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Sun in the Constellations - interpretation resources

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TYPICAL SIDEREAL SUN-SIGN DATES: The dates give below are for the year 2000. They may vary one day either side in a given year, and should be checked by actual calculation. Also, these dates all increase by one day every 72 years.

Sun in Taurus (May 14 - Jun 14) viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35#p156
Sun in Gemini (Jun 15 - Jul 15) viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35#p157
Sun in Cancer (Jul 16 - Aug 16) viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35#p158
Sun in Leo (Aug 17 - Sep 16) viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35#p159
Sun in Virgo (Sep 17 - Oct 16) viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35#p160
Sun in Libra (Oct 17 - Nov 15) viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35#p161
Sun in Scorpio (Nov 16 - Dec 15) viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35#p162
Sun in Sagittarius (Dec 16 - Jan 14) viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35#p163
Sun in Capricorn (Jan 15 - Feb 12) viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35#p164
Sun in Aquarius (Feb 13 - Mar 14) viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35#p165
Sun in Pisces (Mar 15 - Apr 13) viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35#p166
Sun in Aries (Apr 14 - May 13) viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35#p167
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Sun in Taurus

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8.57% of population (~1/12)

SUMMARY: Charming, good-hearted, tolerant, forthright. Loves peace, beauty, nature, comfort, simplicity. Devoted friend, keenly understands people. Willingly vulnerable, open; feels things powerfully. Erotic (sexually, sensually, philosophically). Deeply loving parents. Prolific in all areas of creativity.

  • CHARMING. Gracious, kindly, amiable, good-hearted. Tolerant (permissive, accepting), good-tempered. (More patient with people than with delays.) Often entertaining. [Gauquelin: charming]
  • EARNEST, sincere, candid, forthright. Tries to navigate around difficult situations, but avoids lying when possible. [Gauquelin: not secretive]
  • DEVOTION. Friendship is important. Intuitive understanding of people (born psychologists, sociologists, etc.). [Gauquelin: devoted]
  • SENSITIVE, willingly vulnerable and open, so can be strongly affected by surrounding conditions.
  • Thrives in harmonious, comfortable, peaceful surroundings, including opportunities for quiet, calm, and solitude.
    • Peace-loving. Shuns the harsh, violent, and rude.
    • Celebrities are often private, reclusive, protective.
    • Love of nature. “One with the earth,” safe in its embrace. Shows great love for all it produces.
    • Love of beauty, aesthetic sensitivity. (Artistic.)
    • Physical grace (dancers, skaters).
  • Prefers unadorned SIMPLICITY - art, but not artifice. Modern culture often strikes them as too complex and artificial. Prefers the literal, naked, direct, and natural.
    • E.g., dislikes inhibiting, uncomfortable clothing. Prefers natural beauty to artificial beauty.
  • EROS dominates them: sexual, sensual, and philosophical: a wide embracing of life, its energies, and its mysteries.
    • Oriented to “life of the flesh.”
    • Whether this expresses through wide sexual variety or monogamy depends on circumstances.
    • Devotion is innate to their natures.
  • LIEBESTOD. A “love-death” or tragic love theme is hard wired into Taurus’ psyche. In part, this is an extension of feeling strongly, enacting passionate, tragic, erotic themes.
    • Can be repeated self-sabotage (or creating tragedy) in romance until a romantic ideal is attained.
    • Brooding (from preoccupation with emotional angst) can displace a normally cheerful disposition.
  • Curious about life and its rhythms, mysteries, and meaning. Questioning, inquisitive, contemplative, thoughtful. [Gauquelin: scientific]
    • Thrives on philosophy. Deeply philosophical. (Often this includes occult and metaphysical interests.)
  • Highly passionate about causes. (Another example of feeling things strongly.) [NOTE: The trait impassioned is extremely rare for Taurus Sun in the Gauquelin data set. This probably results from peoples’ observation of their pacific, often docile demeanor. It clearly does not mean they lack sexual or erotic passion, or that they are unimpassioned toward causes: Quite the opposite is evident.]
    • Yet generally apolitical (or reluctantly political). Though service-minded, they do not tend to flourish in politics or political situations. [NOTE: Statistically uncommon for 43 U.S. presidents (only three), as for 4,985 congressmen, and 4,651 community volunteer leaders; yet statistically common for 5,013 nonpolitical federal employees.]
  • Loves young people, at ease with them. Superb parents, deeply loving and affectionate toward their children.
    • Prolific biologically, just as they are in writing, music, or any other area of creativity.
  • Many poets. Often tends to express thoughts poetically.
  • GAUQUELIN CHARACTER TRAITS: Witty, charming, not impassioned, insincere, combative, energetic, minute.
  • PROFESSIOANL ATHLETICS: From the traditional physical build of Taurus, it shouldn't be surprising that football is their game. Taurus ranks statistically high for professional football players, and statistically low for baseball (8,024 professional baseball players. 1,113 baseball players. 3,636 baseball pitchers. 2,780 baseball infielders and catchers. 1,608 baseball outfielders. 203 baseball .300 hitters.).
  • YOUTHFUL ACHIEVEMENT: Low for 5,738 young men of achievement (agest 21-35) and 7,694 young women of achievement (ages 21-35). (Ranked high for another study, of 4,004 women of achievement, which used different criteria). - Fagan claimed Taurus' genius flowers late.
  • OTHER STATISTICAL HIGHS (studies of various levels of quality): All Popes since 1000 AD. 5,111 librarians (ranked 3rd). 5,477 lawyers (from Who's Who). 7,118 advertising executives. Second highest for Tropical astrologers (despite the fact that the two leading Siderealists had this Sun-sign).
  • OTHER STATISTICAL LOWS (studies of various levels of quality): 2,931 authors. 6,813 misc. famous men. 367 soldiers. 6,316 bankers (Tobey). 14,781 engineers (Tobey). 7,012 clergymen (Tobey).
Taurus & Skin:
Taurus & Naturalists:

STATS: A study of 40 supercentarians had the Sun in Aries 1, Taurus 6, Gemini 8. It is not clear whether the Taurus-Gemini pile-up is a nonzodiacal artifact. It is interesting that the Moon was 6 times in Gemini (about double the expected value).

U.S. PRESIDENTS: John F. Kennedy, George H.W. Bush

OSCARS: James Stewart (Philadelphia Story), Paul Lukas (Watch on the Rhine), Laurence Olivier (Hamlet), John Wayne (True Grit), Henry Fonda (On Golden Pond), Cher (Moonstruck [!]), Jessica Tandy (Driving Miss Daisy), Helen Hunt (As Good As It Gets), Natalie Portman (Black Swan {!})
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Sun in Gemini

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8.61% of population (~1/12)

SUMMARY: Acute nervous system. Speed, rhythm, variety (dispersion). More reason than belief. Courageous. Rejects forced stratification: “What’s expected” often makes no sense to them. Play, youthful; needs affection, connection; feels loneliness deeply, often alienated. Music, arts, business. Mechanical, technical.

