USA Chart September 2019

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USA Chart September 2019

Post by Jim Eshelman » Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:14 pm

A few observations about the U.S. natal chart for September...

Several progressions currently exist. None change this month, i.e., none begin, end, or become exact. Many are heading toward exact contact in 2020-2022. The currently active progressions are:
  • p Saturn trines r Venus, currently applying by 0°08'. This lasts many years (1954-2040) and is next exact in 2022.
  • p Jupiter conjoins r MC (separating 0°23') and squares r Saturn (currently apply 26'). This places Jupiter at Sa/MC midpoint for the next few years, exact to the minute in 2020-21. These aspects last 60 years (1996-2056).
  • p Sun trines p Jupiter, completing the one positive set of progressions at present. It will be exact in March 2020, then expire a year later. This aspect suggests great fortune for the nation, its economy, and its esteem.
  • p Mars conjoins r Eastpoint. This has lasted many years (1990-2021) and will expire in about two years.
  • p Venus squares p Pluto (with p Sun octile both). Progressed Venus squares natal or progressed Pluto September 2016 to March 2020 and signals radical changes in foreign relations with a bias toward separations or disrupted relationships.
  • p Mercury trines r Mars & octiles r Jupiter. I suspect this is supportive of the trade wars underway. Mercury currently aspects Mars within 0°48' and Jupiter within 0°27'.
Additionally, this month Moon opposes natal Sun and squares natal Ascendant., the former beginning September 16 and exact next month. This places unusual focus on the nation in the world's eye and, domestically, concentrates unusual attention especially on the U.S. President.

Two planets discovered in recent years play a significant role in the U.S. progressions this year. These are actual astronomical planets, though their astrological importance is so far unconfirmed. U.S. natal Sedna is 23°48' Aquarius (progressed to 23°35'). Progressed Sun conjoins Sedna over the next year (currently applying 32' to progressed, 45' to natal). This also involves Sedna in aspects to progressed Venus and Jupiter (e.g., it is involved in progressed Sun trine progressed Jupiter on MC: progressed Jupiter and Sedna are 02' from exact trine). Additionally, progressed Ascendant is opposite natal Eris (just passed 19').

Solar Arc Neptune squares natal Moon. It presently is applying by 0°15'. Historically, this has been responsible for mass movements of the people - extremes of populism whether on the left or the right, and waves of emotion sweeping across a nation.

  • Neptune continues to conjoin progressed Sun until September 17. Confusion, deception, misdirection, loss of our way, or disorientation with respect to national identity and leadership continue. (Transiting Mars opposes them September 15, marking a distinctive, emotionally eruptive crisis. This aspect pair may signal a direct physical threat to the president.)
  • Saturn conjoins progressed Moon until September 3. This likely will bring a wide range of suppressive, painful, loss-laden, narrowing Saturn conditions, especially those that sadden and wound the hearts of the American people.
  • Neptune to p. Sun + Saturn to p. Moon overlap continues September 1-3. These aspects together are unusually demoralizing and diminishing.
  • Jupiter aspects natal Pluto through September 21 (exact September 11. We will know more what this likely means as August continues and the strongest part of the transit unfolds. Usually Jupiter to Pluto signifies significant gain or advantage from a separation or disentanglement.
  • Beginning at the Equinox, Jupiter squares natal Sun exact September 30 and Neptune aspects natal Pluto. The latter aspect, in particular, is obscure in mundane astrology but, by analogy to natal astrology, likely means that there are important, positive, healing processes for the nation occurring underground, i.e., behind the scenes. Their power is in their relative invisibility - they likely couldn't occur otherwise.
Beginning September 14, transiting Saturn squares SQ Moon. This is a strong mark of hardship and loss. It also likely foreshadows a successor aspect coming in a few months: SQ Moon will square solar Sun-Saturn and conjoin natal Saturn December 2019 through February 2020.
Jim Eshelman

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Jim Eshelman
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Re: USA Chart September 2019

Post by Jim Eshelman » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:02 pm

I want to explore what past effects have been from progressed Moon aspecting natal Sun in the United States' chart. This aspect (the conjunction, opposition, or square) was exact on the following dates:

