SF Instructions for calculating Ennead Solar Return Charts

Because so many of us use Solar Fire, this space collates tips & custom templates.
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SF Instructions for calculating Ennead Solar Return Charts

Post by SteveS » Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:22 am

Solar Fire instructions for calculating one's Ennead Charts: I find Ennead Charts (40 day charts) symbolic eventful when they appear as 'outstanding incident' charts according to Jim's Return guidelines. And, I find 0,90,180 partile aspects with Ennead Moons very symbolic for manifesting its symbolism. Jim offers most excellent detailed guidelines for delineating Ennead Charts if you are lucky enough to have and study his book, “Interpreting Solar Returns.”

1: Open your Natal Chart to the 'Calculated Charts' window in Solar Fire.

2: Left click once on your Natal Chart to highlight.

3: Left click 'Chart' in top left.

4:Scroll down and left click 'Return & Ingress, or key the F5 key.

5: You should now see a Return & Ingress page with the 'base chart details.'. Make sure this base chart is your Natal Chart.

6: Next enter the a date from when you want to calculate your future Ennead Chart(s). Close to a few days before my birthday, I enter a date a couple days before my birthday. And then click 'next' under 'Which One' box.

7: Next look at the 'Location' box. This box is most important! If your Ennead Chart(s) are going to set-up at a location other than your natal location, YOU MUST make sure you click on the 'Relocated' tab, and then make sure you carefully fill in the correct data for the 'Place' box (to the left) where you will be located for the set-up of your Ennead Chart. If you are still located at your Natal Location of birth—all you have to do is click on the 'Natal' tab, and Solar Fire will automatically fill in the place and coordinates of your birth location. (If you have any problems with Step 7 get back to me and I will offer help).

8: Now look at the 'Chart Type to Generate' box. You will see different options to choose from. Make sure you click on 'Advanced & Ingress! And then click on 'Options' in bottom right. An 'Advanced Return Selections Window will appear. Make sure the “Sun” is highlighted, it should be.

9: Next look at the 'Return The Sun To box. Under Natal Position you will see the word 'Harmonic.' Make sure you set the Harmonic function to 9 by carefully clicking the small up arrow until you get to 9.

10 Next look at the 'Which Return/s' box. Use the small up arrow to select the number of Ennead Charts you want to analyze. I always select the number 9 to see all my Enneads for the year, looking for 'outstanding incidents' Enneads and/or partile 0,90,180 aspects with Enneads Moons. But in the 'Which Return/s' box you can select any number of chart(s) you wish to analyze.

11: Then click the OK tab and presto—you have all of your Enneads for your solar year. Astrologers have to love this computer.

*My base chart is always calculated in the Sidereal Zodiac using Fagan/Allen. Jim may know a better way in Solar Fire to calculate Enneads, but this is the only way I was taught by Matthew Quellas (RIP).

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Re: SF Instructions for calculating Ennead Solar Return Charts

Post by Jim Eshelman » Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:51 am

Thanks, Steve. For those not familiar with the Ennead, here is a primary thread with some information.
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