SUN IN GEMINI, the Twins
  • Two traits seem at the root of all core Gemini behaviors. (1) A hyper-acute nervous system. (2) Innate rejection of external expectations and stratification as foreign, alien (or at least a bother).
  • HYPER-ACUTE NERVOUS SYSTEM, much nervous energy, physically active quick thinkers. [Gauquelin traits energetic and powerful mind.]
    • Speed shows diversely as a theme.
    • Keen sense of rhythm, mental and physical quick-ness, physical and psychological agility.
    • Versatile talents. Greatest dangers are dispersion, distraction, inattention, thus seeming irresponsible.
    • Substance abuse. Alcoholism, smoking, and other substance abuse to manage this acceleration.
  • Strongly driven by reason or, rather, by reasons: Marked by their own particular logic, justifications, and explanations (their distinctive modeling of facts).
    • Intuitive. Gets a conclusion first, and then mobilizes facts to substantiate it. Logic used to sustain a point of view rather than acquire one.
    • Truth-driven rather than reason-driven.
  • Irreligious and amoral. “Doubting Thomas,” skeptical, thus more “scientific” than “religious.” [FN: Significantly infrequent for 2,492 eminent clergymen (Bradley) and 7,012 clergymen (Tobey).]
  • Courageous, including the courage of convictions. Speaks own truth unhesitantly, even defiantly (as if serving as truth’s own warrior). [Gauquelin trait courageous.]
  • Socially pluralist, inclusive, and democratic. Rejects social stratification, aristocratic entitlement, or other standards of intrinsic human inequity. Accepts pomp and pageantry to respect tradition, but not as a privilege of rank. [FN: Significantly high for 5,022 politicians below the Federal level, but low for the 4,985 members of Congress in the comprehensive Duncan study.]
  • Alienation. It is hard for Gemini to live and function with-in other people’s conventional frameworks. “What’s expected” often make no sense to them.
    • Gratefully accepts praise and appreciation (which feel like acceptance). Feels judgment as meanness.
    • When judged or wounded, many withdraw as if in exile. (Some accept actual exile or expatriation.) [Gauquelin character trait secretive.]
    • Others, hearing Gemini’s point of view, often wonder, “In what reality does that make any sense?” (Gemini often wonders the same about the world.) [FN: Gemini is one of two Sun-signs statistically significant in the Eysenck study of schizophrenics. Not all Geminis are schizophrenic, of course, though they do have healthy traits that are mildly schizotypal. Each sign has distinctive healthy behavior that, if mental illness develops, anticipates its likely form.]
  • Feelings are a “sore point.” Harder to understand or deal with, more likely to break down their internal logic.
  • YOUTH. Has the most clear-cut orientation to youthful-ness and embodying a child-like nature. [FN: The fundamental archetype relating to children is that of Twins (see Jung et al.). These twins are nearly always “children of the Sun.” ]
    • Playful sense of humor helps convey youthfulness.
    • Particularly good at balancing humor and seriousness: No hard line between work and play.
    • Retain sense of youth into advanced age. [FN: Manilius’ verse on Gemini luminaries includes, “Old age they chase with song, and when late death o’retakes them they are young.”]
    • Athletics, especially basketball, boxing, track, cross-country, tennis, etc. [FN: Significantly high for 350 U.S. professional basketball players (100% sample) and 1,113 professional boxers (from The Ring Encyclopedia).]
  • “TWO” THEMES. Duality-themes appear throughout their lives and reputations, including many that are known best as part of a couple, team, or other pair. {FN: Compare these traits to both the binary and associative functions of the human brain and of information storage and use in general.}
  • COMPANIONSHIP. Feels loneliness deeper than any other sign, like a child who has lost its playmate. Needs affection, connection, and attention. Generally functions best in partnership.
  • MUSIC. Most musical of all constellations (especially vocal and instrumental, especially drummers; usually instrumentally versatile). [FN: Gemini’s musical gifts were well documented by ancient astrologers.]
  • ARTS. Diversely connected to the arts, especially painters. [FN: Significantly high in one study of 2,982 artists.]
  • Instinct for free enterprise, trade, “doing business.” {FN: Significantly common for 5,047 businessmen from Who’s Who and 5,738 “young men of achievement.”}
  • Good at mechanical and technical things. Many engineers, information scientists, and educators. [FN: Significantly high for 2,842 engineers.]
  • Sexually, tends to hypersexuality including a major pleasure-pain or discipline-control component. [FN: Surprisingly, this is implied in the early 1st Century writings of Manilius, who, almost passingly, said of Gemini that, “even their pains are pleasure.”]
  • OTHER STATISTICAL STUDIES of various qualities show results of interest yet of less reliability than those cited above. In these, Gemini was found commonly among university scholars, and uncommonly among actors, labor leaders, and a small collection of scientists.
  • NOTE: The fundamental archetype relating to children is that of The Twins (see Jung etc.). Furthermore, they are always, or nearly always, Children of the Sun. When they are not of paired gender, the dual gender or non-gender (pre-pubertal) motif is indicated such that the child is the neuter third member of a triad.
Every astrological type has distinctive forms, or styles, that it assumes in psychologically unhealthy individuals. No sign is, itself, inherently unhealthy. Some are more instructive to discuss and their forms are better identified. Healthy expressions of the signs routinely bear the same underlying traits – in healthy expression – that feed a distinctive pathology in the unhealthy.

The four Spoke constellations share the sibling patterns of paranoid and obsessive-compulsive traits. Gemini and Pisces tend to express a paranoid personality style, though they flip to O/C with a sufficiently pronounced Saturn influence. Virgo and Sagittarius tend primarily to obsessive-compulsive, but flip to paranoid pat-terns with a sufficiently pronounced Neptune. Both styles are characterized by hyper-attentiveness and keenly laser-selective perception, among other perceptual and cognitive factors.

Common Gemini traits mobilize differently to compose the pathological form. Mental and physical acuity mobilize the entire body-mind system with rigidity, caution, edginess, and defensiveness that cut one off from spontaneity, feelings, and creative expression. As this happens, one loses touch with oneself, becoming acutely self-conscious. A fear of subjugation takes form as one’s on increasingly frail sense of autonomy (weakness of will) leads to being overly conscious of others’ will.

Some Garth Allen pieces on Gemini:
  • GAUQUELIN CHARACTER TRAITS: Courageous, powerful mind, secretive, not minute, family ties, energetic, not innovator.
  • POLITICS: Significantly high for 5,022 politicians below the Federal level, but low for the 4,985 members of Congress in the comprehensive Duncan study. Of the four Gemini U.S. Presidents, three were Republicans, and the fourth was a member of the opposition party to what became the Democrats immediately after; as a group they were among the weakest, most ineffective Presidents in U.S. history, notwithstanding some substantial contributions outside of the Presidency.
  • OTHER STUDIES: Low in Gauquelin military and military musician samples.
  • OTHER LINES TO EXPLORE & DEVELOP: The "conveyor (or link) of a tradition." A "real American" (so-called), "born on the 4th of July," etc.
Garth Allen, AAM 9/56 wrote:Perhaps the reader has observed the tendency toward pairs where Gemini is concerned, such as Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy. Apart from music, note that the best known couple of our time, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, are Sidereal Gemini natives whom a whole empire could not prevent standing side by side! We don't know the birthdates of their partners, but mull this over: P.T. Barnum, Gower Champion, Stan Laurel, and Peter Lind Hayes are Gemini-born people whose names are popularly linked, in the same breath, with others in the tradition of "Castor and Pollux" (Bailey, Marge, Hardy, and Healy).

Far and away the most interesting "twosomeness" of Gemini we've run across, however, is what appears to be author James Cain's fixation on duality. Geminian Cain, notable for his musical background, wrote "Double Indemnity" and "The Postman Always Rings Twice." We thought nothing about this two-ness until we learned that the original title for his finest work, the music saturated story now labelled "Serenade," was, "Two Can Sing!"
OTHER STATISTICS (of various qualities):
SIGNIFICANTLY HIGH: 13,183 university scholars. 2,982 artists.
SIGNIFICANTLY LOW: 1,552 actors. 432 labor leaders. 6,813 famous men. 429 scientists.
A study of 40 supercentarians had the Sun in Aries 1, Taurus 6, Gemini 8. It is not clear whether the Taurus-Gemini pile-up is a nonzodiacal artifact. It is interesting that the Moon was 6 times in Gemini (about double the expected value).

U.S. PRESIDENTS: John Quincy Adams, Calvin Coolidge, Gerald Ford, George W. Bush
(The last three were Republicans, and Adams was a member of the opposition party to what became the Democrats immediately after. Of course, the Adams-Bush pattern stands out for Gemini. As a group they were among the weakest, most ineffective Presidents in U.S. history, notwithstanding some substantial contributions outside of the Presidency.)

OSCARS: Charles Laughton (The Private Life of Henry VIII), Ginger Rogers (Kitty Foyle), Olivia De Havilland (To Each His Own; The Heiress), Judy Holliday (Born Yesterday), Yul Brynner (The King & I [!]), Susan Hayward (I Want to Live), Meryl Streep (Kramer vs. Kramer [!]; The French Lieutenant's Woman), Kathy Bates (Misery), Tom Hanks (Philadelphia; Forrest Gump), Frances McDormand (Fargo), Geoffrey Rush (Shine), Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge), Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland), Jean Dujardin (The Artist)
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Sun in Cancer

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8.58% of population (~1/12)

SUMMARY: Thrives within imagination, mystery, & complexity (vision; or lost in fantasy). Lives in others’ shadow; finds purpose in service & emulation. Conceive & deliver results. Persuasive, trusted, instinct for motives. Live in mystery or its resolution: create or solve puzzles. Renewed by home or sanctuary. Sensitive, vulnerable to judgment, self-protective, self-absorbed.

  • Thrives within IMAGINATION, MYSTERY, & COMPLEXITY (vision, or lost in fantasy; dream-weavers or web-weavers).
    • Imagery. Enhances, embellishes, and revises (usually settings, sometimes facts). - Image-rich writers and artists; entertaining story tellers; effective actors & persuaders.
    • Instinct for presentation or delivery (can embellish, dramatize, entertain).
    • Needs recognition/attention from others: thrives when it's positive, withers when it's negative.
    • Nonetheless, values privacy. Most portray a character (adapt a separate image or face) for others, keeping their authentic selves in the shadow.
  • Cancer lives in another's shadow by choice, history, or circumstance, often finding purpose in service & emulation.
  • Their life & work are commonly inseminated by others: Their gift is to conceive, develop, & deliver. Can take another's creation and polish or present ("represent") it anew.
  • Pride & self-confidence from overcoming obstacles and being up to the challenge. - Effective project managers, team leaders. Careful, conscientious, wants to "get it right."
  • Shadow themes their lives in diverse forms. (Other examples include interest in the subversive, secretive, or mystical-occult.)
  • Lives in mystery or its resolution. Needs to uncover or disclose. (Creates or solves puzzles, hides then uncovers, veils then reveals.)
  • Drawn to complex, interwoven models (resembling the web of subconsciousness): creates or masters complex systems, schematics, or worldviews.
  • Senses others' motives instinctively. Women are highly empathic; many Cancer men suppress it protectively; both see through ruses or nonsense.
  • Trusted. People talk to them easily (natural confessors). Can solve others' problems easier than their own.
  • Loyal friend, generous in friendship. Devoted (even doting) parent. (In both cases, balances caretaking with encouraging self-sufficiency.)
    • Many are suspicious (especially of betrayal, disinterest, or abandonment), blameful, and fault-finding, leading them to disown a friend, often with drama.
  • Renewed or recharged by their home & having it "just so." Warm hosts & entertainers, though ultimately needing the security of sanctuary or sheltering.
  • Sensitive, tender, vulnerable to judgment (touchy, self-protective, easier to offend inadvertently). Needs to "look good" (especially by reputation), which is sometimes a strength, sometimes a flaw.
  • In romance, needs to feel that they are "the prize catch" and their partners know it. (Most eminent bachelors.)
  • Early promise. Impresses others with their potential (the most "Young Men & Women of Achievement" awards), aura of leadership; but often falls short of early expectations. [NB. Sun in Cancer as a whole excels in fewer professions than any other constellation, although motivated individual Cancers do quite well. Those who do very well often become celebrity examples of their field.] (STATS: Highest for 5,738 young men of achievement and 7,694 young women of achievement.)
    • Common for public service, political science, etc. [STATS: High for 5,146 political scientists, 432 labor leaders, and 5,013 nonpolitical Federal employees. In contrast, Cancer was significantly low for one collection of 1,052 elected politicians, and has only produced two U.S. Presidents, though it was significantly high for 91 heads of state - all the world heads of state for one year in the 1970s which I extracted from the World Almanac for that year.]
    • MEDICAL PROFESSIONS: Cancer ranked high in one collection of 5,000 medical-related personnel, but this doesn't extend to physicians: It was the lowest sign in the study of 7,000+ British physicians collected by Gleadow and Firebrace.
    • ATHLETICS: Significantly high for professional football players overall, and for one collection of 4,006 college athletes.
    • AVIATORS: High in Gauquelin aviators sample.
    • COMEDIANS: Some of the greatest plastic-faced outrageous comedians of the last half century, including Lucille Ball, Phyllis Diller, Red Skelton, Steve Martin, and Robin Williams.
    • LAW: While not especially high for lawyers over all, distinctive for numerous high profile "celebrity lawyers," as well as high-ranking figures in law (such as Supreme Court justices and high profile prosecutors).
GAUQUELIN CHARACTER TRAITS: Mystic, kind, stubborn, combative, traveler. Not authority, not devoted, generous.

