, an exciting liaison, meeting with strangers, doing unusual things, and the like."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Sudden, explosive, eruptive, shifting conditions, including surprise attacks, characterized both by their sudden and explosive nature, and, especially, by rapidly changing conditions that require quick adaptation and reorientation, new learning, and new responses. This can include new technology, new strategic approaches, and the opportunity to witness secrets of nature previously inaccessible to us.]

"...coincides with a day of passionate emotional excitement."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Extreme waves of emotional reaction, hysteria, panic, fervor, and herd-mind arousal accompanied by confusion, disorientation, and uncertainty. Typical events include structural collapses and major fires.]

t. MOON & t. PLUTO
"...usually coincides with a day of separation, departure, farewells, divorces, breaking of ties, deaths, etc."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Events stun the senses and halt the mind with their intensity. The nature of these events makes them difficult to predict. Major examples from the past include deaths and departures of presidents and kings; uprisings, riots; breakthroughs in civil liberties; populist challenges to prevailing authority; and other staggeringly intense events, pleasant and unpleasant, that hold un-flinching attention, from the vast destruction of natural disasters to similar devastation and death caused by war and slaughter.]
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t. Mercury Angular with other planets

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 09, 2017 11:00 am

"...always a most pleasant omen when Mercury and Venus simultaneously come to [an angle]... very pleasant news, gifts of money or other tokens of affection, leaving the native in a very happy mood... [T]he native may commence some work of love that brings its own pleasure."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Happy news media and good press. Particular events include treaties, especially agreements of peace. ]

'[Mars angular] usually presages some indisposition, such as flu, other epidemic or ill health or hurt, possibly due to an accident or indiscretion in diet. When Mars is associated with Mercury in transit, such indispositions may be due to human intervention and all the more upsetting in consequence."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Vehicular accidents. Declarations and acts of war, and limited ability to reach peace. Air attacks. ]

"Unless Jupiter happens to be heavily afflicted, its transit of the... angles is always a joyous and auspicious occasion. It presages all-round success and achievement bringing with it advancement and frequently money. When Mercury is with Jupiter, among other things, it usually denotes success in speculation, games of chance, gamgling and the like. It is an excellent day to put 'a flutter on one's fancy.'"
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Diplomatic success, commercial alliances, successful conversations and cooperation. A favorable time for conducting business.]

"[The angularity of transiting Saturn is] always negative, bringing... gloom, depression, depleted income, disappointment and a feeling of weariness if not of indisposition. When configured with Mercury, the effects are, naturally, worse. News of tragedy may cause grave concern. Any intellectual work undertaken at this time will make tardy progress, if any at all, and may have to be abandoned. News generally will be grave and there will be some cause for anxiety."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Restrictions, delays, failures, or calamity relating to transportation. A breakdown in communication.]

"[With Uranus angular] the unexpected happens. It is not possible to detail what may happen for then the element of surprise would cease to exist. When Mercury is with Uranus, surprising and often exciting news awaits the native or he may meet a stranger and a most out-of-the-way and enlightening conversation may ensue. The appearance of Uranus on an angle often coincides with a journey, traveling, or removals."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Discovery, revelation, and the disclosure of information. Technology breakthroughs and announcement of scientific advances. Travel disasters, especially airplane crashes.]

"When Neptune is not afflicted by the malefics, one generally has 'a night out with the boys' or something broadly akin to it, when it [is angular]. It is quite an emotional transit and usually signifies a reunion or get-together of one's associates. On such occasions uncontrolled emotion or even folly usurps the place of common sense. Sometimes one gets money and goes on a wild spending spree or drinks to excess and becomes muddled. Or should Neptune be afflicted by Saturn there are lamentations and wailings as at a funeral. Processions, ticker-tape welcomes, and the like are all Neptunian eventuations; as likewise are celebrations and festivals. The presence of Mercury in the configuration signifies news that causes excitement."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Confusion, disorientation, and bad (confused) choices. Confusion often takes the form of wondering, “What’s next?” or, “What happens now?” Impairment of trans-portation and communication routes.]

"(Records incomplete.)"
[In mundane astrology: Major collisions, whether of information, communication, or vehicles. (Collisions of ideas are most common.) Consequences, stunning the intellect, often are so impactful that they are paradigm changing, significantly reframing how people think about things. - JAE]
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t. Venus Angular with other planets

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 09, 2017 11:00 am

t. VENUS & t. MARS
" presages a rollicking good time with plenty of fun with 'the lads.' But it may tend to get out of hand, especially should Neptune enter into the fray, in which case Bacchus will exact his toil."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Inflamed passions prevailing over reason. Consequent strain in international relations: Can lead to start of declared war or launching warlike attacks. More generally, a secondary form of the “mournful tragedies and emotional pain” afflicted Venus.]

