My lunar returns Jan-Aug 2019

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My lunar returns Jan-Aug 2019

Post by Arena » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:14 am

So, as the year is starting and I am sitting and wondering where I am heading, but not making any New Year's resolutions as I am in the mood for continuing transformation that has already been kicked off and I just want to keep myself open. But am now looking into the lunar returns up to my bday to see if I can gain any insights at all into upcoming lunar returns in Edinburgh. This is just a thread to keep record of them all together, but all distances are just looked at in ecliptic charts.

January 16th:
SLR: WOW! Double Jup-Ven symbolism. Jup and Venus are both around the rel. DSC while n. Jup-Ven is on the SLR ASC/DSC while the Moon is a bit wider on the LR IC. Jup is about 2° from angles in both cases. SLR Mer on n. MC.

Feb 12th.
T. Venus and n. Sun playing widely with SLR angles, but Nep & Ura-Mar are playing with the relocated angles.
Nothing partile.

Mar 11th:
T. Pluto partile square SLR ASC, SLR MC partile falls opp rel. MC and t. Uranus keeps squaring that angle, now closer but not quite partile yet. T. Sat partile n. MC. T. Ven partile opp n. Sun.

April 8th:
Nothing really close to SLR angles, but t. Venus sq. rel. ASC and t. Sat is still around n. MC.

May 5th:
SLR IC falls onto n. Pluto and is squared by n. Jup. The SLR ASC lines up with rel. IC and is now almost partile squared by Uranus. T. Sat is still around the n. MC.

June 1st:
N. Nep almost partile sq SLR MC. N. Sun sq SLR ASC and SLR Sun on rel. ASC. T. Venus on the Moon and t. Sat still on n. MC.

June 29th:
Partile connection of n. Jup-Ven/Pl to SLR angle. N. Mer on the other angle and t. Mer on the rel. IC. T. Sat still on n. MC.

July 26th:
t. Venus partile SLR MC and t. Sun not far off and makes a partile connection with rel. IC, t. Jup makes a 2° connection with rel. DSC while t. Pluto almost partile sq the SLR ASC.
T. Sat still within 3° from n. MC.

Just want to make a note of the tropical returns. The only partile connection I see during those months for tr. planets to return angles would be the May 5th when Sat comes partile to LR DSC.

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