A Garth Allen article on Cancer:

In speaking of Cancer Fidel Castro upon his death, New York Times called him, "a master of image and myth." (You can't get much more Cancer than that!)
Garth Allen wrote:The constellation rating highest in the number of bachelors per capita is Cancer. In the standardized tropical zodiac, most of these men are considered to be Leo natives and as such are supposed to be fond of children and prone to romance. However, this is not alarming, as researchers today are quite used to the common breaches that are found existing between popular notion and scientific fact, between stereotype and actuality. To the reader versed in astrological symbolism, tendency of men born under the constellation Cancer to remain single is but another reflection of the hard-shell motif of the symbol.

Cancer is the most acquisitive and unyielding constellation of all, if ancient readings for this zodiacal sector are to be believed. It is difficult for the sidereal Cancerian to "come out of his shell" and share a common status with someone, even a beloved wife. The tell-tale symptom of Cancerian impatience, unwillingness to wait, has thwarted many a love's rightful consummation.

Cancerian men who do marry, true to the pincers which are their symbol, often fail to find the wedded bliss as advertised because of their regretful subscription to the widespread notion that the marriage certificate is a sales receipt for merchandise purchased. A reading of The Zodiac by Roman poet Manilius, circa the time of Christ, will corroborate this interpretation. Cancer-born G.B. Shaw's harangue against the "detestable tradition of property" in marriage is echoed in Capricorn-born psychologist Alfred Adler's analysis of the reason for most marital failures: this same proprietary attitude of most married people toward their mates. There is nothing in sane nuptial vows that grants ownership to the husband - a figurative right of way, perhaps, but no standpat deed to the body, soul and spirit of the beloved. Most Cancerian men cannot see it that way.
OTHER STATISTICS (of various qualities):
SIGNIFICANTLY HIGH: 5,506 school teachers. 86 Nobel physicists. 4,703 chemists (Tobey). 1,011 committed bachelors (Allen).
SIGNIFICANTLY LOW: 4,698 composers. 2,616 musicians. 1,515 celebrities. 10,123 scientists. 5,011 psychiatrists. 6,813 famous men. 1,367 learned professions. 667 religion. 94 explorers.

U.S. PRESIDENTS: Herbert Hoover, Barack Obama
OSCARS: Emil Jannings (The Way of All Flesh), Norma Shearer (The Divorcee), James Cagney (Yankee Doodle Dandy), Louise Fletcher (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), Dustin Hoffman (Kramer vs. Kramer; Tootsie), Robert DeNiro (Raging Bull), Hilary Swank (Boys Don't Cry; Million Dollar Baby), Kevin Spacey (American Beauty), Halle Berry (Monster's Ball), Charlize Theron (Monster), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote), Helen Mirren (The Queen [!]), Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side [!]), Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook [!])
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Sun in Leo

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8.48% of population (1/12)

PRELIMINARY SUMMARY: Requires centricity & satellites: Holds court. Casual dignity, simple elegance, innate flair. Authority, courage, competitive, hates weakness, nurtures talent. Warm, loyal; must love and be loved (centricity, adoration); sexually lusty, playful. Purity, perfection (pedantic). Strong religious instinct. Childlike delight.

SUN IN LEO, the Lion
  • They glow like sunshine!
  • Earnest, but feeling no need to be excessively disclosing. (E.g., "Please understand that I'm not beholden to tell you everything you'd like to know about me.")
  • Warm, generous, and loyal as friends.
  • Must love and be loved. Much affection and warmth to give. Give and accept love in its purest form - only demands from you what you can give.
  • Express their needs matter-of-factly - as though they were assumed, their "Divine Right."
  • Romping kittens in the bedroom (either sex). Considerate, gentle lovers.
  • Lusty sex drives, much fun and play - it doesn't have to be deadly serious.
  • Oriented to childhood. (Teachers, many involved in education.) Takes child-like delight in what has been accomplished. (STATS: High for 5,056 school teachers.)
  • "Low profile" on their accomplishments. The major point of their "bragging" is never what they have done, but why. (They need others to understand where they're coming from.)
  • Casual dignity, not noisy or flagrant.
  • Font of "simple elegance." "Nice" things on a non-ostentatious level.
  • Natural flair in mannerisms. Tend to be somehow colorful (dress, speech, etc.).
  • Adds a flavor of nobility (regality) to the scene.
  • Centricity is required. Desires "satellites." "Holds court" unless he is without self-assurance. Can be a delightful centerpiece!
  • Owns the stage, easily becomes center of attention.
  • Naturals in positions of authority. Dependable. "Divine Right to rule."
  • Dislikes a plebeian feeling. Detests weakness in self and others (including "hero worshiping" tag-alongs). Proud. Self-aware and self-oriented.
  • Not intimidated or awed by power or authority. Prolific in argument (until he feels there is no reason to continue - "What's the use...?")
  • Dislikes hypocrisy and wastefulness. Deeply moral.
  • Rarely agnostic or atheistic. Strong faith in Creator and Afterlife. Rarely profane (though can be willingly obscene). [STATS: Signficantly high for 2,492 eminent clergymen (Bradley) and a smaller study of 667 people in the field of religion].
  • Leo is in constant search of the meaningful. When normal avenues of understanding fail, they gravitate to a deeper level of meaning.
  • PURITY-CONSCIOUS and PERFECTION-SENSITIVE. Pedantic, precision-conscious, capacity for splitting hairs.
  • In "weaker" Leos, natural regality becomes over-bearing and they need continual adoration.
  • PATERNALISTIC. Capacity to take talent under his wing and develop it.
  • Wants few children, but heirs are well cared for.
  • AS A PARENT: Love his children much and often fails to see their faults. Demands respect, wants his efforts appreciated. Possibly strict, but magnanimous (emotionally and materially).
  • Very concerned with improving the lot of their fellows. Relate to people as individuals, not as members of the masses (contrast Aquarius).
  • Concerned with getting things done.
  • Always futilely trying to get his life in order. Thousands of little pieces of paper with notes....
  • GAUQUELIN CHARACTER TRAITS: Witty, sentimental, generous, not courageous, not a dreamer.
  • ATHLETICS: Significantly high for 8.024 professional baseball players and 3,636 baseball pitchers. Low for 1,113 boxers (Bradley).
  • YOUTHFUL ACHIEVEMENT: Significantly high for 5,738 young men of achievement and 7,694 young women of achievement.
  • OTHER STUDIES: Low in Gauquelin painters and spots champions samples.
Some Garth Allen notes on Leo:

OTHER STATISTICS (of various qualities):
SIGNIFICANTLY HIGH: 14,781 engineers (Tobey). 2,931 authors. 2,696 bank management. 42 comedians.
SIGNIFICANTLY LOW: 1,055 singers. 4,698 composers. 1,115 jazz musicians. 91 heads of state (all World heads of state for a given year). 171 medicine. 107 various occupations. Nearly absent among U.S. Secretaries of State, but (with Sagittarius and Aquarius) high for Secretaries of War/Defense.

U.S. PRESIDENTS: Benjamin Harrison, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Bill Clinton

OSCARS: Fredric March (Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde; Death of a Salesman), Claudette Colbert (It Happened One Night), Ingrid Bergman (Gaslight; The Bells of St. Mary's), Shirley Booth (Come Back, Little Sheba), Cliff Robertson (Charly), Marlee Matlin (Children of a Lesser God [!]), Sean Penn (Mystic River; Milk), Colin Firth (The King's Speech [!])
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Sun in Virgo

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8.34% of population (1/12)

PRELIMINARY SUMMARY: Strategic, tactical, analytical, logical, scrutinizing. Encyclopedic knowledge. Favors trees over forest. Innocent air, modest. Tolerant, tactful, congenial, serious. Courageous in word & deed. Service-minded, conscientious, efficient. Principle over convenience. Active toward social progress (rarely radical).