" of the happiest omens that can occur. It brings general good fortune, success and laughter. Configurations between these two planets usually presage pageantry, society weddings, social preferment, rejoicing and a festive time generally, plus gifts galore."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Celebrations, victories, festivities, love, world-witnessed weddings and births, happiness. Events centered on celebrities. Significant above-average rainfall. Reduced likelihood of tragic disaster.]

" the midst of disappointment, delays, setbacks and frustration generally, a smiling face may relieve the gloom and the elderly, the ailing or the lowly may befriend."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Powerful love coexisting with severe loss, as in grief for the loss of loved ones. Spoiled fun, a sense that “the party is over.” Possible hate, remorse, loss of allies. Particularly appears for fires, coalmine disasters, war.]

"...a most unexpected event that will prove quite delightful. The native may meet a stranger and spend a pleasant time in his company or such a stranger may call upon him. Whatever the event, it will be engagingly fresh, exciting, and happy. This is an excellent transit for holiday-making, visiting art galleries, or going to places of entertainment. Unexpected gifts are in the offing also during this transit."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Substantial changes in relationships between nations (for war or peace). Childlike “ooh & ahh” wonder or excitement, as if for fireworks. Shifting social values. Increased liberty in Venus matters. Events of high social/cultural impact. If with Saturn or Pluto, tragic loss of life in the face of explosive or fiery fury.]

"...transiting Neptune on an angle, when not afflicted, presages a rather exciting day, for one does not know whether one is on one's feet or one's head. Neptune always favors gatherings, congresses, or assemblings of people having a more or less common interest, such as one encounters in the streets, in the course of travel, at a sports meeting, in a dance hall, business meeting, church convocation, social gathering or in a tavern, and when Neptune is with Venus the native is likely to be with a group of friends, who entertain him or who even make him a presentation."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Intense devotion, passionate belief. Disillusionment. Betrayed alliances. Diplomatic embarrassment. (Distinctive form of afflicted Venus for shooting massacres.)]

" records are available at this time..."
[In mundane astrology, for comparison: Dramatic changes in relationships: Between governments, refers to alliances and antipathies between nations (including starting or ending a war). More locally: a final, stark severing of emotional ties, as in loss of loved ones and the destruction of homes and community, on a scale that stuns one’s sensibilities. – Events of high social impact, including those that help transform society’s collective attitudes toward love. - JAE]
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t. Mars Angular with other planets

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 09, 2017 11:01 am

"...the effects can be great but short-lived; such as gains of substantial sums of money followed by reckless extravagance, leaving the native no better off than he was before."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Economic crisis, usually from aggressive spending, squandering resources, theft, or other “aggressive” behavior. – Economic expansion (increased spending matched by greater industry and productivity). – Heroic victories, achievement, causes for public celebration.]

"The most dreaded of all dual transits... Whatever natal planet they impinge upon they corrupt or destroy..."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Harsh, hurtful, and destructive events. The aspect does not specialize in any one type of event but, rather, incites destruction and hardship wherever it occurs. Examples include declared wars and other military attacks, murderous shooting massacres, and structural collapses, among many others. ]

" is a highly explosive transit, being all the more dangerous because it is hardly possible to tell from what source the danger threatens, or its precise nature. All we know is that it will strike with the speed of lightning and where least expected. Attacks by human beings, animals, reptiles, fires, explosions, shipwreck, railway accidents, earthquakes, etc., cannot be ruled out... Those who hold the safety of the nation in their responsible hands should take solemn heed of every configuration between these two celestial bodies and be forearmed."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Explosive! Startling violence. Psychological (and sometimes physical) “bombshells,” or fire + explosion, e.g., bombs (literal explosions), vehicular collisions and explosions, and surprise attacks (in warlike attacks or shooting massacres). ]

"To be involved in a mad scramble of the multitudes, to be caught up in a riot or baton-charge, to have the clothes torn off your back by hundreds of adoring fans, are some of the effects when Mars and Neptune transit together. While most people are terrified by such an experience, others appear to actually enjoy it. Neptune always seems to involve crowds or at least many people in a high degree of emotional excitement and the native invariably seems to be the victim or center of attraction. He is one against a multitude."
[For comparison, in mundane astrology we see: Panic, terror: surging adrenaline + heightened hysterical emotion (positive or negative). Specific expressions include fires, earthquakes, other violent natural events, leader deaths/crises, populist uprisings/mobs and response they draw, financial panics, shooting massacres.]