Nov 30 1779 - Capture of Savannah.
Aug 9 1786 - Nothing directly happened except it was the immediate lead-up to plans to draft the Constitution. This was surely a centerpiece of attention.
Jan 19 1794 - ...
Jan 20 1801 - John Marshall becomes Chief Justice. House resolves electoral tie between Thomas Jefferson & Aaron Burr.
Mar 8 1807 - Congress prohibits importing slaves into the U.S. effective 1808.
Nov 11 1813 - Presidential election: Andrew Jackson won over Pres. Adams.
May 5 1821 - ...
Jun 23 1828 - ...
Jul 17 1834 - Anti-abolitionist riots n NYC. Office of Indian Affairs organized.
Feb 3 1841 - Ship SS President is lost at sea (!).
Aug 6 1848 - Seneca Falls convention. Polk annexes Oregon Territory. California Gold Rush begins.
Nov 5 1855 - "Bleeding Kansas" conflict of proslavery vs. antislavery.
Dec 26 1861 - Build-up of the Confederacy and its member states.
May 10 1868 - Andrew Johnson's two impeachment acquittals. 14th Amendment ratified.
Nov 6 1875 - Intensification of the American Indian Wars.
Feb 15 1883 - US Civil Service established.
Jun 11 1889 - Johnstown Flood. Great Seattle Fire.
Sep 12 1895 - ...
Feb 15 1903 - U.S. leases Guantanamo Bay from Cuba in perpetuity. Senate ratifies treaty security right for US to build Panama Canal.
May 8 1910 - ...
Nov 1 1916 - Election Day: Wilson narrowly wins.
Feb 9 1923 - ...
Jun 9 1930 - Hoover signs Smoot-Harley Tariff Act. Washington's head on Mt. Rushmore is dedicated.
Aug 10 1937 - Congress blocks FDR plan to increase SCOTUS judges.
Feb 10 1944 - FDR in SOTU proposes a second Bill of Rights for social and economic security. US troops take Marshall Island.
Jul 8 1950 - Korean War begins, Truman orders American troops to S Korea, earliest battles.
Oct 11 1957 - Eisenhower sends federal troops to Arkansas to support high school integration in Little Rock.
Dec 15 1964 - NSC agrees to two-step escalation of bombing in Vietnam, LBJ agrees. LBJ proclaims his Great Society during SOTU. USSR launches Sputnik 1.
May 2 1971 - SCOTUS rules unanimously that busing of students may be ordered to achieve racial desegregation. US dollar floods European currency markets; several key European banks stop currency trading.
Nov 11 1977 - ...
Feb 11 1985 - Reagan began 2nd term.
May 15 1992 - LA riots (Rodney King). 27th Amendment is enacted.
Aug 11 1998 - U.S. embassies bombed 8/7 in two African countries kills 224 people, injures 4,500 others (bin Laden).
Feb 13 2005 - Bush began 2nd term. N Korea announced it has nuclear weapons to deter the U.S.
Jun 4 2012 - [lots in Russia but no major events in U.S. Election stuff, likely.]
Oct 14 2019

There is indeed much attention on the U.S. President directly, and on the core national identity (outsiders' attention to the identity of America per se) secondarily. There are several instances of the president strongly exercising administrative authority and direct command.
Jim Eshelman

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Jim Eshelman
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Re: USA Chart September 2019 [DRAFT]

Post by Jim Eshelman » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:03 pm

I want to explore what past effects have been from transiting Neptune aspecting natal Pluto in the United States' chart.

Oct 30 1791 NS
May 14 1792 NS
Aug 29 1792 NS
Feb 26 1833 NS
Jul 8 1833 NS
Dec 30 1833 NS
May 6 1874 NS
Nov 8 1874 NS
Mar 7 1875 NS
Sep 3 1914
Jan 4 1915
Jul 5 1915
Dec 27 1955
Mar 8 1956
Oct 21 1956
Jun 9 1957
Aug 12 1957
Feb 15 1998
Jul 27 1998
Dec 20 1998

Jim Eshelman

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