SUN IN VIRGO, the Maiden
  • At home in a library or bookstore. Usually well educated (formally or self-taught) and well read.
  • "Secretaries of the zodiac" ("gophers" and errand people).
  • Always in touch with goings on about them, and the general pulse of the times. Love of history and antiquity. Encyclopedic.
  • "Bird-like," especially if not overweight. Delicately boned.
  • Nervous undercurrent, but low manic level. Hyper-tense and hyper-attentive.
  • OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE personality style. Acute powers of observation but may remain unaware of the whole by overemphasizing the details.
  • Can be too "mechanical" to be artistic by aesthetic standards.
  • ANALYTICAL, logical. Leave it to Virgo to "get the facts." Logic is his staff. "Separates the wheat from the chaff."
  • Capable of detail work.
  • Thrives in "white collar" work.
  • ROUTINE-ism. Even flow, often "in a rut."
  • Many undervalue the opinion of others; have their own supported and justified views. (It's important for Virgo to know whether he is right.)
  • Takes life too seriously. Doesn't laugh enough.
  • MARVELOUS ORATORS with a sympathetic audience. Has a "common touch" in self-expression. Extremely sensitive to possible criticism, but courageous in word and action.
  • Undemonstrative in romance. Sexually, Virgo can do without better than most others (redirection of libido), but is technically skilled sexually as in most other interests.
  • Persistent need for companions (cf. Firmicus). Those who are hyperactive sexually seem to use sex as a friends-making device or to overcome some relatedness insecurity.
  • Shy, modest, bashful, blushes easily.
  • Highly tolerant, extraordinarily easy to get along with, congenial, tactful. "Nice guys."
  • Innate air of INNOCENCE and even NAIVETÉ allows them to get away with more than most others. (Not held responsible for actions, taken care of or looked after, can "tell off" superiors, etc.)
  • SERVANT MOTIF. Highly devoted, eager to assist. Martyr syndrome, emotional masochism.
  • "Unused to rage" (Manilius). Resistance to bother. Refusal to let anything interfere with serenity. Handles even emergencies in routine fashion.
  • Cold but adamant adherence to principles. Conscientious in most dealings. Finds behavior "appropriate" to the situation.
  • STRATEGIC. Many significant military figures. Tactical.
  • Has a greater concern for the conditions of the "common man," yet does not support causes by radical means. Expends much effort toward social "progress."
  • Good psychologists. Frequently some type of counselor.
  • Diet and health conscious (but not fanatically cleanliness- or germ-conscious unless Saturn is strong).
  • GAUQUELIN CHARACTER TRAITS: Reserved, not charming, sociable, not a mystic.
  • ATHLETICS: Baseball is their game, especially in support positions: Significantly high for 8,024 professional baseball players (and a smaller, earlier study of 1,113 baseball players), and especially for 1,608 baseball outfielders. Also among the highest for 1,113 boxers (Bradley).
  • YOUTHFUL ACHIEVEMENT: High for 7,694 young women of achievement (though the young men didn't score under Virgo, which here appears to favor the feminine)
  • OTHER STUDIES: High among Gauquelin politicians. Low among Gauquelin military musicians.
Some Garth Allen clips on Virgo:

OTHER STATISTICS (of various qualities):

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justices (6 out of 17). 5,111 librarians. 5,022 politicians (below Federal level). 478 politics. 832 famous military. 14,781 engineers (Tobey). 7.012 clergymen (Tobey). Best Actor (female) Oscar winners (when duplicate wins aren't counted).

1,055 singers. 4,698 composers. 1,115 jazz musicians. 2,842 engineers. 667 religion.

U.S. PRESIDENTS: Rutherford B. Hayes, Chester A. Arthur, William Howard Taft, Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter

OSCARS: Janet Gaynor (Sunrise), Helen Hayes (The Sin of Madelon Claudet [!]), Paul Muni (The Story of Louis Pasteur [!]), Greer Garson (Mrs. Miniver [!]), Charlton Heston (Ben Hur), Sophia Loren (Two Women [!]), Anne Bancroft (The Miracle Worker [!}), Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins [!]), Peter Finch (Network), Michael Douglas (Wall Street), Jeremy Irons (Reversal of Fortune), Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking [!]), Gwyneth Paltrow (Shakespeare in Love [!]), Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose), Kate Winslet (The Reader [!]), Brie Larson (Room)
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Sun in Libra

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8.20% of population (1/12)

SUMMARY (Preliminary): Relationship-centered. Polite, warm, affectionate; possessive, jealous. Enjoys beauty, comfort; often artistic. Appearance-conscious (vain). Tease (self & others: entice, deny, gratify). Peace (appeasement). Justice (righting wrongs). Shrewd, intense, secretive. Feminine thrives better than masculine. Optimistic futurist (personally, socially).

SUN IN LIBRA, the Balance
  • RELATIONSHIP CONSCIOUS. Responds very warmly to friendly overtures. Courteous, polite, well-mannered. (STATS: Most marrying constellation. Very high among male members of "lonely hearts clubs.")
  • Social adjustment problems. Key difficulties to overcome before they are comfortable relating socially.
  • Self-conscious about their relatability (including sexuality). Afraid they "won't know what to do." Fear of rejection.
  • Non-profound relationships (which, however, are profound to them!).
  • Possessive of people. Jealous [cf. Valens].
  • Love of the esthetic; often also a capacity for artistic ACHIEVEMENT.
  • Enjoys beautiful, comfortable surroundings - a "nice" lifestyle.
  • Don't go out much... would rather stick to "home territory." Fond of their homes... a comfortable, pleasant place to retreat. It just seems that they are never at home.
  • Busy-ness. When not at home they maintain a rather full, hectic schedule. Always has schedule full of things to do.
  • Has difficulty coordinating the various parts of his life to prevent their detrimentally overlapping.
  • DISFIGUREMENT-sensitive. Very conscious of their bodies, appearances, etc. (the slightest blemish can panic them). Yet able to adjust easily to scars, etc. when necessary. [STATS: Many of the fields in which Libra scores significantly low are fields that risk injury or disfigurement. This is true of the two areas of athletics where it has a stand-out deficit (boxing and race car driving), as well as lows in various collections of soldiers, sailors, and explorers.]
  • The idea of pain abhors them, but they can be highly insensitive to pain when actually experiencing it. For Libra, the idea is always more than the real thing.
  • Psychological sadism ("Misery loves company.").
  • TEASE motif. Makes things enticing, "Gets them wanting more." (Sexually, selling ideas, story-telling, etc.)
  • Deny themselves gratification by not sharing their needs and wants with others. May sublimate desire into food or something else pleasurable. They love food!
  • Touchers - not just in sex.
  • NARCISSISTIC in sex. Attention and strokes (in TA sense) essential to their sexual pleasure.
  • LOVE OF PEACE. Mediators, negotiators, "peace-makers" except where their own most personal problems are concerned. (Must be "third party" negotiators.)
  • People go to Libra with problems because he returns unbiased (but cautious) feedback. Resolves conflicts by trying to please everyone at once.
  • Frequently has difficulty making decisions because he is unwilling to commit himself - afraid of making the wrong choice.
  • No false compliments are given by Libra - has to feel he is being sincere.
  • They recognize the existence of a problem, but not the underlying cause. Difficulty in coming to terms with own shortcomings.
  • Slow to sing own praises. Not satisfied with themselves as they are; very conscious of the fact that they could be doing better, that their personalities need an overall - but do very little about it.
  • Cares strongly about (and many are activists for) issues of human rights, equality, environmental protection, animal rights, etc. (e.g., Theodore Roosevelt, Alfred Nobel, Dame Anita Roddick, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Gates, etc. plus numerous notable peace-makers)
  • Blithely confident of a better world ahead - personal and social IDEALISM. ("It's going to get better.-)
  • They aren't in the "here and now." Libra is phased into the FUTURE. (They phase into an Alpha-state with very little effort - feel more comfortable there.)
  • One of the shrewdest operators you will find (in a sneaky sense).
  • MONEY-AWARENESS. Concerned with finances. (Hates long-distance phone calls!)
  • EFFICIENT - if it concerns them.
  • Poor short-term memory. (Inattentive?)
  • Organizational skills, good at working with subordinates, capable at completing assigned tasks. Good foremen, department heads, coordinators (once they accept the hassles of the job).
  • Cautious in committing himself to schedules until he is sure he can carry through. "Checks the map and gas tank before the trip."
  • Allows a margin of error.
  • Obsessive-compulsive.
  • BALANCE motif. Takes Karma into his own hands. <i>Golden Rule:</i> "Do unto others as they have done unto you - only more so!" Remembers any favors; but, once they are crossed, make tracks!
  • INTENSE. Libra can outstare anyone.
  • Covert, secretive. (Internalized or restrained.)
  • Incredible ability to stew.
  • Venus takes care of her own: Libra women are very comfortable with their roles (Aphrodite incarnate) - they do far better than Libra men.
  • Libra men seem lost in their male identities - often groping for a comfortable way to be themselves and still fit society's requirements (image) of "male."
  • Career women. Libra women live in a woman's role as it would be if women were the predominant gender.
  • Pantheistic. "Metaphysical" but not conventionally religious. Comfortable with "the Old Religion."
  • GAUQUELIN CHARACTER TRAITS: Not powerful, charming, inactive, nice, not generous.
  • LAW: Ranked highest in two small collections gathered by Gleadow, of 232 and 301 lawyers, respectively.
  • ATHLETICS: Libra oveRall is not distinguished in athletics. In particular, note significant lows for 1,113 boxers (Bradley) and 33 Indianapolis 500 drivers (all drivers for one year).
  • OTHER STUDIES: Low among Gauquelin ACTORS sample. (Cf. more casual studies showing Libra significantly low among 1,515 celebrities and 1,880 entertainers.)
Garth Allen wrote:By far the most marrying constellation of the zodiac is naturally Libra. The fact that the symbol Libra has been associated most emphatically with marriage since time immemorial scores another victory for the accuracy of the sidereal zodiac as a delineative instrument. Libra instinctively seeks an amalgamation of interests with the object of its affections; hence, relatively few sidereal Librans remain single. It is Venus-ruled Libra men who view marriage as having more purpose than that of simple reproduction. They know that marriage offers connubial communion and companionship apart from any asserted strictly biological purpose, just as they know that because Nature provided us with sight and hearing for food getting and self-preservation there is no reason to outlaw art and music on ground of alleged biological intent. It is tragic that millions of otherwise sane, intelligent men and women actually consider marriage a "necessary evil." What an understanding of life and of human nature and of God these people are willfully lacking! This basic understanding is native to Libra, whose instinct for balance expresses itself in a perspective that fails to ails to see anything ridiculous about a married philosopher.
OTHER STATISTICS (of various qualities):
SIGNIFICANTLY HIGH: 2,088 journalists and editors. 5,111 librarians. 5,011 psychiatrists. 100 medicine. High for U.S. Secretaries of State (but not the highest, and only modest statistical significance).
SIGNIFICANTLY LOW: 13,183 university scholars. 45 astrologers.