t. MARS & t. PLUTO
" records are available of this double transit."
[In mundane astrology for comparison: Violent, ferocious, often explosive unleashing of force (e.g., bombs, vehicular explosions and collisions, wars and similar aggression, shooting massacres, earthquakes and fires that release explosive force). - JAE]
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t. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto angular together

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 09, 2017 11:01 am

" presages a long-term period of sobriety, settledness and stability. Contracts are drawn up and signed, property is purchased and frequently mortgaged and the native settles down to a humdrum if beneficial daily routine. Under the dual transit of these two bodies youths are induced to abandon their wanton lives. Having squandered their inheritance, they settle down to a job where they are paid by stipend and promoted by seniority. Mutual configurations of Jupiter and Saturn denote inheritance, trustee property and the like where the interest only is expendable."
[In mundane astrology, for comparison we see: Inherently political and economic. A “seesaw,” opposites in comparable strength battling for dominance, without either getting clear advantage. Traditional institutions, finance, business, religion, politics. In short-term charts, often means, “Good things and bad things both happen.” (Common for bridge collapses.)]

"...credited with bringing in its wake unexpected good luck, financial windfalls and all the excitement that such entail. The native handles larger sums of money than at any previous time and usually spends it gaily; traveling swallows not a little of it."
[In mundane astrology, for comparison we see: New technology, new technological vision, “good science.” Ideological rebellion and conflict, strong for civil rights progress. (Common for bridge collapses.) ]

" records are available..."
[In mundane astrology: Religious-themed. Events of powerful inspiration, faith, and idealism. Surreal optimism. Belief-driven motivation and decision-making; powerful opposing belief and bigotry. Entertainment themes (box office bonanzas, record-breaking movie attendance; for events that were not fun, festive, or celebratory, it typically signals an entertainment-themed setting). - JAE]

"No records are available..."
[In mundane astrology: Events challenge or assault existing value systems, ideologies, and the political and other power systems that support them. Attempts at political destabilization may occur. – A stunning blow to economic conditions (even economic devastation). Also, outlandishly freaky climatological events. - JAE]

[Fagan offered no interpretation. Per JAE, consider concurrently wanting freedom and feeling the possibility of it curtailed.]
[In mundane astrology: Loss + explosion characterizes most observed events. In theory, also expect tension; wide swings between various opposites (e.g., freedom-restriction, liberality-conservatism; struggle between forces of change and the status quo), with political and practical gridlock until one side gains dominance. - JAE]

"...the effects are far from healthy and wholesome; for Neptune is disposed to dramatize the influences of any planet with which he is configurated, converting in this case an everyday common occurrence, produced by Saturn, into a deep tragedy, accompanied by wailings and lamentations."
[In mundane astrology, for comparison we see: Grief, loss, tragedy, with consequent emotional turbulence. – “Throne-toppler,” signaling resignations, abdications, exiles, and other removals.]

[Fagan offered no interpretation.]
[In mundane astrology: Harsh, dramatic tragedies: catastrophic disasters with profound feelings of irrevocable loss. - JAE]

"Perhaps the most sensational if not the most exciting of the dates of a year are those when [transiting Uranus and Neptune are simultaneously angular]... On such dates something new (Uranus) and sensational (Neptune) happens to the native and, for the time being, he derives a lot of pleasure and spends his money freely. It may be that subsequently he may be disillusioned; but while the influence obtains he is blind to everything bus his pleasure. Such is the extraordinary fascination of Neptune."
[In mundane astrology, for comparison we see: High-impact events, explosive and rupturing (physically or psychologically), stirring waves of mass reaction, and overflowing the bounds of conventional thinking and expectations. Stimulates psycho-spiritual evolution, or at least very altered states of consciousness. ]

[Fagan offered no interpretation.]
[In mundane astrology: Revolutionary, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, often anti-government. Embodies a spirit of revolution that dismantles current systems and tears down iconic structures (metaphorically or literally “tears down existing structures”). - JAE]

[Fagan offered no interpretation.]
[In mundane astrology: Heightened, surreal, reality-altering emotion to the point of insanity combined with mind-halting, senses-stunning events, inherently decisive and separative in nature. - JAE]
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