Sigmund Freud & Carl Jung

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Sigmund Freud & Carl Jung

Post by Jim Eshelman » Wed Jun 09, 2021 7:58 am

Freud was born May 6, 1856, 6:30 PM, Pribor, Czech Republic (AA).
Jung was born July 26, 1875, 7:29 PM, Kesswil, Switzerland (i.e., as the last rays of the setting sun lit the room) (A).

The relationship of these two giants has been the subject of much study over the decades. The gist is that Jung was the brilliant protégée to his mentor Freud - until he broke away in new directions. Their relationship had great closeness and connection followed by profound alienation. (And, of course, there is more to it than that.)

The luminary signs nearly tell the story: Jung's Aries Moon is not only in the same constellation as Freud's Aries Sun, but only about 1° away: The mentorship was evident, and the path for Cancer Jung to eventually fight his way out from under the shadow of his teacher. Cancer Jung was more or a mystic - and seemed even more biased toward mysticism to Freud, who was a concrete "I have to see it to believe it" Aries. Their separate contributions are well shown in their distinctive charts, especially by the luminary signs.

Therefore, they make an interesting case for non-romantic synastry.

Besides the close Sun-Moon conjunction, Jung's Sun squared Freud's Pluto: Freud had a profound, transformative impact on Jung; then, at some point, Jung "departed" the relationship. (This is typical of that interchange unless the Sun person is willing to continue to be shaped by Pluto.)

Jung's partile Saturn-Pluto square is exactly on Freud's angles. I don't think any relationship could survive that kind of close, strong assault. It was going to break eventually. Jung's Mars squared Freud's Neptune, not a friendly aspect (though it can sometimes we wonderful in a run-away passion sexual relationship - but not in an academic or business one): Jung probably scared the bejeezus out of Freud! Yet there was respect and affection: Jung's Jupiter opposite Freud's Venus.

Freud's Pluto squared Jung's Asc (and Sun). Jung's Pluto (and Saturn) squared Freud's MC. That more or less summarizes the two extreme sides of the relationship all by itself.

And, though it's wide, maybe I shouldn't underestimate the 6°+ opposition of Freud's Moon to Jung's Mars. Their relationship followed much the same life-cycle as couples who have Moon-Mars interchanges, except without the constant sex.

And this is all superficial. It focusses on a couple of structural elements about the relationship. I think it describes that basic structure and history well. It makes a good example of an important non-sexual relationship. I suspect close students of the subtleties of their relationship and their overlapping and divergent theories would have many more details to draw from these charts.
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