U.S. PRESIDENTS: John Adams, James K. Polk, Theodore Roosevelt, Warren G. Harding

Notebook #93 observations: Perfectly delightful, charming, affectionate people.

OSCARS: Marie Dressler (Min & Bill), Vivien Leigh (Gone With the Wind; A Streetcar Named Desire [!]), Joan Fontaine (Suspicion [!]), Grace Kelly (The Country Girl), Burt Lancaster (Elmer Gantry), George C. Scott (Patton), Art Carney (Harry & Tonto), Richard Dreyfus (The Goodbye Girl), Sally Field (Norma Rae; Places in the Heart), F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus), Robert Benigni (Life is Beautiful [!]), Julia Roberts (Erin Brockovich [!]), Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club), Leonardo DiCaprio (Wolf of Wall Street)
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Sun in Scorpio

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8.10% of population (1/12)

PRELIMINARY SUMMARY: Requires freedom of movement & thought, to be unfettered. Willing to rebel, be outlandish. Sharp humor. Bold; moral courage; hard to intimidate. Non-disclosing, slow to show weaknesses; collects others' weaknesses. Pragmatic, not theoretical. Favors action, abhors apathy. Phallic: Sexual volcanoes.

SUN IN SCORPIO, the Scorpion
  • Tireless, dynamic, energetic, persevering.
  • Creates best "effects" through novel approaches and surprising intensity. ("Damn the torpedoes...")
  • Loves danger, risk; impulsively or fearlessly tackles any difficult situation. - They "expect the protection of the Gods" (Firmicus).
  • Impatient.
  • Barnstorming BOLDNESS & MORAL COURAGE. Abhors apathy in society.
  • Keen sense of humor.
  • Iconoclastic in theory but usually more conservative in behavior.
  • FREEDOM MOTIF dominates them. Claustrophobic.
  • Hates forced schedules - rarely comfortable in a "9 to 5" routine.
  • Little interest in theory unless it is immediately practical. Believes in ACTION, not idle dreams. (STATS: Low for Gauquelin scientists.)
  • Finds strategy more difficult than actual execution of a plan.
  • Pragmatic, if not iconoclastic, in religion. Conscious of the relevance and natural unity of all Creation, without getting lost in the clouds.
  • Able to reduce abstract truths, music, philosophical themes into terms understandable to the common person. (Talented teachers.)
  • Seldom one-track minds. (Integrates several things.)
  • Keen analytical ability - hidden motives rarely escape their notice. Commonly astute judges of character.
  • Masterfully thorough.
  • Won't bother to say things without a specific reason, thus "low profile." Slow to reveal own WEAKNESSES, but collects others' weaknesses.
  • Corked volcanoes. Ever in a state of "wanna." If immediate expression is denied them, they push tension under the surface where it builds, needing eventual release (and making them irritable).
  • PHALLIC awareness. Not squeamish in sexual matters.
  • Scorpio girls are generally tomboys.
  • In a relationship, gives freely, generously, then expects of partner what they, themselves, have given.
  • GAUQUELIN CHARACTER TRAITS: Powerful, innovator, minute, kind, not generous, not sentimental, not sociable.
  • MUSIC: Significantly high for 4,698 composers, 2,616 musicians, and 1,115 jazz musicians.
  • OTHER STUDIES: Low among Gauquelin painters sample.

OTHER STATISTICS (of various qualities):
SIGNIFICANTLY HIGH: 77 nursing home patients. 33 Indianapolis 500 drivers (all drivers for one particular year).
SIGNIFICANTLY LOW: 5,111 librarians. 5,047 businessmen (from Who's Who), 4,004 women of achievement, 94 explorers, medical doctors, soldiers.

U.S. PRESIDENTS: Martin Van Buren, Zacary Taylor, Franklin Pierce, James A. Garfield [2 of these died in office, 2 were generals]

OSCARS: Victor McLaglen (The Informer), Broderick Crawford (All the King's Men), Maximilian Schell (Judgment at Nuremberg), Ellen Burstyn (Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore), Geraldine Page (The Trip to Bountiful), Jodie Foster (The Accused [!]; The Silence of the lambs [!]), Jamie Foxx (Ray), Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart), Julianne Moore (Still Alice)
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Sun in Sagittarius

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun May 07, 2017 8:26 pm

8.06% of population (~1/12)

PRELIMINARY SUMMARY: Social elitism, aristocracy. Excellence, quality. Higher & higher, ambition, travel. Judges self & others, may fail own standards. Right-wrong, reward-punishment, belief- & values-driven. Respects continuity of culture & social rituals. Preserves status quo, heritage, & myth when possible. Loyal to tribe. Complacent affection.

  • Innate sense of elitism, whatever their environment.
  • STRATIFICATION is inherent in their sense of order — socially, professionally, politically. Hierarchical.
  • Excellence. Quality-conscious.
  • Tremendous pride in doing well what they do. Artistic only in the sense of eager for quality results.
  • Self-image problems. Don’t meet their own standards of excellence. (May think they have to prove themselves.
  • Compliment Sagittarius and you will get a sputtered, embarrassed reply; hear it joked away; or have it completely ignored. Denigrates compliments, makes them seem not worth replying to — doesn’t think he deserves them.
  • May not want to believe what you tell him about his horoscope. (Doesn’t want to get “busted.”)
  • Sense of humor ironic, or commonplace and prosaic.
  • “HIGHER & HIGHER” Motif. Ambitious, climbing, striving to achieve.
    • May be directed into religious/spiritual areas.
    • Satisfied at attaining a preconceived level. (The arrow is aimed at a specific mark or target.)
    • Self-image problems may strangle ambition.
  • Much travelling. (“The urge to get somewhere.”) [Flesh out with major examples.]
  • Improvement-oriented. Respect for the acquired, built-up body of knowledge.
    • Takes it, adds to it or improves it, then uses it. Improves for the present.
    • Expects others to pick it up for later generations.
  • Strongly conscious of RIGHT as he understands it — assumes others know what his values are.
  • Has own principles and view, and lives by them. Follows what he feels is true and right.
  • DISCIPLINARIANS. Behaviorist dichotomy of punishment vs. reward, “law & order,” etc.
  • “Benevolently judgmental.” BENEVOLENCE is used as a “solution” sometimes instead of SPADE CALLING. (Would rather let a problem go unsolved...)
  • High “change threshold.” Improvement of present rather than seeking new innovations and change.
  • Sagittarius perpetuates those cultural elements and human values which have proven worthwhile within his perspective. Mores-preservant.
    • Patron of most art forms.
    • Academic-minded, scholarly and studious.
    • Religion, drama, history, foreign affairs, education.
  • Responds to societal standards far stronger than to peer group pressures.
  • TOTEMISTIC. Constructs Weltanschauung and “systems.”
  • In romance, follows the rules. (MATING DANCE.) Both sexes play out their expected roles in male-female relationships.
    • Men are chivalrous.
    • Women want to be courted, but may go to bed with someone simply because they feel it is expected of them.
  • Gallant men, gracious ladies. (Living representatives of King Arthur’s court.) Conscious of the impressions they are making.
  • A sense of ARISTOCRACY about themselves. Much pride.
  • Keen sense of the dramatic. Uses appropriate dramatization.
  • Sticks to family ties (decent = descent). Intensely patriotic. “My country (or family), RIGHT OR WRONG.”
  • Strong TRIBALISM or clan-consciousness. Doesn’t always acknowledge his natural peers — surrounds himself with a selected peer circle, (family, “the gang,” fraternity, religious brotherhood, political party, astrology, philosophical movements, or other FAMILY SURROGATES which give a sense of heritage and belonging.)
  • Very low sexual appetites (de-centralized eroticism = affection and complacence.) “Misogamy motif.”
  • Myth-building and sustaining. Preservant of significant elements of a cultural mythology. — They themselves may be candidates for “folk-hero” (or villain) status (Elvis, Howard Hughes, Nostradamus, the literary birthday for Sherlock Holmes, etc.)
  • GAUQUELIN CHARACTER TRAITS: Stubborn, impassioned, sincere.
  • BASEBALL: Significantly high for 2,780 baseball infielders and catchers and 1,608 baseball outfielders; but significantly low for 3,636 baseball pitchers.
  • OTHER STUDIES: High among one sample of Gauquelin sports champions.
Some Garth Allen columns on Sagittarius:

OTHER STATISTICS (of various qualities):

4,698 composers. 5,036 architects. 10,123 scientists. 4,985 Congressmen (Duncan). 91 heads of state (all world heads of state for one year). U.S. Secretaries of War & Defense (tied for highest with Leo and Aquarius). 1,464 actors. 359 poets. 301 lawyers. 6,877 physicians (Tobey). 4,703 chemists (Tobey). Modestly high (2nd to Pisces) for Best Actor (male) Oscar winners.

