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Big dreams

Post by Veronica » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:53 am

Ya know what I wish......

I wish Mr. Eshelman had 5 minutes alone in an elevator with Trump...and Putin...and Charles...ect

And show them exactly how the clocks are tropical astrology is a lie...and how every single thing...they have said and done and hid and ran from and embraced and every thing can be proved by the true maps that Sidreal uses.

The all seeing all knowing source is right there watching and recording every second.

When my dad told me to live my life like god was watching everything....that was the best advice I ever got and the only advice worth a hoot.

My older brother who is a career criminal summed it up. "If you cant do the time. Dont do the crime"

Even stealing fire from the gods themselves.
Prometheus had the for thought before he dared to give mankind his gift. He knew he would be accountable but his Love of mankind let him break free.

I wish Mr. Trump could see his real charts. Maybe Alex Jones will tell him about this conspiracy and give him the change of heart his soul needs.

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