Dec 6: Joan of Arc & Alan Watts

Building a permanent catalog of example natal horoscopes: Birth data daily of one man and one woman born that day (AA, A, or B data) to encourage practical natal analysis and engagement. Please bring your observations.
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Dec 6: Joan of Arc & Alan Watts

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 25, 2021 6:31 pm

Joan of Arc. January 6, 1413, 5:33 PM LAT, Domremy la Pucelle, France (A).
Watts, Alan. January 6, 1915, 6:20 AM GMT, Chislehurst, England (B).

Joan of Arcs birth records plus local reports give a birth an hour after sunset which is about 5:30 PM. My rectification comes to 5:36 PM, though an "according to the record" statement would be "near 5:33 PM."

DeLorean, John. January 6, 1925, 12:00 PM EST, Detroit, MI (AA).
Jim Eshelman

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