2,088 journalists and editors. 5,111 librarians. 13,183 university scholars. 7,118 advertising executives. 8,762 clergymen. 5,506 school teachers. 432 labor leaders. 384 chess players. 53 astronauts (all up to that point in time). 478 politicians. 107 various occupations.

U.S. PRESIDENTS: Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, Richard Nixon [1 was impeached, one resigned first, another was nearly impeached]

OSCARS: Luise Rainer (The Great Ziegfield [!]; The Good Earth). Ray Milland (The Lost Weekend), Loretta Young (The Farmer's Daughter), Jane Wyman (Johnny Belinda), Jose Ferrer (Cyrano de Bergerac [!]), Humphrey Bogart (The African Queen [!]), Maggie Smith (The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie [!]; California Suite), Jane Fonda (Klute; Julia), Diane Keaton (Annie Hall; Something's Gotta Give), John Voight (Coming Home), Sissy Spacek (Coal Miner's Daughter), Ben Kingsley (Gandhi [!]), Robert Duvall (Tender Mercies), Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs), Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas), Denzel Washington (Training Day), Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything [!])

Notebook #93 observations: Highly mutable people, shooting off in multiple directions for various interests; or having "serial interests," heavily interested in one topic for a time and then dropping that as they are heavily drawn to others. (Check this against other populations. It is showing up in this notebook's sample in a wide range of kinds of Sagittarius manifestations, and I should dig out the nuances. Compare the "impassioned" character trait Gauquelin found, in combination with the others.)
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Sun in Capricorn

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8.09% of population (1/12)

SUMMARY: Survival and autonomy needs foremost. Sociable; not self-disclosing. Humor, storyteller, prankish, music. Good resource manager. Struggles against tough odds. Discontent, combative, resists persuasion and conformity. Values past; defies status quo. Emotions cautious initially. Extreme libido.

  • Appears sociable and likable, serious but not glum, but not deeply forthcoming or self-disclosing. It's hard to really get to know them.
  • Most traits arise from motivation to survive and secure autonomy (physical & psychological).
    --- Tenacious of life. Long life expectancy. Cautious, least accident-prone constellation. [STATS: TZ Aquarius lowest in Carter study of 168 accident cases.]
  • A witty, often wicked sense of humor (defense against melancholy).
  • Natural storyteller. Numerous authors of children's books, often grotesque, irrational, or macabre, or adventure. Comfortable speakers — “honest in grace in speech” (Firmicus). Frugal with words, can be brief. (Cf. Franklin's adages, ease of “proverbing.”)
    [STATS: High for Gauquelin writers. Lesser studies show significant high for 858 in literature and 20 satirists.]
    --- Prone to defiant blanket generalizations (Adler's "fictional finalisms").
    --- E.g. “Honesty is the best policy.” “The end justifies the means.” “It ain’t necessarily so.” “All’s well that ends well.” “I do the best I can.” “I live for my home and family.” (Excellent examples compliments of Noel Tyl.)
  • Effective (often prudent) management of finances & other resources (yet, within that, notably generous). Usually more at home in modest, rather than opulent, conditions. Able to "make it work" with what is available.
    [STATS: High for two related banker collections, 2,696 bank management and 6,316 bankers (Tobey).]
  • ALOOF. Individual, "goes it alone." Not naturally a team player, more the “singleton” in sports.
  • Strong potential for discontent and spirited disagreement. Can be a severe critic or skeptic. Resists automatic conformity. [Gauquelin: combative.]
  • Strong “father imago.” (Father-idea looking over shoulder, reacts strongly to father figures, looking for paternal approval. Either wants to be Dad, be better than Dad, or kill Dad.)
  • Values the past, tradition, precedent, though often defiant against the status quo. Respects social taboos, though may leverage their power with open defiance. [Gauquelin: innovator.]
  • Great ability to shrug off or disregard facts or happenings they would rather not face. Refusal to be convinced — stubbornness — automatic resistance to mind-changing attempts by others.
  • Prankish juvenescence. Gets great pleasure from shaking up the system (sometimes with unusual attire, manner, speech, or action).
  • Never “hard sells” a cause, and supports few.
  • Realist, serious thinker, deeply probing mystery after mystery with interests in philosophy, religion, and other serious topics.
    [STATS: Capricorn Sun scored high both in Bradley's study of 2,492 eminent clergymen and Tobey's 7,012 clergymen, but also in a smaller collection of 667 "religion" professionals.]
  • Musical appreciation, instrumentalists, composers, sometimes singers. HOWEVER, otherwise little spontaneous creativity. Almost no great painters. Little desire for children.
    [STATS: High for 4,698 composers, 2,616 musicians, 1,055 singers, and 152 great composers. (Possibly the high for 1,464 actors is related.)]
  • Emotions are withheld, cautious, even constrained.
  • Personal taboos, boundaries, or prohibitions as a defense.
  • Nonetheless, they have, and unleash, the libido of the satyr and nymph.
  • In romance, initially aloof, tests people for loyalty and safety; then, when very sure, grabs hold hard. Dutiful, devoted, and tenacious in marriage. Once they give up control enough to make an emotional commitment, it becomes total.
    [STATS: (1) One study showed over twice as many Capricorn men in to a “lonely hearts club” as chance would allow. (2) Gauquelin trait devoted is significantly low; this evidently refers to early stages of a relationship.]
  • Single Capricorn women are independent and superb at managing their affairs. However, if married, a surprising number divest power to their mate to the point of near imprisonment and isolation. Some cases seem downright medieval.
  • Hard-working, persistent, responsible, dutiful. Struggles hard against life, overcoming tough odds (finding strengths in compensation for organic defects, oppressive conditions, or other hardship; cf. Adler).
  • Not political, though often activists especially against oppression. Significantly low for 5,022 politicians (below Federal level), 91 heads of state (all world heads of state for one particular year in the 1970s), 5,146 political scientists, and 4,651 community volunteer leaders. Possibly related, Capricorn is low for 5,477 lawyers from Who's Who. Of the four U.S. Presidents with a Capricorn Sun, three died in office and the fourth nearly did.
  • The fundamental archetype of Capricorn is that of Pan, satyrs, the frolics of nature, and expressions of the primitive, often demonized by repression into demonic emblems. This captured the ANTIQUE-ANTIC Paradox, both words being derived from a common Latin root.
Some Garth Allen columns on Capricorn:
Garth Allen, AAM 4/57 wrote:...the best known authors of children's books were born under stellar Capricorn, viz., Lewis Carroll, Jules Verne, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allen Poe, Horatio Alger, Zane Gray, Thornton Burgess, A.A. Milne, and so on. Gertrude Stein who hypnotized the world with "A Rose is a Rose is a Rose," is of the same species as James Joyce whose verbal butchery is supposed to represent the historic crest of "adult" literary art. If you've ever waded through a few pages of Joyce, you were probably impressed by how comparable his technique is to the double talk of Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh.
OTHER STATISTICS (of various qualities):
SIGNIFICANTLY LOW: 5,111 librarians. 429 science. Best Actor (female) Oscar winners.

U.S. PRESIDENTS: William Henry Harrison, William McKinley, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan [3 of these died in office, the 4th was shot but lived]

OSCARS: Clark Gable (It Happened One Night), Ronald Colman (A Double life), Ernest Borgnine (Marty), Patricia Neal (Hud), Paul Scofield (A Man For All Seasons), Gene Hackman (French Connection), Jack Lemmon (Avanti!), Faye Dunaway (Network), Paul Newman (The Color of Money)
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Sun in Aquarius

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun May 07, 2017 8:27 pm

8.18% of population (1/12)

SUMMARY: Scientific, analytic, inventive, pragmatic, non-dogmatic. Unconventional, pro-vocative, controversial. Broad interests. Ignores race, class, rank. Truthful, altru-istic, helping. Understands people. Solitude, alienation, undemonstrative. Haughty, unapologetic, but rarely pretentious. May not understand time.

