Outer Planet Conjuctions & Their Effects On Planet Earth

Q&A and discussion on outer planet current aspects and their impact on mass behavior.
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Outer Planet Conjuctions & Their Effects On Planet Earth

Post by SteveS » Sat Aug 27, 2022 4:35 am

Reflecting back on my life through my astrological mind filtered by mundane astrology (The Heavens Above). Several astrological authors are in agreement the most potent aspect of em all is the Conjunction, particularly with outer planet conjunctions. The two most potent mundane astrological events I have witness manifested on this planet Earth collectively were:

1: Uranus conjunct Pluto experienced deeply by the true revolutionary rebels of this planet which occurred between 1964 and 1967. It mainly affected the college student’s age group with powerful transformations experienced through sex, drugs, and rock & roll music. This conjunction of Uranus-Pluto created a counter culture of rebels shooting the Finger to the entire Washington DC Establishment, and to most other authoritative establishments. All old establishments became threaten by tremendous amount of freedom being demonstrative by this counter culture movement. This Uranus-Pluto conjunction unleased one of the greatest creative movements the planet has ever witness which literally changed the face of so many things on the planet. There is no greater invisible power I have ever witness than this Uranus-Pluto conjunction for collapsing the old order of things, and constructing a new order of things. The best words to describe the mundane movement of this planetary combo are: Powerful transformations (Pluto) involving drastic unexpected changes (Uranus), causing Revolutions of all kinds.

2: The conjunction of Saturn-Pluto in 2020 which brought our Planet Earth the Covid Pandemic, another most powerful invisible effect from the heavens with the coming together of two malefic planets Saturn and Pluto. It was absolutely stunning & shocking (Pluto) with the limitations (Saturn) this combo forced on the people of the Planet! Our Planet Earth is still feeling the effects of this conjunction and I suspect it will continue…. IMO, the best words to describe the mundane movement of this planetary combo are: Heavy Burdens.

It’s frigging amazing to ponder the effects the two above outer Planet Conjunctions and the effects they produced on the Planet Earth. How can this be?

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