SUN IN AQUARIUS, the Water-Carrier
  • Instinct that all things are connected & fit together. Universalism informs their social views and discloses how their minds work.
  • Profoundly moved by people, but rarely by persons. Relates to the collective more intimately than to individuals. (Drawn to groups, yet remains singular. Socializes selectively or purposefully.)
  • Strong devotion to family (both parents and children) seems part of a communal instinct.
  • Ignores distinctions of race or class. Not impressed by pomp & circumstance. Sometimes so blind to these separative distinctions that it trips them.
  • "Sounding boards," ready to lend an ear (less frequently a shoulder) to another's problems. (Aquarius' water-bearer shows "carrying others the extra mile," providing help where needed.) People turn to Aquarius for help.
  • Truthful, high-minded, honest, altruistic, generous, impassioned [Gauquelin: impassioned].
  • Their particular genius (many are true geniuses) is rooted in a breadth and wide, cross-discipline interests and expertise, often in seemingly unrelated topics.
  • Scientific: inventive, analytic, delights in investigation, exploration, and discovery. Avid student, absorbs concepts and ideas quickly.
    [STATS: High for Gauquelin MEN OF SCIENCE and a smaller collection of 429 scientists. Low for 86 Nobel physicists (so they aren't necessarily good at winning awards).]
    • Pragmatic, inventive, convenience-driven: Keeps things frequently used within close reach. Works hard to make life easy, willing to spend more time creating an ingenious solution than it would take to do the task the long way.
    • Particularly drawn to the celestial, including astronomy and astrology.
  • Agnostic, non-dogmatic. Avoids complex systematization (contrary to Cancer).
  • Recognizes a larger framework behind mundane life. Interest in occult and other subjects that might dispel mystery and answer unresolved questions.
  • Lives outside conventional society on their own psychological terms. Needs freedom of movement, action, speech. Unconventional, provocative, controversial, though almost invisibly so.
    • Normally unaffected, easy-going, even tired (many have fluctuating energy). Such iconoclasts that nothing they do seems outrageous to them.
    • As creators, often lead new movements, overflowing old boundaries, often labelled avant garde, figureheads of what is modern and experimental in their era, bursting against deep cultural restrictions to a topic (most often sex) that is socially provocative and openly challenging it with their lives and work.
  • Keen judge of human character. Sees others and self dispassionately. Takes people as they are. Pragmatism about people can seem cynical.
  • Solitude & alienation mark significant stretches of their lives. Needs privacy.
    • Healthy selfishness, won't surrender autonomy.
    • Resists looking vulnerable or expressing hurt, but privately sensitive, easily hurt, and terribly touchy to being misunderstood or excluded. Often misunderstood through being insufficiently expressive or demonstrative, especially in romance.
  • Money isn't too important to Aquarians: If they have it, they spend it; if not, they go without. "Loving coin for use... not pincht, nor yet too swelling in Estate" (Manilius).
    [STATS: Significantly low for 2,696 bank management.]
  • Haughty, unapologetic, but otherwise rarely pretentious. Uses vernacular in writing. Expresses strong views freely, often ingeniously.
  • Desired responses must be enticed, never forced. Usually denigrates or rationalizes criticism.
  • Politically, many are active, sometimes as extremists. Most are liberal (based on inclusion & collectivity), but not all: They follow their own mind without apology.
  • Gravitation toward FUTURE. Frustrated if "future" doesn't occur the way they anticipate.
    • Perceives time quite differently from most people. May not actually understand time, so hesitant to commit on deadlines, no sense of how much time they have left, fear of dying before accomplishing what they feel they should.
    • Imposes deadlines on self (then procrastinates beyond them.
  • Worriers - fear the worst in a strenuous situation. Potentially high anxiety level, obsessive with details.
  • Industrious (but difficulty concentrating on anything outside of major interest, especially on a mate).
  • Often employed in public service or "helping" profession. (STATS: Larges number of U.S. members of Congress.) [See statistics on this below.]
  • Musical (mostly vocal - less often instrumental).
  • Sexually libertine, bohemian, even iconoclastic.
  • GAUQUELIN CHARACTER TRAITS: Sensual, impassioned, poet, not minute.
  • POLITICS: High for 4,651 community volunteer leaders and the 4,985 members of Congress in the comprehensive Duncan study. However, significantly low for 5,013 nonpolitical Federal employees and for two collections of lawyers (5,477 from Who's Who and 301 from one of the Gleadow collections). The distinction I see is that the flourish where their job is to take a side and grind an ax, but not where their job is indifferent to the "side." It isn't even an advocacy issue (see the lawyers). Among U.S. Presidents, there have only been two, but they have been the "archetypal" Presidents, Washington and Lincoln (and only one VP) - in U.S. Politics, Aquarius belongs to Capitol Hill, not the White House.
  • OTHER STUDIES: High among Gauquelin sports champions.
Jim Eshelman wrote:Aquarius writers are typically sexually libertine, bohemian, even iconoclastic; and their works often center around their sexual challenges to conventional morality. I suspect the real theme here is bursting against deep cultural restrictions, finding a topic that is most socially provocative and then openly challenging it with their lives and work.
(Asked about the archetype behind Aquarius:)
The images are profoundly maternal, from the sea itself, to the annual chaotic birthing, to the delta at which it ended. Don't ever miss the fundamental femininity in the Aquarius symbol: To the Greeks and Romans, this constellation's patron was Hera or Juno, in contrast to the Zeus-Jupiter of Leo. In alchemical terms, it is the eagle to Leo's lion (as Aquila is nearby and rises with Aquarius, the ideas being heavily comingled). And the root image of Aquarius itself is the pot or bowl, the container for bearing water; and all such devices are feminine symbols. Even the later Roman ideas of the jug-carrier has the root feminine idea of bearing, which gave the original meaning to the 5th House to which Aquarius originally corresponded, aside from the other "he ain't heavy, he's my brother" ideas the image implies.

The summertime sea into which Egypt was turned was also a reflection (literally, at night!) of the sea of space, the skies, the heavens, the ultimate mother - the two ideas are mostly inseparable.

All symbols of Aquarius stream out of these root ideas.
Garth Allen columns on Aquarius Sun:

OTHER STATISTICS (of various qualities):
SIGNIFICANTLY HIGH: 2,616 musicians. 334 chess players. 109 chess grand masters. 53 astronauts (all in program up to that time). 130 actors. 171 medicine. 6,813 famous men. 107 various occupations. Highest (with Leo and Sagittarius) for U.S. Secretaries of Defense & War.
SIGNIFICANTLY LOW: 2,982 artists. 5,036 architects. Quite low (but probably not significant) for U.S. U.S. Secretaries of State. (Leo was lowest and significant; Aquarius right behind it.)

U.S. PRESIDENTS: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln [the two 'archetypal' Presidents]

OSCAR: Jennifer Jones (The Song of Bernadette), Anna Magnani (The Rose Tattoo), Joanne Woodward (The Three Faces of Eve), David Niven (Separate Tables), Elizabeth Taylor (Suddenly Last Summer; Butterfield 8), Sidney Poitier (Lilies of the Field), Rex Harrison (My Fair Lady), Lee Marvin (Cat Ballou), Liza Minnelli (Cabaret)
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Sun in Pisces

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8.32% of population (1/12)

SUMMARY: Drawn to the foreign, exotic, wondrous, theatrical, mysterious, glamorous. Wanderlust. Eros vs. moralism. Socially charming. Seeks idealistic relationships. Visionary, romantic, dreamer. Hardened personal reality, stuck patterns. Slavery-bondage. Fickle allegiance, betrayal. Drama, acting, music.

SUN IN PISCES, the Fishes
  • The unfamiliar, foreign, exotic, wondrous, theatrical, mystical, mysterious, glamorous, and deceiving hold a special attraction for them.
    • Need to live in the mystery (often by trying to solve it).
    • Flair for drama. "Makes a production out of everything."
    • Wanderlust, restless. Often travels with a purpose (often explorers, missionaries, preachers, diplomats, banner-wavers).
      [STATS: Highest among 90 U.S. Secretaries of State and acting SecState. Bradley considered Pisces "equally diplomatic and mediative." In contrast, 2nd lowest for U.S. Secretaries of War & Defense.]
  • Charming, amiable, ingratiating social presentation. Smooth, charismatic speakers (lecturers, community leaders).
    [STATS: HIgh for 4,651 community volunteer leaders.]
  • Lives in a personal REALITY womb mostly unconcerned with how others think the world is. Psychological well-being (security) rests greatly on it remaining undisturbed. Within this, they experience themselves as sane, oriented, logical.
    • Striving for predictability (stable reality), they cast themselves in a role, blocking all signals of alternatives. Misoneistic. Pattern people.
    • Malleable, can be anything because they are nothing specific. (Opposite of Virgo "pin it down, label, specify.")
    • Traditional, but not in a Saturnian way.
    • At best, inspirational and motivating due to invariable certainty.
    • At worst, hard to break out of negative patterns. Creates problems (conjures psychic demons) and inescapable conditions.
    • Idealists, visionaries, romanticists, dreamers. Some overcome phenomenally negative chart conditions to self-actualize by pursuing personal idealism or refusing to bother themselves with the problems. ("Everything will be fine.")
    • Biasing, deceiving, conning (self and others) when necessary. "They believe every word that comes out of their own mouths" (Gleadow).
  • Shifting loyalties (eventually disloyal). Alliances and affiliations shift and slide easily.
    • Vested participation in a group, alliance, movement passionate, yet waxes and wanes like surging tides.
    • Strong religious drives, but tends to change religious (or other) affiliations easily. Open to conversion and reconversion. Most likely to emigrate or shift fundamental allegiances.
    • Betrayal theme: Betraying or being betrayed, raising great drama in either case. (Judas among the Apostles.)
      STATS: Highest for political spies and defectors, per FBI case-history publications (Bradley).
  • Seeks idealistic relationships. Wants any relationship to be story-bookish. When they finally realize it isn't, off they go at once.
  • Hard to please by intimates; easy to please by non-intimate acquaintances.
  • Low pain threshold (physical or emotional). Sensitive.
  • Strength is directly proportionate to their attunement to their emotions.
  • Eros pervades their lives and motives. Strong sex drive, sensually indulgent, Epicurean, gourmands with food and wine, pursues "the good things" (snobbish). Piscian writers, both popular & academic, often deeply probed these areas.
    • Sexuality (whether in fantasy or act), overflows usual boundaries and labels, often manifesting as erotic extremes with particular focus on bondage, domination, S&M, etc.
  • Eros & morality are intimately interlocked as one idea, so that repressive morality shows instead of indulgence or exploration. Much of their life is an approach-avoidance dance with seductive temptation, passionately embracing or fleeing one extreme or the other (prohibition, or aversion to prohibition). Can become judgmental, "holier than thou."
  • Slavery-bondage motif. At best, consciously "indentured" to something. At worst, a repeat victim. (Cf. Andromeda juxtaposed to Pisces.)
  • Do own jobs effectively and expect others to likewise do their share to "keep the wheels turning." (Slave motif again.)
  • Lean toward high I.Q. - "absorbs knowledge without much difficulty" (Fagan) - good memories for facts.
  • Often too deadly serious for their own good. (Obsessive-compulsive if Saturn is strong.) Diluted ("watered-down") sense of humor.
  • Dramatic talent: Actors (most male Best Actor Oscars). Broadly talented in music (singers are divas).

    • GAUQUELIN CHARACTER TRAITS: Pessimistic, secretive, not witty, not nice, innovator, inactive, not a poet, reserved.
    • YOUTHFUL ACHIEVEMENT: Low for 5,738 young men of achievement and 7,694 young women of achievement. Poor in business overall; that is, seems to have an entrepreneurial spirit but doesn't show as thriving in any significant area of the business world.
    • OTHER STUDIES: Lowest occurrence for astrologers overall, and Sidereal astrologers in particular.
    OTHER STATISTICS (of various qualities):
    SIGNIFICANTLY HIGH: 4,651 community volunteer leaders. 667 religion. 264 music. 94 explorers. 832 famous military. 272 literature. 6,813 famous men. Highest for U.S. Secretaries of State. Best Actor (male) Oscar winners.
    SIGNIFICANTLY LOW: 4,006 college athletes. 2,780 baseball infielders and catchers. 5,000 medical-related personnel. 2nd lowest for U.S. Secretaries of War & Defense.
    Another thread I wrote:At least among famous Piscians, there seems - whatever other people think of their choices or their outcomes - that they are striving throughout their lives to do something fundamentally good. This, of course, expresses the moral element.
    Among pop singers, Pisces routinely hits "diva" status: Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holliday, Diana Ross, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Irene Cara. (Pisces Moon has this, too, but less emphatically.) - A distinction from Pisces Moon is that the Moon here adds a magnetic, compelling charisma that is not commonly found with the Sun (consider uncharismatic politicians Al Gore and Jerry Brown).

    Garth Allen articles on Pisces:

    U.S. PRESIDENTS: James Madison, Andrew Jackson, John Tyler, Grover Cleveland
    (Excluding Whig Tyler, all of these were Democrats or, in Madison's case, aligned with the party that evolved into the modern Democratic Party.)

    OSCARS: Mary Pickford (Coquette), Warner Baxter (Old Arizona), George Arliss (Disraeli), Lionel Barrymore (A Free Soul), Wallace Beery (The Champ), Bette Davis (Dangerous; Jezebel), Spencer Tracy (The Actress; Captains Courageous), Robert Donat (Goodbye, Mr. Chips), Joan Crawford (Mildred Pierce), Marlon Brando (On the Waterfront; The Godfather), Alec Guinness (The Bridge on the River Kwai), Simone Signoret (Room at the Top), Gregory Peck (To Kill a Mockingbird), Julie Christie (Darling), William Hurt (Kiss of the Spider Woman), Holly Hunter (The Piano), Russell Crowe (Gladiator), Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line)
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Sun in Aries

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8.46% of population (1/12)

SUMMARY: Contradictory, contrary, oppositional, capricious. Seeks liberty, resists definition or limits. Practical, resourceful, active, impatient. Imperial, political, needs power. Poor empathy. Resents criticism. Vulnerable ego. Direct, bold with opinions. Romantically aggressive. Faithful, strong family sense.

  • INHERENTLY CONTRADICTORY. Motivated by not wanting to be defined, limited, curtailed, corralled. Seeks liberty without external constraint. Capricious. (Not so much "stubborn" as contrary.)
    • PARADOX theme runs through Aries. Several instances where opposite or seemingly contradictory traits coexist in individuals, and in the Aries type overall. The inherent contradiction and frequently oppositional themes may be specialized instances of this wider principle, combined with a desire not to be characterized (known), pinned down, or defined.
  • Pragmatic, utilitarian, analytical, resourceful. "Immediacy with a practical touch." Theory must be made immediately practical.
  • ACTION-ORIENTED. Active, dynamic, impatient. "Perpetual adolescents" (Bradley).
  • POLITICAL. Power-oriented, rather than like Sagittarius social climbers. Need to control or set the agenda. (Likely deeper motivation is desire not to be controlled or curtailed.) [STATS: High for 1,052 Politicians. 5 of 43 U.S. Presidents have Aries Suns, the largest number to date. Yet low for 5,022 politicians below the Federal level and 5,013 nonpolitical Federal employees.]
  • At home in business/commercial world of "money-power." [STATS: High for 238 Businessmen.]
  • Libertarian spirit. Politically, can seem stolidly conservative or radically liberal - depending primarily on whether they hold the power.
  • Must lead and control whether highly orthodox or highly unorthodox. Many disrupt the status quo, revel in their nonconformity, and stir social disturbances.
  • Commonly lacks the capacity for empathy: Insensitive or inattentive to the feelings or moods of others.
  • Express opinions unhesitantly, honestly, and frequently. "Bold in their opinions" (Firmicus), will not mince words. "Unhindered by modesty" (Manilius). Directness may leave hurt feelings at times. Polemical, oppositional.
  • Sensitive to criticism. Rarely admits mistakes. Slow to retreat or apologize.
  • "Hates to be under an obligation" (Gleadow). Fears indebtedness, does not want gratitude to be expected of him.
  • "Image problem" either expressed as overt insecurity or flagrant ego. "Uncertain hearts in trembling bosoms" (Manilius). Thrives on direct praise, often chokes in its absence.
  • CYCLOTHYMIC or cycloidal (manic-depressive), though not so much financially in all cases as Manilius implied.
  • Violent deaths, suicides, accident-prone. [STATS: Compare Carter's small study.]
  • Romantically aggressive, "wants action." (N.B. - Doesn't show uniformly.) Once settled, very faithful.
  • STRONG FAMILY SENSE. They take great pride in their children and may lean toward extravagance with loved ones.
  • GAUQUELIN CHARACTER TRAITS: family ties, sociable, nice, not energetic, inactive, not stubborn, not sensual.
  • AMBIVALENCY ON "ACTORS": Significantly high in one collection of 1,552 Actors. Significantly low in another collection of 1,464 Actors.
  • Least common Sun-sign in Who's Who.
  • CELEBRITY STATUS: In addition to the Actors (see above), significantly high for 1,515 Celebrities and 1,052 Politicians. (Politicians obviously rank high for Aries for other reasons; but, other than spots figures, these three categories claim the majority of contemporary celebrity culture.)
Garth Allen articles on Aries:

OTHER STATISTICS (of various qualities):
SIGNIFICANTLY HIGH: Phyicians (in the 7,000+ Gleadow-Firebrace study). 2nd highest for U.S. Secretaries of State. Best Actor (male & female) Oscar winners ONLY when multiple wins are scored for the same person.
SIGNIFICANTLY LOW: 4,703 chemists (Tobey). 8,024 professional baseball players. 2,616 musicians. 2,696 bank management (?). 2,492 clergymen. 7,012 clergymen. Lowest for U.S. Secretaries of War & Defense.
ACCIDENTS (Carter, 168 cases): Highest (i.e., Tropical Taurus)
A study of 40 supercentarians had the Sun in Aries 1, Taurus 6, Gemini 8. It is not clear whether the Taurus-Gemini pile-up is a nonzodiacal artifact. It is interesting that the Moon was 6 times in Gemini (about double the expected value).

U.S. PRESIDENTS: Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, James Buchanan, U.S. Grant, Harry S Truman
(Four of the five were Democrats or members of the predecessor party, the Jefferson Republicans.)

OSCARS: Katharine Hepburn (Morning Glory [!]; Guess Who's Coming to Dinner; The Lion in Winter; On Golden Pond), Gary Cooper (Sgt. York; High Noon), Bing Crosby (Going My Way), Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday), William Holden (Stalag 17 [!]), Rod Steiger (In the Heat of the Night), Glenda Jackson (Women in Love), Jack Nicholson (Chinatown; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), Shirley MacLaine (Terms of Endearment), Daniel Day-Lewis (My Left Foot; There Will Be Blood; Lincoln), Al Pacino (Scent of a Woman), Emma Thompson (Howards End), Jessica Lange (Blue Sky), Adrien Brody (The Pianist), Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)
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